P90X Review

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P90X Review

Most of the people are quite doubtful about the so-called “magical” and “life-changingfitness DVDs, which is obvious, as most of these DVDs are just a passing fad and do not give proper explanations and information regarding the requirements to reach the desired goal.

However, P90X states that its workout schedule is different from the rest, as the basis of its principles is strong scientific research. Its USP is that it concentrates on creating programmes for individuals, keeping in mind the different body types, the diet to be followed- foods to be consumed and food items to avoid, etc.

Rigorous workout schedules and strict diet plans are what the P90X has to offer to you. One can begin by understanding the calories required to keep the body energized for maximum performance along with keeping the metabolism charged up for maximum fat loss.

What is The P90X System?

The P90X system is a powerful DVD exercise program which can be accessed and done at the comfort of one’s home. Using this DVD, one can get a lean and ripped body in just 90 days, as stated by the P90X System.

But, this programme is not for the weak, as using the P90X system to get fit means one needs to work out for 6- 7 days in a week with every workout which lasts for 1-1 ½ hours at least. The workout regimes are quite rigorous and one is expected to undertake a fitness test prior to purchasing the P90X system, to check if you are fit enough for the regime.

The P90X System is priced at $119.85– the payments can be done in 3 installments of $39.95 each. For the price, 12 workout DVDs are provided along with a fitness guide of 100 pages, an extensive nutrition plan of about 113 pages and a 90-day calendar which helps in tracking your progress.

Also, note that you might require a few extra pieces of workout equipment such as dumbbells, exercise mat, a resistance band as well as a pull-up bar. The P90X appears to be on the expensive side, but it comes with a lot of videos online as well as in DVD format and reviews from consumers have been quite positive.

The P90X workout system is being sold via the website of Beach Body and also through infomercials on television. Beach Body offers its customers 100% and 90-day satisfaction guarantee, although customers would have to still bear the shipping expenses in case you return the P90X system.

Functioning of The P90X system

The P90X is the creation of a popular celebrity trainer by name Tony Horton. The P90X provides a combination of numerous exercises and workout movements which include yoga, Kenpo karate, cardio exercises, strength training, plyometrics, and stretching.

The P90x is quite different from other machines as it offers a variety of training methods, with each method of workout lasting approximately 75 minutes, for Six days a week and the total duration is 90 days. The system aims at making you work on your entire body more effectively.

Some of the equipment that might be required such as resistance bands, yoga mat, etc., however, it is also possible to work out without the additional equipment if you have space to do the press-ups. It is recommended though, to have the resistance bands to get the best result out of the workout.

P90X offers numerous workout schedules wherein every single method aims at improving on the strength, burning the additional fat and ensuring the core is stabilized. There are new workouts every week which doesn’t make the schedule repetitive and boring. This ensures that your body recovers as well as grows while you work on the other muscles.

Contents of the P90X Box

The list of things that one can find when one opens the P90X box are as under:

1. The nutrition plan of P90X (it is a three-phase method and guide to eating which aims to burn the fat while feeding the body)

2. A fitness guide

3. A 90-day calendar which helps track the progress

4. 12 DVDs which demonstrate the right methods of every movement. For every move, the DVDs provides the beginner as well as advanced method, which helps you to modify your workouts based on your level.

Who can use the P90X?

The P90X system is definitely not for all, specifically the beginners. However, it might appeal to the following:

– People who are experts in fitness and look out for challenging programmes.

– Although there might be women who are interested and who enjoy this programme, the P90X is designed for men. Some of the reviews given by women on the P90X can be read here. It doesn’t involve attractive sets, no choreography, and no music beats.

The focus is on workouts like pull-ups, heavyweights as well as push-ups and similar other workouts. Though the programme appeals to men, many women might be interested in this kind of workout as well.

Workouts Designed by P90X

The workout schedules created by P90X are continuous, and move from one workout to another, maintaining a variety. These workouts are quite rigorous and might make the body go sore, calling for more rest days. Be sure to try the pull-ups and do the fitness test before you get into the programme. Mentioned below is a short break up of the workouts:

1. Chest and Back workout: The workouts involve shifting from workouts like push-ups, pull-ups and including moves that strengthen the core, within the stipulated time.

2. Plyometrics: It is quite tough which includes one hour of continuous and intense workouts like squats-side squats, squat jumps as well as jump squats, which can tire out any person.

3. Shoulder and Arms workout: The workout routine includes tri-set exercises which work on your shoulder, the biceps as well as triceps.

4. The Yoga X workout: It is a 90-minute workout regime which is quite challenging. Some of the basic poses include warriors, sun salutations and some advanced poses like the crow pose.

