Home Workouts

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Home Workouts

Fitness and staying healthy have become buzzwords these days. Every other person is getting themselves an exclusive gym membership as well as a personal trainer to guide and assist in the process of losing weight and becoming fit.

Yes, it is high time to bring about a change in your lifestyle and daily routines. Irrespective of whether you want to lose the extra kilos added, or shed the extra inches around your waistline or even if you are struggling with a health scare.

The most important point that needs to be understood crystal-clear is the key to having a healthy body is to start with a healthy lifestyle and diet. Also, it is quite important to strike a balance between work and personal life and pay attention to your health as well.

You can also start with some basic workouts at the comfort of your house just to get your body used to the workout routines. Check out some of the full-body workout videos that can be done at home. Gym memberships can be quite expensive and so can personal trainers.

The advantage of enrolling in a gym is the opportunity to make use of high-end gym equipment. Such as treadmills, weights, dumbbells, and even equipment like ellipticals. You can use the treadmill for running as well as brisk walking which will help you burn a lot of calories.

Yes to start with, a warm-up would help when you use a treadmill. Improper use can lead to injuries, so one needs to begin slow and then speed-up the activity on the treadmill. For those who wish to get their dose of workout at home and have ample space for the equipment.

You can get a treadmill installed at your house. You can check out some of the home gym workout routines with pictures which will give you a better idea of your workouts. In addition to this, the majority of the gyms have dumbbells which can be used for multiple workouts.

The dumbbells are quite versatile equipment that is efficient in gaining muscle and getting rid of fat. However, these equipment are barely used by people. There are many full-body workout videos that can be done at home and you can also check the usage of dumbbells in your workout.

When at the gym, having a workout partner or a workout buddy can do wonders for your workout routine by way of motivation and encouragement, and this helps a lot of beginners. Workout buddies can help you reach your workout goals and shed off more weight by way of encouraging you and motivating you to work out harder.

The problem is that you may not always find the right workout buddy or if you have one, at times your friend might not be available or may be on vacation, etc. This is where, instead of splurging on a gym membership.

You can switch out to working out at home by following online fitness videos on Youtube or get an online fitness service like DailyBurn or you can purchase a fitness DVD like the P90X.

Top Rated At-Home Workouts for 2021

We all love to be part of the elite gym club and we also feel that workouts can only be done by hitting the gym. What we are unaware of is that we are pushed into enrolling in a gym by some pushy salesman and once you are at the gym.

The trainers can be a little intimidating and other members might not be quite welcoming. Also, did you know the gym equipment like treadmills are dirtier than your Toilet Seat, if you don’t believe me, click here to read our survey!

We head to gyms as we are bogged down by guilt- the guilt of overeating during the holidays or the guilt of having paid the gym fees. Luckily, nowadays, you can burn some fat, gain muscle. Also, get yourself a great workout by doing the right bodyweight exercises, and yes, no gym and workout equipment are required.

Cardio could probably be one of the least efficient ways to burn calories. Bodyweight training might actually be more effective. Have a look at some of the best workout programs 2021 which will give you an idea about the most effective workout programs.

Putting in a lot of effort for months or years and not getting the desired results can be quite frustrating. When it comes to workouts and exercises, a lot of people are misguided, due to which even though they are well-intentioned, there is no progress.

1. DailyBurn – DailyBurn is one of the best online workout programs which offers a 30-day free trial. Customers have given good and positive reviews about DailyBurn. DailyBurn has been in this industry for about 7 years or more.

They offer a wide range and variety of workout programs- 20 different training programs, such as yoga, pilates, the DailyBurn 365 program, etc., Also, provide videos in addition to the complementary data regarding nutrition and meal plans.

This is quite helpful in guiding you to achieve your fitness goals. You can access the programs which have been recommended for you in addition to all the videos, articles and nutritional data in the free-trial of DailyBurn.

For an extra charge of about $15 a month, you can get yourself a personal coach who will guide you, in case you are interested.

2. P90X – In case you decide to opt for a fitness DVD, then the P90X offers a power-packed DVD exercise routine. This can be accessed and performed at the comfort of your own home.

The programs offered by P90X can get you your dream body – lean and ripped body in about 90 days, as claimed by P90X System. You must note that this program is not meant for the weak. As it requires you to work out for approximately 6-7 days a week and every single workout lasts for a minimum of one hour or more.

The rigorous workout routines require you to take a fitness test before purchasing the P90X, in order to check your fitness levels. P90X is one of the best workout DVDs for beginners who are determined and fitness fanatics.

3. CIZE – For those who love to dance to some professional moves, CIZE is the perfect dance workout for you. Shawn T makes you focus on the dance moves in a manner that you forget your body is getting the workout it needs.

