Sole Fitness Treadmills Review
Sole Fitness Treadmills Review

Sole Fitness Treadmills Review

SOLE Fitness, the fast emerging global treadmill brand has a variety of outstanding treadmills catering to the needs of the customers. If you are looking for high quality and fair priced products, then SOLE could be your ultimate choice.  It has consistently tried to create a quiet, stable and durable treadmills to exceed the expectations of its customers.

With powerful motors, high-grade steel construction, cushioned decks, cooling fans and a lifetime warranty on frame, motor and deck SOLE has constantly tried to develop treadmills keeping the customers in mind. Its features are best in the market while competitively priced as compared to the other treadmills available in the market. It produces treadmills that are suitable for beginners as well as advanced runners.

Most of the treadmills introduced by the brand SOLE have qualified as the Best Buy Treadmills in their respective price range category for consecutive years.

Why Sole Fitness Stands Out Among the Rest

Various reasons make Sole Fitness Treadmills stand out from the rest. The brand is known to produce commercial grade, high-performance treadmills that are fairly priced. The company produces the treadmills keeping the needs of the customers in mind and therefore, gives the complete value for the money spent.

Every treadmill is made with high-end features, comfortable deck size and cushioned track to provide the long-lasting, enjoyable and comfortable working-out experience to its customers.  The company has excelled in the production of both the Home Treadmills and the Light Commercial Treadmills that can handle the users rated up to 400lbs.

Unlike many other treadmill brands in the market, the SOLE provides a lifetime warranty on the motor, deck, and frame of all its treadmills. Also, five years warranty on electronics and 2 years warranty on labor is offered. Proving to be customer-focused, it has the Best Selling Treadmills in both the Folding Treadmills and Non-folding Treadmills series.

The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee if the users want to return the product within 30 days from the purchase, giving confidence to the new users to try the products.  This is the main reason why most of the fitness enthusiasts prefer SOLE treadmills over the competition while choosing a treadmill for their use.

Sole Fitness Treadmill Series

SOLE Fitness offers different types of treadmills that accommodate the diverse needs of fitness enthusiasts. It has developed both folding treadmills and non-folding treadmills so that users can choose the right one according to their storage facility. If treadmills can be classified as folding and non-folding based on the frame design.

They can be classified as home treadmills (for beginners and not-so-serious runners) and light commercial treadmills for serious runners on the basis of the warranty offered and the performance ability.

1. Folding Treadmills: The specialty of the folding treadmills is that they can be folded easily without much effort from the user end. Just a flip of the switch results in frame being folded.  Users prefer folding treadmills as they can be stored quite comfortably, in a much smaller space as compared to non-folding ones. SOLE Fitness has some best performing models in folding treadmills – F65, F80, and F85 (F85 is the Best Selling Treadmill Under $2000).

2. Non-folding Treadmills: Non-folding treadmills are comparatively more stable and long-lasting than the folding frame treadmills. However, they occupy more storage space. Usually, serious runners prefer non-folding treadmills for their durability and strength. The brand Sole Fitness offers commercial grade non-folding treadmills such as s77 and TT8, the latter being the advanced treadmill offered by it.

3. Home Treadmills: Home treadmills are designed to suit the needs of home gyms, meant for personal use. They are comparatively less priced and come with a residential warranty. Usually, what most of us buy our home treadmills unless the usage is relatively longer or highly intense (for eg., serious runners or sportspersons). SOLE F65, SOLE F80, and SOLE F85 treadmills are home treadmills that offer a residential warranty.

4. Light Commercial Treadmills: Light Commercial treadmills are designed to perform for long hours, and to accommodate multiple users. They are used in light commercial establishments such as office gyms or hotels where multiple users run on them. Hence, their performance requirements are different as compared to home treadmills. SOLE Fitness has developed two different models that offer both residential and light commercial warranty to its users which are – SOLE s77 and SOLE TT8.

The different treadmills offered by the brand have different features to suit the needs of varied customers. Check below to learn which treadmill features are best suited to your requirements.

Sole Fitness F65 Treadmill

It is one of the lowest-priced treadmills and excellent value for money in its price range. With a track size and power to support the walkers as well as the runners, this treadmill best suits the home users with a budget-friendly approach.


  •  It has a unique horseshoe-shaped folding frame that makes it sturdy just like a non-folding frame.
  •  It comes with 3.25 CHP motors to provide a more powerful work-out session.
  • Unlike most of the other treadmills in its price range, F65 treadmill has a thick two-ply track and 2.5” rollers for quiet operation and increased durability.
  • It is designed with ten pre-set workout programs to support the goals of cardio training, weight loss, and muscle training.
  • It is integrated with contact pulse monitors and treadmill is compatible with wireless chest straps for controlling the heart rate.
  • To support the interests of the beginners, it provides a safety lanyard that stops the treadmill if the user loses the balance.
  • It provides excellent cushioning with the help of Cushion Flex Deck that reduces joint impact by 40%.
  • It is Bluetooth compatible to connect with the music players and have built-in speakers.

Sole Fitness F80 Treadmill

If you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use treadmill with user-friendly features and complete value for your money, then F80 folding treadmill is a perfect choice. The model’s features and design is such that it can comfortably suit the requirements of both the beginner as well as the advanced users.