5Workout for the legs and back:  It includes more pull-ups and some intense lower body workouts. This workout regime doesn’t require equipment.

6. The Kenpo X workout: This exercise includes kickboxing and is a relief in comparison to other workouts. It includes punches and kicks and various combinations.

7. The X Stretch Workout:  The workout includes one hour of vigorous stretching exercises.

8. Core Synergistic Workout: This exercise is for the rest week, but involves pushups, Banana Roll exercise, planks, etc.

9. Workout for the Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps: This workout is for the 2nd month wherein you can go in for advanced workouts. It includes Killer workouts like one arm pushups, shoulder presses, etc.

10. Workout for the Back and Biceps: It includes a lot of pull-ups, bicep workouts, corn cob pull-ups, crouching concentration curls, etc.

11. The Ab Ripper workout: This is a 15-minute workout routine, which is done after all the other workouts, which gives a feeling of someone ripping off the abs. Some of the workouts include Seated Crunchy Frog, Crossed Leg Wide Leg Sit Up.

12. The Cardio X: This is a low impact workout designed for days when the intense workouts are tough.

Diet Plan of the P90X System

The diet plan of P90X resembles the typical plans of eating 6 meals in a day and eating every 2-3 hours. It gives you the right meal plans to adopt. The diet is quite restrictive, giving a list of foods to eat and to avoid, offering no room for error.

A flexible approach to the diet plan of P90X is Nate Miyaki’s Feast Your Fat Away You could also check out the ways to use the P90X and get results without a hardcore diet.

The Secret Weapon of the P90X System

According to the P90X system, the method of being constant and continuous in your workouts makes the system effective. The body adapts itself easily, and when you are regular with your workouts, it gets used to the regime. Constant manipulation is the key to the success of a workout regime.

Once the body gets used to the workouts, it realizes that the regime is easily achievable and then the results come to a halt. This is where you need to get out of the comfort zone by starting new workouts, increasing the reps, increasing weights, reducing the rest time, etc.

Always remember that change is constant. The P90X system makes use of this principle. They give you 12 distinct workouts to ensure your body gets surprised every week.

Price of The P90X

The cost of P90X totally depends on the kit one selects, which can be Base Kit, Deluxe Kit or the Ultimate Kit. Details about all the kits are listed below:

1. The Base Kit: The P90X Base Kit comes with 12 DVDs, a 3-Phase Nutrition Plan, as well as the printed fitness guide. The kit is priced at $139.80 which can be paid in three parts of $39.95 + $19.95 shipping and handling charges.

2. The Deluxe Kit: This kit comes with all the components of the Base Kit and also includes resistance bands, few vitamins, and a chin-up bar as well. The kit is priced at $259.65 which can be paid in three parts of $79.90 + $19.95 shipping and handling charges.

3. The Ultimate Kit: This kit comes with all the items of the Deluxe Kit and includes push-up stands, the advanced chin-up bar as well as five extra videos of personal training. The kit is priced at $349.50 which can be paid in three parts of $109.85 + $19.95 shipping and handling charges.

Note: These DVDs come with a 90-days money-back guarantee excluding the shipping and handling.

Pros  and Cons of The P90X System


It is one of the popular video series of BeachBody. The main advantages of this programme are as follows:

1. Quite Comprehensive: The P90X is an at-home workout system which addresses the main workout goals such as strength training, flexibility, cardio training workouts, and weight loss. Few examples of the titles of the DVDs are the Ab Ripper X, the Chest and Back, Yoga X, etc. The 12 workouts have already been listed for your reference.

2. Customized System: The P90x system consists of a variety of Workout schedule options which are created to meet the diverse goals of different people along with different nutrition plans and to suit the commitment of people. It doesn’t offer a one-for-all workout system.

For example, it has a Lean Workout schedule which focuses on additional weight loss via cardio training. It also provides a fitness calendar to keep track of your routine.

3. Variety of activities and intensities: P90x offers a variety of workouts. It has 12 workout schedules and videos (the ultimate kit gives you 17 videos) to select from, for the day. The workout varies from yoga which is a low intensity to plyometrics which is of high intensity.

It also provides an introductory video titled “How to Bring it” which is an overview of all the workouts along with safety measures as well as advice to increase the effects of workouts by way of vitamin supplements.

4. Minimum equipment needed: All the workouts could be completed without any equipment or with just a dumbbell set or a chin-up bar or resistance bands. It is advised to use a yoga mat which absorbs impact along with a heart rate monitor. Few workouts would need the push-up stands.

