Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill Review

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill Review

Sole Fitness TT8 Light Commercial Treadmill is one of the High-end Treadmills offered by SOLE Fitness that is comparable to the commercial treadmills but is available at a price significantly lower than almost all the commercial models available in the market. It is an upgraded version of Sole F85.

(Best selling foldable treadmill), however with the feature of a non-folding frame. Touted to be the best buy in the light commercial grade, this premier treadmill comes with an exceptionally wide running surface and a heavy-duty steel framework that suits users rated up to 425lbs.

The significant feature is that in addition to the 15 inclines, TT8 treadmill deck includes 6 levels of decline to offer an experience of a more natural outdoor workout. TT8 treadmill features include commercial grade high torque motor with a power of 4.0CHP, two-ply belt with 22”x60” running surface, 3” rollers, 10.

1” TFT LCD workout display, a whisper deck with Cushion flex suspension, cooling fans, built-in Heart Rate Control, built-in MP3 compatible speakers, Bluetooth technology to record workout feedback etc. With more options than conventional home treadmills at a half price of the commercial treadmills.

It is a perfect treadmill for serious runner                      and any serious fitness enthusiast will be tempted to make it an essential part of his/her home gym. Here is the Sole TT8 Treadmill Review 2020 for better clarity.

Best Suited to Whom?

At almost of half price of the commercial treadmills available in the market, the light commercial SOLE TT8 treadmill could be the first choice for light commercial centers, office gyms, hotel gym parks, and club setups. The serious runners and fitness enthusiasts, with a moderate to a high budget.

Can bring this treadmill to home gym and experience fitness center quality exercise. It is sold with both the light commercial warranty as well as residential warranty.  It is the best light commercial treadmill available in the market under $2500. With a maximum weight capacity of 425lbs.

SOLE TT8 accommodates the needs of the beginners as well as the advanced users comfortably.

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


SOLE TT8 treadmill Assembly can be done with the help of the detailed illustrations available in the Manual provided to the users along with the treadmill. To help the assembly process, the SOLE Fitness website also has some videos.

Also, assembly options may be available for which a separate booking should be done post the delivery and assembly provider can help in the installation. In that case, assembly provider will remove the packaging.

Design and Build Quality

It is a Non-Folding Treadmill with industry-grade design and commercial-quality built. With heavy-duty steel construction, the frame is sturdy enough to support the workout of next generations too. The powerful high torque motor with a power of 4.0 CHP is of industrial quality and does not create much noise while working out.

Two-ply belt with 22” x 60” running space and a deck measuring 37”x80” gives sufficient space for running even for the tall and high rated users up to 425 lbs. 3” roller with copper ground wires for each roller reduces the static and creates a longer roller and belt life.

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill Features


Featuring heaviest duty chassis and motors in all their treadmills, the Sole Fitness brand provides the commercial grade 4.0 CHP motor in TT8 treadmill. With zinc coated balanced flywheels the running surface becomes secure and vibration-free. The motor also features powder-coated, all-steel welded frames as well as heavy duty stable inclines.

Touchscreen Control Panel

TT8 treadmill features 10.1 TFT LCD with vibrant blue screen, large and clean readouts. It provides the users with their workout feedback including speed, calories burned, heart rate and other useful information.

Incline and Decline

In addition to the 15 automated incline levels, SOLE TT8 treadmill also features 6 decline levels to mimic the natural outdoor workout experience. This maximum tilt up to 15 % improves the muscle tone, strengthens the cardio and results in increased calorie burn.

These 15 incline levels and 6 decline levels give the users the experience of outdoor workout at the comfort of home.


TT8 treadmill features MP3 payable port, built-in MP3 compatible speakers and Bluetooth technology to motivate the users to enjoy long workout sessions and also provide workout feedback by enabling to connect with the devices and the fitness apps.

Tread Belt

As it is the tread belt quality that results in a static free, smooth surface for running or walking, TT8 treadmill has made sure to offer the best quality two-ply belt. Its tread belt is made of Rubber, PVC, and Nylon to provide durability, static-free running, and longer belt life.

Track Cushioning

Like SOLE’s other treadmills even TT8 treadmill comes with Cushion Flex Whisper Deck which reduces the joint strain and impact up to 40%. The track cushioning feature helps the users experience lesser joint shock and pain during the workouts.

Heart Rate Monitoring

SOLE TT8 treadmill comes with the built-in Heart Rate Control feature that helps to set the target for heart rate training. The monitoring and controlling the heart rate is quite easy as it is compatible with the wireless chest strap, included with the TT8 treadmill.

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: 10 built-in work-out programs inclusive of 6 standard programs, 2 custom programs and 2 heart programs are programmed in Sole Fitness treadmill to help the users in weight loss, stamina building, cardio strengthening and muscle building exercises.

As the speed and incline are controlled through these pre-set programs, the users can set the time length as per their needs and start exercising with ease.

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill Warranty

SOLE TT8 Treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, motor, and deck. It also provides 5 Years warranty on Electronics and 2 Years warranty on Labor.

Return Policy: In case if you want to return your product you can do so within 30 days from the date of purchase and get your money back. However, the item should be in unused condition.

Customer Support: You can contact customer support via phone – 1-866-780-7653 to voice your concerns.

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • 4.0 CHP high torque commercial Motor
  • Heavy duty Steel frame for lasting experience
  • 6 levels of decline in addition to 15 incline levels
  • Low-cost treadmill with commercial treadmill features
  • Smooth surface and less noisy experience
  • Quick controls on the large 10.1 TFT LCD
  • Light commercial and Residential warranties
  • Built-in MP3 compatible speakers
  • Bluetooth Technology


  • Non-Folding frame
  • Difficult Initial assembly; may need assistance
  • Requires larger space for installation


With a build quality of commercial treadmill and at a cost significantly lower than the commercial treadmills, SOLE TT8 treadmill is the best buy in its price range. The generous warranties including both the light commercial warranty and residential warranty make it fit for both the light commercial usage as well as for individual use.

Added features like 6 decline levels along with 15 incline levels, powerful 4.0 CHP motor, Bluetooth connectivity to connect with Android or iOS fitness apps, wireless chest strap makes it an attractive buy in the cost-effective light commercial treadmill segment.

The features offer a lot more than the cons that if you are looking for an office gym set up or if you have a moderate to high budget for your home gym then SOLE TT8 Treadmill is definitely the Best Non-Folding Treadmill under $2500.