The dance sequences are created by Shaun T, who is a professional choreographer, and the moves are broken down which makes it easy for anyone to learn the moves. The CIZE program package comes with DVDs, a Nutritional guide, calendar, online support, abs workout, focused meal plans.

Yes, though it is a perfect workout program, you need to have the patience to master the steps as well as you need to love dancing. There are a lot of at-home workout plans which do not require equipment and dance workouts are one of them.

4. 21 Day Fix – Prenatal Pilates Workout can be done anywhere, even if it is in your house – all you need is enough room for an exercise mat. You can check out the 21 Day Fix which is a fitness and weight loss program.

It comes with DVDs, a workout guide, a nutrition plan with food to eat, a 21-day portion control system, as well as online support. The DVDs of the 21 Day Fix Program offer six workouts of 30-minutes each. The workouts include Pilates Fix, Upper Fix, Lower Fix, Cardio Fix, Yoga Fix, and Total Body Cardio Fix.

5. Country Heat – Country Heat is a workout dance routine which is set to some of the best country music chart-toppers. The workout lasts for 30 minutes and is a 30-day program best suited for beginners as the steps are easy.

It offers 24 workouts along with a nutrition guide. However, if you are in the advanced stages of working out as if you are into squats, lunges, etc., this program won’t be suitable for you.

6. Grokker – Grokker is quite popular among people of different levels of fitness, as also with companies who wish to promote and support employee wellness. The videos offered by Grokker can help people to overcome any prevailing health conditions and also stop new problems.

Benefits of this program range from managing stress to managing weight, protecting the heart, having a good and proper sleep, and enhancing mental focus.

7. Brazil Butt Lift – Although there are a variety of workouts for the entire body workout, a few might want specific workouts that target specific areas of the body. For example, the Brazil Butt Lift is a workout program that offers some of the best butt exercises.

It is a home workout program offered by Beachbody. The workouts aim at the glutes from different angles and the program is a 60-day program. The program has about 6 different workouts. The package comes with 3 DVDs and aims at lifting and tightening the butt without your legs getting bulked up.

8. Body Beast – For those who are interested in building muscle mass, there are rigorous workout programs available that can be done at home. For example, the 90-day workout program called Body Beast is specifically created by the popular bodybuilder Sagi Kalev and aims at building muscle.

These are one of the best workout DVDs for beginners. The program is bifurcated into three blocks of 30 days each. The workouts are to be done using dumbbells, barbells, and consist of compound exercises. The program caters to both men and women.

9. PiYo – People who are interested in low-impact workouts which strengthen the body and bodyweight resistance-based workouts,  PiYo is the best workout you can find. It helps in the development of lean muscles, burns a lot of calories, increases flexibility and ensures that every part of your body gets stronger.

PiYo was designed and created to cater to specific individuals who find exercising to be tedious, monotonous and boring. PiYo can be used by beginners who prefer low-intensity workouts or by professionals who can merge PiYo into their weight-lifting or workout regime.

Home Videos – Are they the best option?

Fitness videos are the best options to workout in the privacy and comfort of your house. Exercises help in burning a lot of calories and this, in turn, leads to weight loss. A wide range of workout videos is available to cater to different personalities.

There are dance workouts those interested in dance, such as CIZE, and Country Heat. For those interested in other kinds of workouts, there are programs like the 21-day fix, Beast Body, the Brazilian Butt Lift, etc.

If you find a workout program you love doing, it will ensure that you stay focused on the weight loss program and also achieve the desired results. Irrespective of whether you workout at home or the gym, the physical parameters which affect your workout remain the same.

Issues such as getting warm, staying cool, fuelling up, and not letting your body change its temperature too fast, still matter, even if you are working out in your living room. This is, however, easier to control at home, but a plan is necessary to do it.

Most of the workouts come with a nutrition guide and a calendar to ensure you are up to date with your workout schedules. Dance workouts like CIZE and Country Heat are quite good and instrumental in shedding those extra kilos and getting a lean body.

The exercises by Brazil Butt Lift are a combination of bodyweight lower-body strengthening moves, Brazilian dance moves along with the butt-blasting moves. If you are someone who wants a better butt, this is the perfect program for you.

You can also select from either the Base or Master kit. Have a look at some of the best at-home workout videos, and this will give you an idea about all the options available.

The workouts by Body Beast include Circuit Sets, Force Sets, Single Sets, Giant Sets, Drop Sets, Tempo Sets, and Super Sets. However, though it indicates that the programs are good for beginners.

The techniques are geared specifically to people who already have a strong base in compound exercises and building muscle. If you already are at a beginner or intermediate level, this program will help you progress.

