Best Treadmills Under $2,000

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Best Treadmills Under $2,000

Treadmills under $2000 offer advanced features from popular brands.

Looking for a treadmill to upgrade your intensive fitness streaks? Then you are in the right place. We have the perfect equipment for you. These are the best in class treadmills that make no sacrifices when it comes to fitness. At $2,000 you will get yourself upgraded to a new world of fitness with the best treadmills. The more you pay the better it gets so you can expect all the top-notch features in your treadmills. You can be sure that they will stay healthy while also keeping you healthy.

It is easy to understand that when the price increases manufacturers will use better quality components which will eventually keep your treadmill durable. So don’t go for the cheapness argument and neglect these best in the class treadmills for their higher price tag.

You will have a plethora of choices to choose from when you are ready to pay around $2,000. We took special care in selecting out the treadmills with modern features including multiple workout programs, touch screens, internet connectivity, and other features.

Every machine that we listed despite the order is the best treadmill you can get. Choose the one that you like the most. We have listed out the top 3 treadmills under $2,000 to make the job a little easier for you.

Our Best Choice – The Winner Treadmill

Treadmills Under $2,000 Awards

Buying guide for the best treadmills under $2000?

Spending $2,000 is very important when you choose a treadmill because they are right below the start of higher-end models. So, you will get better value for your money when you choose the best treadmill under $2,000. But if you go below $1,500, you will understand what we are talking about. The same brands have treadmills with not as many features as the treadmills in the higher range. At $2,000 you will even see the features of the club quality treadmills appearing on them. Entry level treadmills from manufacturers like Matrix, Life Fitness, and Precor also start from this range.

We know that you don’t know what to expect from them so have a look and understand what you will be getting at this price range.

1. The Motor: You will be getting really powerful motors with the treadmills in the price range $1500-$2000. Most of their motors will be having a power of around 3.5 CHP. They are enough for most of the common workouts so you won’t feel inadequate during your workouts. The major advantage of the expensive machines over the cheaper ones is their ability to work silently during workouts.

2. Incline Capability: Inclines help a lot in increasing the intensity of the workout and pump yourself up. A 15% incline can be expected from the treadmills of this range and that will be enough to give you a good cardio workout or focus on specific muscle in your lower body. In some machines like NordicTrack Commercial 2450, you can even get the decline feature. It is something you can only find in higher end models.

3. Maximum speed, increments: Exercise equipment is expected to offer a high-speed limit because gradually with practice and over some time, the users can keep increasing the speed at which they work out. This is the reason Nordic Track Commercial 1750  can also be used for professional training. Nordic Track Commercial 1750 has a maximum speed of 12mph.

Spirit fitness XT 285 also offers a maximum speed limit of 12 miles an hour that can also be used for professional training. The speed is increased in small increments of 0.1 miles per hour that is excellent for beginners as for sports enthusiasts. A small increment in speed is good for motivation as it gives a sense of achievement with every step.

4. Incline angle: The incline angle refers to the angle to which the deck can be raised from the front end to achieve and elevation for an uphill simulation.  An incline of 15% would be ideal for a treadmill under $2000 for home use. The different angles of the incline deliver a challenging work out and make you lose calories faster than without it. With the incline, at its most, you get a simulation of an actual hike.

During a preset program, the incline is automatically adjusted to the train you choose to workout.

Some of the brands do offer a decline feature too. The decline refers to a simulation walking downhill.

5. Running surface dimensions: The running surface dimensions are required to be spacious, especially for serious runners who take a long stride while running. A standard treadmill belt is 20 inches wide and 50 to 60 inches in length, which most runners’ needs. For professionals or runners who are tall, the running surface of 62” long and 22” wide is required.

Most of the treadmills featured here have soft running surfaces as they are cushioned to take the impact to avoid injuries. The cushioning is just enough to provide comfort and not a bounce. If you are training for a marathon, it is recommended that you buy a treadmill with the hard surface that resembles that of the road.

6. Display: Most of the treadmills have LCD screens to display the tracking data and other settings during the workout. The spirit fitness XT285 uses a 7.5 inch LCD screen with a backlight for viewing the distance covered, speed, time taken, incline, calories burnt, pace, laps, altitude, segment time, and heart rate. There is a provision of streaming work out videos during exercise on an HD screen

7. Bluetooth capability: Bluetooth connectivity allows you to play music from your device without any wire. You can connect your phone via Bluetooth to the treadmill to access your favorite playlist or the latest news during exercise. You can also access the treadmill sound system and observe your stats on the phone.

Additional storage could be anything from a slot to a compartment for keeping your water bottle, magazines, iPod, or mobile phone.

User-friendly controls: User-friendly controls on the treadmills refer to the controls that are within reach while exercising. The best place for the controls is to be on the rails next to next to the hands.

8. Noise level: After using the treadmill for a month or two, the belt has to be lubricated, and it will raise the machine’s noise level. The motor might also get strained if the belt is not lubricated periodically. The Nautilus T618  has crowned rollers that help reduce the noise as compared to its counterparts.

9. Deck Size/Cushioning: Having enough space to run properly is a necessity in treadmills to make your workout comfortable. The best treadmills we suggested under $2,500 usually have enough space for even the tallest person to work out peacefully. Whichever treadmill you select make sure that you choose a treadmill with at least 20″ belt width and 60″ length.

