Best Treadmills Under $1500
Best Treadmills Under $1500

Best Treadmills Under $1500

Keeping your body healthy lets you lead a happy life. So the investments you make for your body are always worthy. The best investment you can make is on fitness equipment and that begins with the treadmill. The ability to do cardiovascular workouts is a big advantage in treadmills. It is perfect for the working generation who very often cannot move according to their hectic timetable and miss out on their gym sessions.

With the best treadmills, you can work out in the comfort of your home sacrificing nothing. Based on our survey we came to find that the treadmills under $1000$1500 are the most sold treadmills in the fitness market. Generally, we keep the idea that the treadmill that you can afford is the best treadmill for you. But based on the general statistics we should understand more about the best treadmills under $1500.

We have listed out some of the features that will help you understand why some treadmills are preferred over the others.


The quality of any product doesn’t really matter if you can’t afford it so always make sure about the budget before going in search for a treadmill. Moreover, like every product in the market, there are treadmills which are as expensive as $20000 but that may not be the one that suits you the best. And a treadmill for the home will only be used for less than 30-minutes a day so don’t pay so much cash expecting a big result.

Treadmills available at $1000 are a very good buy for home use. But they will only have basic features so if you are in need of more features and power then you must be ready to spend above $2500 on the treadmill. So it is always advisable to go for treadmills within the range of $1000 to $2500.

Minimum Specifications

Here we have listed out some basic features that are necessary for treadmills. Check for these features in your treadmill.

1. Belt Size: If you are a runner then the size of the belt must be at least 48 inches in length and 16 inches in width for convenient running.

2. Speed: Speed increases the efficiency of your workout. If you only do cardio exercises, choose a treadmill with a speed of around 7mph to 8mph. But if you prefer running, choose a treadmill with a top speed of 10mph.

3. Incline: Incline angle helps in achieving running conditions similar to real life situations. The inclination angle of the best treadmills will be at least 10 degrees or above.

4. Stability: A shaky treadmill is bad for exercising so choose a treadmill with a stable construction.

5. Horsepower: The power of the treadmill determines its efficiency. A minimum CHP of 1.5 must be there. But for better overall usage and weight support treadmill motors with a horsepower of 2.5HP to 3HP is the best option to select. They will have high endurance capacity to support a variety of exercises and multitude of people.

How to choose the Best Treadmill for running under 1500$?

We know it is not that easy to select the best treadmill for you from the plethora of options available in the market. So we made a checklist for making it easier for you to choose the right treadmill below $1500.

1. The Number of users: You must always note the number of users who are going to use the treadmill before selecting the type of treadmill you buy. The frequency of usage determines the durability of the treadmill. And we must also need to consider the preferences of other users. The total weight capacity of the treadmill and then the length and width of the treadmill belt must all be compatible to all the users. This is because what might suit you, may not go well for others.

2. Shock Absorption System: A proper cushioning is required for decreasing the impact you will have on your joints while exercising. Treadmills under $1500 usually have a good cushioning system. They absorb the shock and prevent chances of potential injuries while working out. A proper cushioning makes the running surface firm and stable.

Appropriate firmness must be there on the running surface. Too much soft or too hard surface can negatively affect the workout experience and risk damaging your knee. Choose the best treadmill under $1500 with a proper cushioning system.

3. Safety Features: Safety comes first in every workout sessions. If you risk hurting yourself then there is no point in letting it contribute your health. You must ensure that the treadmills have proper safety systems before buying them. The belt speed must be analyzed too. Length of the handrails and the quality of the console grips are important because in case of accidental falls they will support you. So your treadmill must be safety qualified.

4. Electronic Features: Top treadmills under $1500 will surely have all the basic features that you expect in fitness equipment giving you perfect workout experience. The best treadmills can monitor your health continuously while you work out. Analyzing your body healthy is a good motivation and it will give you a track of how much are progressing each day. Knowing the number of calories burned will give you a good target in finishing the workout.

5. Customized Programs: A redundant workout can bore people and in the end, people will lose the motivation and stop exercising. So it is very much important to keep people motivated during the entire workout session. The best treadmills available in the market have many workout programs installed by the manufacturers for adding variety to your workout.

These pre-installed workout routines can be customized into the way in which you want them to be. Make sure that you buy a treadmill with different workout sessions to remain enthusiastic about working out.

6. Incline: Incline angle is really helpful in determining the intensity of your workout sessions. The better the incline, the more calories you burn during your workout. A proper incline will help you tone your muscles really well. Usually, the best-rated home treadmill has an incline angle of up to 15 percent. Depending on the intensity of the workout that you desire to have on your treadmill, choose an appropriate variant.

7. The Motor: The motor is the heart of your treadmill so make sure that you buy a treadmill with a motor that has proper endurance capacity. If you are a runner then you will need a motor that has a horsepower of over 2.5 CHP or more. A powerful motor ensures that you burn enough calories while you run on the treadmill.

8. Maintenance: Just as any equipment, a treadmill can have complaints and you will need to spend money on their repair. So you must be well aware of the expenses that may incur when you buy a treadmill. Giving regular check-ups and proper maintenance will make your treadmill last long.

Make sure that you choose a treadmill whose maintenance cost comparatively less or it will be a pain when the machine has to undergo repair. You will be forced to repair if anything goes wrong so confirm about the repair cost before making the purchase.

9. Warranty: Warranty of the treadmill is a direct indication of the durability of the product because if the manufacturers have faith in their products, they surely will give long warranties. And the period of warranty increases with the cost of the treadmills. Fitness equipment is a good investment so you must make sure about its warranty. The best treadmills will have a warranty on their motor, deck, belt and other electronic parts.


Now you should be well aware of the best treadmills under $1500 available in the market. I believe we have helped you in making the decision in finding the best treadmill for yourself. Never make a random buy just because you have enough money to spend. Always consider your requirements and choose a treadmill that suits your needs. You will never regret a decision made like that.

For E.g. Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 is one of the best treadmills for runners. It has good cushioning and proper track size. It even has a fitness management app, ViaFit installed. Anyway choose the one that suits you the best and stay healthy.

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