Country Heat Review

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Country Heat Review

Everybody loves to dance! It makes you feel energetic, happy, and fit. Now imagine dancing for a workout session – Isn’t it interesting? Put on your favorite music and dance to its tunes for an active workout session. Country Heat is a program which works on this concept.

It gives a low-impact and high energy exercise which is based on fitness dance. Richard Simmons, way back in the 1980s, came up with this concept and made a great career out of it. Beachbody is the latest workout by Country Heat.

It provides a wide array of fitness programs which burn your extra calories and get you in shape. Let us learn more about Country Heat and find out how you can achieve your fitness goals with the help of Country Heat Dance Conditioning.

What is Country Heat?

The Country Heat dance workout program is a very effective way of working out. It delivers a low-impact and efficient workout which does not feel like an effort. It is easy and a fun way to get people started with following a fitness routine. Each dance routine is for 30 minutes per day and has easy-to-follow moves on good music.

Autumn Calabrese is the trainer who makes use of simple dance movements on country music hits which any user can follow. This exercise helps in shedding the extra weight very fast. She also claims that even if you do not dance, you can lose weight by merely walking with the help of Country Heat.

There is also a Nutrition Plan by Country Heat which specifies a chart of things you should eat and not eat. This plan keeps your nutritional levels in check without making you buy specials foods from the market. It has a straightforward strategy that is highly effective.

This article will answer every question you have about Country Heat, whether it will be a monotonous routine?, How will it keep a check on your fitness goals? , Will it be worth? , etc. Read ahead to learn everything about this Dance Workout.

Who Created Country Heat?

Country Heat was created by a celebrity fitness trainer – Autumn Calabrese. She is a professional-trained dancer and a working mother. She also designed the 21Day Fix program, which was her first Beachbody workout program. It was the #1 selling program for two consecutive years.

She works on turning up the fun and melting away the fat. She understands it is hard for a majority of the people to follow a fitness routine for a more extended period. And, this hinders with their fitness goals, and they find it difficult to lose weight.

For a layman like me and many others, fitness means doing some set of exercises every day. It is sometimes discouraging to push our self each day and end up in frustration. Imagine doing the same push-ups, pull-ups, etc. every day and forever. Sounds boring already!

But, these Strength Workouts by Country Heat are designed to take you out of this mindset as it comes with a variety of simple progressing workouts that are also engaging and exciting. Autumn Calabrese, herself being a bikini model, understand every aspect of a lazy human brain and tries to add a pinch of fun to her exercises.Now, let us know in detail about Autumn Calabrese.

Who is Autumn Calabrese?

Autumn Calabrese is a very famous celebrity trainer who is also a designer of many renowned fitness programs, especially the 21 Day Fix program which was ranked #1. She is also the author of a bestselling cookbook – Fixate. She is a multi-talented woman and also a mother.

She has a very realistic approach to healthy living and is one of the top 10 finalists in the national bikini level competitions.  Presently, she has her own YouTube channel which has more than 160,000 subscribers, which shows how short and effective workouts along with nutritional factors can help in burning fat. It also has the country heat elite workouts with all the peppy dance numbers.

How to Lose Weight with Line Dancing?

Losing weight means burning calories. On average, if you weigh around 200lbs, you can burn 145 calories in half an hour. If we take this as our reference point, then we are actually losing a lot of calories with line dancing as compared to other activities like bowling, walking, etc.

Other aspects which decide on the calories you can burn are not related to your weight. They depend on your gender, how hard you can work out, etc.  The professional fitness trainer Autumn has specially designed dance programs so that you burn more calories than line dancing, hence they are definitely effective.

Country Heat is a Workout Program for:

Country Heat is a beneficial program which not only builds your healthy body but also makes you follow healthy habits. And once you get into the ‘habit’ of exercising, then no one can stop you. You will keep going on a healthy path all your life and your transformation will last longer. Isn’t this such a musical and fun way to have a great lifestyle!