5. Workout Anywhere: All the workout videos of Beachbody are also available online, once you purchase the DVDs. This helps you to keep track of your workout using the fitness calendar and keep up with the schedule. Whether you are at home or are traveling, you never have to miss your workouts anymore. The videos can be streamed on your TV, smartphone or laptop.

6. Fitness test included: The DVDs are inclusive of the Fitness Test of the P90x System which is also available in PDF format online. This test has various workouts which one is required to complete and maintain a log of the results along with the date of completion. During the 90-day program, the test can be completed at different times, in order to have an overview of the progress.

7. Online Support System: Anyone who has purchased the DVDs of Beachbody or is a subscriber of Beachbody on Demand, gains access to a fitness support forum online, via which, he or she can get in touch with experts or other P90X users anytime.

8. Satisfaction is guaranteed: Based on the format chosen- DVDs or the Beachbody on Demand, one can obtain a guaranteed money-back offer or a free trial of the fitness program of the P90X System. The verified reviews indicate that the majority of the customers are happy and impressed with the overall experience that the P90x offers.


Some of the drawbacks of this system are:

1. Wrong P90x Kit: One complaint which is quite rare is getting the incorrect P90X kit and the need to wait for sometime for the rectification.

2. Expensive Kit: The Ultimate P90X kit costs an individual more than $300 (though it includes equipment along with DVDs), whereas the Base Kit is priced at about $40 per month for over three months exclusive of shipping and handling charges.

Undoubtedly, buying the DVDs of the P90X system is cheaper in comparison to getting yourself a personal trainer; but is expensive in comparison to a discounted monthly membership at the gym.

3. Time Constraints: The workout programmes take approximately an hour or more in a day. Some workout schedules are shorter. One needs to have proper time management in order to do these workouts.

4. The intensity of the Workout: The workout programmes are quite flexible to involve beginners as well as experienced trainers. However, few of the workouts are quite tough, making it difficult for the P90X to be the best workout program for anyone especially beginners. It is advised to complete a pull-up before you begin this program.

5. Advertisements: Now, Beachbody has a variety of product offerings other than these workout DVDs and this is evident through its commercials which are played pre and post the workout.

P90X: The Sequels

There are a few sequels to the P90X. Some are quite docile while some can be ruthless. They are mentioned below for your reference:

1. P90: This programme is for the average individual and is not very aggressive Compared to the P90X. The workouts are shorter and are simple, easy to do, and less extreme. 30 days into this system, you will be leaner and solid; post 60 days, you will notice muscles, and on the 90th day you will have the dream body of a lean and strong body. This is good for people who do not want higher intensity workouts yet want a good body.

2. P90X3: This workout system is quicker and a little aggressive. It is a 30-minute high-intensity work out which challenges the muscles every single day. If you are up for challenges and pushing the limits, you can try out this programme.

3. Insanity: In the Insanity programme, one is required to work out in 3-5 minute slots and a break of seconds is permitted post which you get back to the workout. It is also termed as Max Interval Training as it ensures that your body works out at its maximum capacity throughout the schedule.

One can get into insane shape in a period of just 60 days. Read the P90x vs Insanity to understand the differences between the schedules. This is for those fitness fanatics and trainers who are dedicated and determined to get the perfect and insane body shape.

The Verdict Of P90X

The question that arises is does the P90X work and deliver as it claims? Yes, it delivers provided the individual is strong-willed and follows the program, the time, the diet and loves to challenge his or her body with surprise workouts or increasing the reps.

So yes, if a beginner who has never worked out earlier, dives into this program, he or she is bound to see results, as they are now exercising and it is a new activity for their body, which brings the difference. It would not have brought a change in case they would have used their own exercises or were using this system earlier.

You could have a look at some consumer reviews on the P90X to know what they feel about this system. If you love challenges and find this program of interest, it is definitely worth a shot. The best part about this program is the variety of workouts it offers to its customers including strength training, cardio training, yoga, etc.

Which wouldn’t have been possible in a simple weight-based program? This program is best suited for those who are fitness enthusiasts, fitness trainers as well as those who love to workout at their own time and in the comfort of their house. 

But if money is a concern or you face other issues, you can get results with any other workout program, provided you are willing to focus and be determined. Every activity requires a lot of determination and self-control (when it comes to following a strict regime and diet).

The best way to get the desired results is to get your body out of its comfort zone and push the limits. Include a variety of workouts of high and low intensitycardio training, strength training to yoga. Proper and regular workouts along with the right diet will help you get the desired ripped body of your dreams.

The key to the success of the P90X workout schedule lies in the determination, focus, and self-control of the person using the programme.