Across the U.S, the majority of the women do not enroll themselves in a gym because of the fear that they might be judged. Irrespective of your fitness levels, fitness goals, abilities,etc., workout programs are available for every single person.

A lot of workout videos for men are available which caters specifically to men taking into consideration their abilities and requirements. You can also find many best home workout videos that cater to the fitness goal of different people.

Many programs are some of the best home workout programs for weight loss. The programs are created by trainers who have studied and have knowledge about fitness.

They know very well how to motivate people to workout continuously to see the desired results. You can go through our home workout reviews to have an idea about fitness goals such as:

  • Bodybuilding
  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Flexibility
  • Muscle Toning
  • Stress management
  • Weight management

Types of Video Formats (How to Watch Fitness Videos)

The technical advancements are increasing by leaps and bounds these days, which allows us to use fitness videos in various ways. The videos can be available at your doorstep in the form of DVDs or you can view the videos immediately online via the online websites.

Some of the best online workout programs which are free can be checked out here. Normally most of the fitness videos are available in two different formats:

(i) Two In One: This format gives you a DVD along with extra online content as a bonus. This could include some informational videos as to how to do a specific workout or additional workouts or certain tips to be fit. Online streaming is also offered by a few companies.

(ii) Digital Fitness Subscriptions: These subscription services are quite popular these days. Some of the best services even offer a free trial subscription, which lets you try the service before you invest your money in it. In case you decide to proceed with the service post the trial, a monthly fee will be charged.

Online subscription offers more variety than a DVD. Take the example of a health and fitness video company going by the name Grokker, which offers a variety of workouts for both individuals as well as organizations. The main categories noticed in the video library of Grokker are Yoga, Fitness and Cooking.

You can find many subtypes of yoga classes such as Hatha, power vinyasa, and yes, even prenatal yoga. Among the other workout classes offered are indoor cycling, pilates, kickboxing, strength training, meditation, and many more. You can check out the complete review of Grokker here.

Another online subscription service for fitness is the DailyBurn which is one of the best online workout programs which offers a 30-day free trial. As mentioned earlier, DailyBurn offers about 20 different training programs, and you also get access to videos along with complementary data on nutrition and meal plans.

Minimal Workout Equipment

The best part about fitness videos for working out at home is that it requires little space concerning workout equipment.  You do not need to purchase any expensive equipment or fitness tools or machines.

These workouts can be performed right in your living room. Irrespective of your fitness goals, a lot of workout options are available. Although no equipment is required, having a few basics such as pull-up bars, dumbbells, resistance bands or weight stacks.

All these will help you achieve better results and these equipment are reasonably priced as well. The programs like CIZE and Country Heat are dance-based and do not need any kind of equipment- they are some of the best home workout programs without equipment.

Tips on Home Workout Equipment

(i) Adjustable Weights: If you are into activities that are on strength training, adjustable dumbbells are a good choice to add that extra resistance. They also improve the potential of your strength gain. They require very little space and can be stored easily as well.

(ii) Cushioned Flooring: Most of the home gym users have observed that a cushioned floor is quite helpful as it adds additional padding to the knees and joints and allows you to work out easily. Many also have interlocking tiles that ensure a seamless layout.

Pros and Cons of Online Fitness Programs


  • Online fitness training programs are making health as well as fitness resources easily available to the general customers irrespective of their location and without needing to enroll in a gym or any fitness studio
  • The online fitness programs are reasonable in comparison to their offline counterparts. The reduction in the rate of overhead expenses have made online programs cheaper and allows them to reach a huge number of people
  • The programs allow an individual to try out a variety of workouts in the comfort of their living room, and one can learn the basics easily
  • The workouts can be done at your time and convenience and you are not tied down by time and location of the gym


  • In case you have never trained earlier, there are chances of getting injured if some workouts are not done under the supervision
  • Although you get to workout at the comfort of your house, some videos might require live streaming, and this is where your internet connectivity needs to be good
  • These programs might be affordable, but it comes at the cost of a personal trainer or guide who will assist you, give you instructions, correct your posture, or even give you feedback on what is required to improve your performance


Online Fitness programs, be it DVDs like P90X or fitness subscription plans like Daily Burn are the latest developments in the fitness industry which are giving gym and fitness studios a run for their money.

The variety and range of workouts offered without the need to buy expensive equipment are worth a try for beginners as well as those who have an advanced level of fitness training.  Some of the dance workout programs like CIZE and Country Heat have changed the way of working out!

Whoever thought that dancing could be used as a workout? These programs might be cheaper on the pockets but they cannot substitute the guidance and tips of a personal trainer or coach. Beginners in the fitness area can opt for online programs.

As it helps them create a foundation for themselves. Based on your fitness goals, you can decide to go in for the online or offline mode of fitness training.

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