Country Heat program is excellent for:

  • Overweight people who want to lose weight without intense exercises.
  • People who are inconsistent with keeping good habits.
  • People who seek enjoyment in their everyday exercise.
  • People who avoid exercising and are lethargic.
  • People who cannot perform intense workout due to medical or health reasons.

Everything depends on the amount of work you are ready to put in. You can lose between 2 to 20 pounds with this workout program, depending on how much you adhere to the nutrition plan, how hard you push during workouts, and how much rest you take.

Can Country Heat Reshape Your Body?

Country Heat does claim that it can reshape your body, but don’t expect this to happen in 30 days. Their Strength Workout programs do toning and tightening of arms, legs, and shoulders with the help of the ‘cardio-centric’ moves.

These moves are perfect for beginners and some low-impact exercises. These exercises do not put stress on your joints and muscles and increase the heart rate. All this works positively for the body and brings it in shape gradually.

How Does Beachbody’s Country Heat Program Work?

The Beachbody’s Country Heat Program has six low-impact, high-energy workouts which build up the fitness levels and speeds up fat loss. These are – Country Swing, Giddy Up, Down & Dirty, BringThe Heat, Trail Ride, and Dance Conditioning.

They come across 3 DVDs for a 4-weeks course. Each video is of 30 minutes and has a step-by-step detailing of each move. It has modifiers to make each step easy to follow by any user. These are total body workout programs that take away the stressful impacts and focus mainly on building up the heart rate and body mechanics.

Let us have a look at each of these programs:

1. Country Swing: This is like a welcoming workout routine which starts slow and then builds up a pace. But, this pace is not an intense one as it involves cardio based moves and lots of steps. After this program, you will feel it in your hamstrings and calves. It makes you sweat very fast due to the continuous repetition of actions.

2. Giddy Up: This is a very fun and a powerful workout that is a little more challenging than the Country Swing, but yet easy to catch on. This focuses on areas like legs and glutes, but overall increases the heart rate and burns calories.

3. Down & Dirty: This confusing name of the workout does proper justice with the exercise. It is fast-paced and thus burns much more calories than other programs. It gives a dynamic as well as different workout and surprises you when you are done with it. This program boosts the metabolism and burns the muscles.

4. Bring The Heat: This is a high-energy workout that works on the lower body. The moves are fun and easy but make you feel the heat very early. It has alternating tempos which will make your quads feel good.

5. Night Crawl Line Dance: This workout is especially for Country Heat dance conditioning with a song and Autumn’s original choreography. It is a cool and easy-breezy workout.

6. Dance Conditioning: This program has the most toning and conditioning effect on your muscles. It involves less of cardio but enough effort which will make you feel the hear a bit early. You will notice parts of muscles that are appropriately defined, along with losing weight.

The Country Heat Calendar

The Country Heat gives a printed calendar for the user to see his fitness journey, days wise. You can hang it on a wall or your almirah and stay informed of what has happened and what is coming ahead. It is an effective way to keep you motivated to work more towards achieving your fitness goal.

It is a 30-days calendar which shows the plan of each day’s workout so that the user feels excited about the upcoming exercise session. It also covers the nutrition part for you so that your whole month is planned ahead of time

What’s Involved in Country Heat’s Nutrition Plan?

The Nutrition Plan by Country Heat is a perfect one. They believe that losing weight and good health involves daily exercise and a proper daily diet. For this, Autumn has planned out a 7-color-coded containers plan and a Shakeology Shaker Cup. It is straightforward to identify and offers delicious recipes.

  • Red – Proteins
  • Green – Veggies
  • Purple – Fruits
  • Blue – Healthy Fats
  • 2 Orange – Seeds and Dressing
  • Shakeology Shaker Cup – Beverages

Each container has a specific portion so that you eat in a controlled manner. It is planned to suit your body needs and aim. In addition to this, this Nutritional Plan also has a Quickstart guide which will help you get going along with the 30-days workout calendar so that you never have to wonder what’s coming next.

