Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding Treadmill Review

Sole Fitness S77 Non-Folding Treadmill Review

In this Sole Fitness S77 Non-folding Treadmill Review, we take a look at the superb features that this treadmill has and the ease of use of this home gym equipment. There are many positives of this non-folding treadmill like the fact that it has got preset workout programs, Cushion Flex running deck system, functions of the display console and also the ease of assembly. All these features are elaborated in the following paragraphs.

Cushion Flex System

The Cushion Flex System in this Sole Fitness Treadmill makes it super quiet. It comes integrated into the running deck. It is also responsible for making the treadmill comfortable for the user by lowering the impact on one’s ankles, hips, knees, feet, and spine.

Great Display

The LCD screen is 9 inches wide and gives a superior display. You can improve your fitness with knowing your workout status and ensuring that you are on the right track in your workout and also that you are progressing in the right direction.


  • It is a non-folding treadmill that comes with a continuous duty motor and a with 3.5-horsepower
  • The Sole Fitness S77 is most known for its cushion flex system that makes it a quiet machine.
  • The belt of the treadmill is double woven with a two ply.
  • The running surface of the treadmill is quite large at 22 x 60 inches. This is a pretty large running deck and among the biggest in this category.
  • The LCD has an audio cable, integrated features, and a cooling fan.
  • The treadmill also has a wireless chest strap that helps you in controlling your heart rate while exercising.
  • There are six basic workouts that you can perform with this Sole treadmill and two custom ones and two exercises that are Hr-controlled.
  • The speed range of this treadmill can go from 0.5 to about 12 mph
  • It can go up to an incline of maximum 15 percent
  • The capacity of user weight that this Sole Fitness treadmill can take is 400 pounds.
  • This is one of the most powerful treadmills at 3.5 CHP, of the likes that is usually found in high-end gymnasiums.
  • There is an option of preset programs with this Sole Fitness treadmill. It also has a console that is built-in and such that it will help you in achieving all your fitness goals very easily. The fitness goals can be put into four different categories which are manual, user defined, preset profiles and heart rate controlled.
  • The S77 also has a place where you can put your tablet or any other reading material. Most of the companies do not have this feature or are thinking of integrating it into their equipment.
  • There is an audio jack also available where you can connect your headphones or your phone as well as your iPod to have a fun-filled workout. There are speakers also in case you do not want to use the headphones if they restrict your movement.
  • The design of the machine is simple, and it is mostly pre-assembled when it is delivered to you. Therefore, the assembly is pretty easy, and there is hardly anything that you need to do to start using it.

Customer Reviews

Customers are excited about the cushion flex system that makes this treadmill a silent device which is unlike other treadmills. Most of the treadmills make noise while you exercise on them. But this is a real exception and a smooth ride.

Drawbacks of the Sole Fitness S77 Non-folding Treadmill

  • The dual cooling fans of this treadmill are a little low powered.
  • The display on the LCD is restricted only to two numbers
  • The bottom storage tray is not very easy to access when one is running on the treadmill.


There are basic 4 points that are needed to be pondered upon before you want to buy a treadmill. These are the running area which should be large enough so that your stride is comfortable, whether it has a powerful motor that can take up the strain of the user and the warranty that the treadmill comes with and a variety of workout programs that can suit your training needs.

It is no doubt that with all the features that the Sole Fitness S77 has, it will be able to meet all the above points without any trouble. The moving parts o this treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty which is the best warranty ever provided by any treadmill company. Most of the companies give a warranty of just about 90 days.

The price that this treadmill comes at is also much lesser than other models which have similar features. It is no doubt that this becomes the most preferred choice of most of the people for their home gyms. So, don’t think any further and just go in for this much-preferred treadmill.