10. Workout Programs: Generally, the models in this price range have at least 10 pre-installed workouts. If you get the best treadmills in this category, you can expect to get as much as 40 or more workout programs. They can be a great guide to help you get fit easily. Whatever your goal is these professionally designed programs will help you in taking maximum productive workouts.

11. Warranty: Warranties are a must when you shell out this much cash. If the manufacturer only provides short warranties, then avoid the product at all costs. This is because if they had the confidence in their product, then they surely are going to provide you with good warranties. You must get a lifetime warranty on the frames and on the motor. They usually provide 2-year warranty for the parts and electronics with 1-year labor coverage. Never settle for anything less than that.

12. Extra Features: Getting an expensive treadmill doesn’t mean that you are just getting a running equipment it has a lot more to offer than that. So, with the extra money, you can expect to get a lot of additional features. Extra features vary with different brands because people find different features as important. But generally, you can expect to get touch screens, internet connectivity, Bluetooth connectivity, training videos, entertainment features, music system and many more with the treadmills.

Yeah, of course, most of these features are luxury and may not directly improve your workout but making your workout experience better will naturally increase your productivity. Motivation is always good because it is really hard to stay motivated to workout.

What brands should you be considering and why?

The fitness industry is much bigger than what you really think it is. There are a lot of brands that compete with the best of their products. We cover almost all of the treadmills in our reviews to make sure that you get the best treadmill. We even made sure to include the new players in the market so that you won’t miss a thing.

Our experts are really good at this and with years of experience they easily picked up the best treadmills and the top treadmill brands. You can always trust us because we never randomly choose a product. Everything is based on the quality of the treadmills, features, durability, customer reviews. In the end, we always make sure that they are good value for the money.

For ease of understanding, we have divided the most common treadmills to 4 different categories

  1. Cheap treadmills (under $500)
  2. Entry level treadmills ($599-$799)
  3. Mid-range treadmills ($999-$1999)
  4. High end/commercial treadmills ($2000+)

In the cheapest category of treadmills, you can get two different varieties of treadmills. Motorized treadmills and the non-motorized treadmills are the ones you can get in this range. The main manufacturers in the range include Sunny Health, Pro Gear, HealthRider, Weslo, Go Plus, and Stamina. They are the cheapest ones so you must not expect any high-quality performance from them but they will still provide enough features for beginners. Don’t go for it unless you are too tight on a budget because we don’t really consider them to be even like average machines.

Entry level category has much better machines than the cheap category. Schwinn, Nautilus, Xterra, LifeSpan, NordicTrack, ProForm and Horizon are the main manufacturers in this segment. We always prefer the last three of the companies because we always feel that they give you better value for your money. Moreover, they always feature the best of the available technology in their products. This is a good feature as you will be getting the best of your times when you buy from them.

The most famous category among all these is the mid-range category. They aren’t too costly but have enough features for an average fitness enthusiast and it will last for a long while without requiring maintenance. It is easy to understand that the best treadmills are called the best because they can perform much better than merely cheap treadmills. They will also have many more features that will make them better fitness equipment than all the others. NordicTrack, Sole, Horizon, and ProForm are the top manufacturers in this category and they go head to head to gain the top position. Competition is always good for the users because they too will get the best features for the least price.

The last category is the most expensive treadmills. Leave no doubt if you choose this category you will not miss out on anything. Everything that you get will be of the finest quality. Even though they are residential treadmills at this price range they will surely be comparable to club quality machines.

In the premium category Matrix, Life Fitness and Precor steal the show with their wide range of folding and non-folding variants. You will get a great machine with the $2,000 you pay. Life Fitness and Precor are companies that also manufacture commercial treadmills but they will cost more than $5,000 so it won’t be affordable for most of the people. Moreover, the high-end residential treadmills can give you anything that you need.

These are the best buys you can make in each price categories. And make note of the brands we talked about because you might find it difficult to find the best treadmills when many options are available to you. They all provide the best quality products with long warranties on their products.


You can easily conclude that you will be getting one of the best treadmills under $2,000. You won’t need to make many sacrifices to get good equipment in that range. You will be able to do heavy exercises with much ease in this machine. They are well suitable for walkers and for runners; both of them can push their limits towards a healthy life very easily. A good treadmill is always a necessity for a good home gym. So, don’t hesitate to make the buy but be careful not to choose a random one. Follow our guide for best treadmills under $2,000 and carefully select one treadmill that you like. We can guarantee that you won’t regret the decision you make. Buy the best treadmill and run towards a healthier future.

Nordic Track Commercial 1750 Offers a wide variety of workout programs that can be accessed through its fitness app.  The features which add to its appeal are the built-in fan, Bluetooth compatible sound system and storage slots for periodicals and devices for your comfort and convenience.

The next best treadmill for running under 2000 Dollars is the Bowflex BXT 216 that offers 11 built-in programs, storing 4 users profiles, a weight-bearing capacity of 400 pounds, and the maximum speed of 12 miles an hour.

Nautilus T618 makes it to the third slot in the list because of its compatibility with fitness apps available like UA Record, Explore the World, and myfitnesspal, to name a few. The treadmill comes with two screens, a USB port, and a comfortably thick belt.  The maximum incline it offers is 15% for that challenging workout.

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