Everything is laid out clearly for you, what to eat, when to eat, how much to eat, along with the exercises to go along. Isn’t this the best thing that can happen to you!

What Do You Get in the Country Heat Package?

The Country Heat Package consists of the following:

  • A 30-day workout calendar
  • 3 DVDs with six workouts
  • A bonus workout
  • An eating plan with simple recipes
  • Seven plastic containers for food
  • Quickstart guide which explains the whole program
  • A Shakeology Shaker Cup for drinks and other supplements
  • 24/7 online support for the customer

This package comes with an added benefit, i.e. a complete 30-day 100%money back guarantee, except the shipping.

Portion Control Containers- The whole Country Heat elite plan revolves around exercise and proper diet. To achieve your fitness goals, you need to follow the program correctly, be it the workout plan or the diet plan. The Portion Control Containers comes with seven different portions of diet, each having a specific purpose in the program.

Each container has a different color, as described in the above section, which specifies which food to eat. Green and Purple are the two biggest containers which contain vegetables and fruits, respectively. The next size is of the Red container which includes proteins. After this comes the Yellow containers which are for carbohydrates.

Finally comes the Blue and Orange containers that are for healthy fats and seeds/dressings, respectively. From the above-divided portions, it is evident that Fruits and Vegetables are the main players along with Proteins and Carbohydrates. Whereas, Fats are given lesser weightage.

Shakeology Shaker Cup is a handy cup which is useful in making your healthy shakes or smoothies. This nice cup gives excellent value to the package, and people enjoy owning that cup and using it. Another feather in the cap of this package is the “Night Crawl” workout.

Country Heat is available “on demand” like other Beachbody programs, i.e., you can stream this program from the official website of Beachbody and download in your laptop, computer, phone, tablet, etc.

How Much Does the Country Heat Workout Cost?

Country Heat is definitely worth its cost as justified from the above review. It comes with two purchasing options:

  • $19.95 for three monthly payments
  • $59.85 for a one-time payment

The customers who order from the US and Canada enjoy free shipping. The 30-day refund policy applies to anyone who requests, regardless of where he lives. This refund policy applies to all the products of Beachbody, including Country Heat.

Pros & Cons – Country Heat Workout


  • For people of All Ages – The Country Heat programs are suitable for ordinary people. It does come with some modifications for people who have some health issues.
  • Fun – This program is great fun as it motivates to people to get into a fitness routine without further delays.
  • No Equipment – The best part is that it does not require any equipment or gears.
  • Less Impact – This program is high in energy but has no impact on knees, back, or other joints.
  • Online Support – Once you have purchased the DVDs of Country Heat, you will get full online support via videos. You will also get full online support from Beachbody fitness professionals like you can get in touch with the coaches via chat, telephone, or email and solve your queries.
  • DVDs and Online Availability – You can buy the DVDs of Country Heat, and in bonus, you will get access to the online videos too. You can subscribe to Beachbody On Demand and watch the videos. It also lets you stream dance exercise videos.
  • Free Trial – If you do not buy the DVDs, but choose to stream the fitness videos online, you will get a 14-days trial to try the Beachbody On Demand before paying the final amount.
  • Satisfaction – The DVDs of Beachbody are returnable within 30 days or even longer.


  • Not Perfect for Strength Training – The dancing program by Country Heat is mainly for cardio and weight loss training. It is however not ideal for strength training. But, with the Beachbody on Demand program, you can get stream yoga, and strength training exercise.


Country Heat is a practical and easy-to-follow workout for home users, along with some country music and dance. Autumn Calabrese, the certified fitness trainer, is the founder of this program and understands the on-ground reality of the people and how they need to be motivated.

Each 30-minute Country Heat Dance Conditioning video gives a fantastic workout experience and is helpful for couples in staying fit. If you want the best value in home workout, then it is better to subscribe for Beachbody On Demand program instead of buying DVDs.

This lets you access more videos anytime and anywhere, and you can stay focussed towards your area of fitness. This Country Heat Review 2021 will help you decide for yourself.