  •  It is an ideal treadmill for home users with a 3.5 CHP motor that adjusts the speed and resistance with ease.
  •  It has a comfortable hydraulic-assist folding frame to save the space and enable easy storage.
  •  It also has the wide running surface of 22”x60” making it the longest and widest in the series.
  •  It comes with a two-ply belt and 2.5” rollers for smooth, quiet and less noisy working-out experience.
  •  It’s track cushioning is best-in-class which can absorb shock up to 40% and provide gentle exercising experience.
  •  It comes up with 0-15% incline for the better-challenged working-out.
  •  It makes the work-out readouts comfortable with 9.0” LCD.
  •  To motivate the users to have longer work-out times F80 treadmill has Built-in Speakers that are MP3 compatible and can be connected via Bluetooth connectivity.

SOLE F85 Treadmill

With the highest quality performance and most sturdy and long-lasting built, SOLE F85 Treadmill is the top selling treadmill of the brand and also the Best Folding Treadmill of 2020. It comes with all the features that an advanced runner could demand in a treadmill.


  • It has the comfortable folding deck that can be folded and unfolded with just a flip of the switch as it uses hydraulic-assist technology.
  • The treadmill features a quiet and impressive 4.0 continuous duty motor.
  • It incorporates the widest running surface of 22”x60” and 2.75” rollers that can handle users’ weight up to 400lbs.
  • It has track cushioning that is gentle on sensitive joints by absorbing shock up to 40% by using Cushion Flex Whisper Desk.
  • It has 15 different incline settings for the increased calorie burn allowing the users to set the time length as per the fitness goal.
  • It comes with Built-in speakers that can be connected to music players easily via Bluetooth technology.
  • It features hand pulse grips and is compatible with the chest straps for easy calculation of the heart rate.
  • It also has the best-in-quality display with 10.1″high-resolution TFT screen.

Sole Fitness s77 Treadmill

SOLE s77 Treadmill is the Best Affordable Non-folding Treadmill Under $2000. The effective gym workouts can be enjoyed at home with the s77 treadmill as it has most of the features of club treadmills.


  • It is built with the highest-grade steel frame backed with a lifetime warranty.
  • It comes with industry-grade 4.0 CHP motor that provides speed up to challenging 12 mph.
  • It has the widest running surface of 22”x60” suitable for users rated up to 400 lbs.
  •  It is gentle on the joints with Cushion Flex Deck that absorbs impact up to 40%.
  • It comes with 15 levels of incline for an increased calorie burn within the target time.
  • It has made the feedback on readouts large and clear by incorporating 10.1” TFT LCD.
  • It has enabled Bluetooth connectivity to sync with various fitness apps and transfer the workout data to your smartphone for future reference.
  • It is compatible with the wireless chest straps and pulse monitors for easy monitoring of heart rates.
  • It facilitates enjoying the music of your choice with Built-in Speakers which are MP3 compatible.
  •  It provides smooth, static-free two-ply tread belt.

Sole Fitness TT8 Treadmill

Credited as the Best Light Commercial Treadmill of 2020, TT8 Treadmill offers the quality, built and features of commercial grade treadmills. This non-folding treadmill comes with both light commercial warranty and residential warranty making it useful for both the home market and small establishments like hotels, office gyms etc. SOLE TT8 has the best range of the features that a treadmill can offer.


  • It has the Powerful 4.0 CHP Motor with a lifetime warranty that can support the continuous multiple running sessions.
  • It comes with the best-in-quality two-ply belt with a total of four layers including two rubber layers, one PVC layer and one Nylon layer for a smooth, static-free running experience.
  • The Track Cushioning is excellent with Cushion Flex Whisper Desk that can reduce the impact on sensitive joints up to 40%.
  • It offers ten pre-set workout programs including six standard work-out programs.
  • It has 15 automated incline levels and 6 recline levels to mimic the natural outdoor exercising experience.
  •  Another excellent feature of TT8 Treadmill is the 10.1” TFT display for a large and clean readout of the work-out feedback like heart rate, calories burned, speed and distance covered, etc.
  • It has Built-in Heart Rate Control as it is compatible with wireless chest strap and pulse monitor to get the real-time data.
  • TT8 treadmill has MP3 payable port and built-in speakers to help the users enjoy a more extended working-out session
  •  Another important feature of this treadmill is that it comes with a light commercial warranty and residential warranty making it suitable for both the markets.

Pros & Cons of Sole Fitness Treadmill


  • Best selling treadmills in their respective price range
  • Commercial grade built and top quality performance
  • High-end features and Integrated technology
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Both Folding and Non-folding treadmills for different needs


  • No treadmill under $500
  • Not very handy and light-weight for easy movement

Final Verdict

Highly impressive build and technology make SOLE Treadmills one of the preferred choices when it comes to buying a folding treadmill or non-folding light commercial grade treadmill. With a range of products in home treadmill series at different price points, the brand gives options to choose from for the fitness enthusiasts.

All the models offered by the brand are technically best-in-class and provide 100% value for your money. The Sole fitness treadmills have been constantly rated high and earned the best reviews from its customers keeping them always on top of the mind when a treadmill purchase idea strikes.

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