Sole F65 Treadmill Review

Sole F65 Treadmill Review

Sole F65 Treadmill is the lowest-priced treadmill by Sole but it is also one of the best treadmills for home-based gyms. It has a durable frame and excellent features. Sole Fitness is a 30-year old, famous company which manufactures its line of health machines.

It has a vast customer base owing to its fantastic customer support and service. This is a high-quality treadmill for walkers and runners as it gives club-quality workout for muscle toning, cardio health, and weight loss.

As compared to other treadmill models, F65 comes with Bluetooth Connectivity to connect your smart device. It also comes with audio speakers so that you can enjoy your favorite music while exercising.

The 2020 model of F65 will add quality to your daily life and help you achieve your fitness goals. The tablet holder is also an attraction, which securely holds your smart device and can also charge it with the help of the USB port in the console.

On the comparison front, F65 is a better treadmill than the costlier Sole F80 Treadmill and Sole F85 Treadmill models. It comes with all the fantastic features at a cost-saving price. The only difference between these models is the motor size and maximum weight capacity.

It is one of the best-selling treadmills under the price range $1500, which promises to provide you your daily dose of exercise. Read the Sole F65 Treadmill review 2020 in this article and know in detail about this wonderful machine.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Sole F65 treadmill is an ideal piece of equipment for people who are long-distance runners and need a heavy-duty treadmill. It has the capability of delivering a robust workout, can take weights up to 350 lbs, and has incline levels up to 15%. It is also perfect for home setups as it can save up to two user profiles.

It is foldable and can be stored away easily. It is rated as one of the best entry-level treadmills by Sole, as it is very affordable. This treadmill is priced under $2000 and offers the best price/value ratio for the users.

Sole F65 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of this Sole Folding Treadmill is simple. It requires two people to carry out the process because the deck is a bit heavy. The instruction manual comes along the package and has illustrative diagrams that show the complete process.

The instructions are clear and easy to understand. The whole process does not take much time, and you can start working out on it the same day you receive the package.

Design and Build Quality

The Sole F65 Treadmill is a folding treadmill with a horseshoe-shaped folding frame; a patented all gear rack and a pinion system with Safety Lock Deck. Its console is streamlined and has quick speed and incline adjustment options. It is a compact machine and saves space.

This feature makes it one of the best treadmills for home use. It has a powerful motor of 3.25CHP and a high-quality thick track, which is durable and light. This treadmill has a spacious running area that matches the treadmills of commercial clubs.

Sole’s CushionFlex Whisper Deck is gentle and easy on knees, hips, and ankles. It has ten preset workout programs, which help in achieving your fitness targets. This treadmill has an accessory holder as well to place your tablets or smartphone.

It also supports Bluetooth audio speakers and has a USB charging port. It also comes with a fantastic safety feature, which is a cord that stops the treadmill if you lose balance while working out.

The build quality of this Sole Treadmill is stable and durable. It can withstand repeated use by people of all heights and maximum weight up to 350 lbs. The steel frame is heavy duty and comes with a lifetime guarantee. The deck has a 2-ply belt which can absorb 40% of the impact without hurting the knees and joints.

The frame and motor are robust and very powerful and make this machine long-lasting. The flywheel and rollers deliver a smooth, noiseless, and a comfortable treadmill motion. This treadmill can go 3% higher than other treadmills in the same price range. It offers the best price/value ratio.

Sole F65 Treadmill Features

1. Motor: The F65 Treadmill by Sole comes with a continuous-duty 3.25CHP engine. It offers plenty of exercises, including jogging and walking. It runs quietly and smoothly, even at higher speeds.

Sole Motors come with a lifetime warranty as these motors keep the machine operational for years. The speed and incline transitions seem effortless because of the powerful motor. This motor is the reason why this treadmill is durable.

2. Touchscreen Control Panel: The Sole F65 treadmill has a very appealing control panel. The 7.5-inch LCD is more prominent than the base model’s display. It shows the required workout data like heart rate distance, calories, speed, time, etc.

You can change the workout speed or incline level very quickly due to the conveniently located buttons on the console. It has an intuitive design that lets you adjust the console at an appropriate angle.

The left side has seven incline buttons, and the right side has speed increments. The one-touch quick keys’ on the console are easy-to-use.

3. Incline and Decline: This treadmill has the best incline range from 0 to 15%. Going above 10%, you can feel the rush in your muscles and also burn more calories. This treadmill has more incline levels than the treadmills under the same price range. The higher levels help you challenge your body and burn more calories.

4. Tablet Holder: This cardio machine comes with an integrated tablet holder, which securely holds your smart device and enables you to use the internet or watch videos. You can also send training data to several fitness apps.

5. Audio: This treadmill takes care of the entertainment part and comes with audio speakers. You can make use of the Bluetooth technology to stream your audio to these speakers. There will never be a dull moment while exercising on treadmills by Sole Fitness.

6.Tread Belt: The tread belt of this equipment is a 2-ply belt, which enables it to hold up better than other tread belts. Even heavy training sessions will not wear out this belt quickly. It is incredibly durable and long-lasting. The tread belt of F65 is also very wide, measures 60” x 22”, and lets you move around comfortably.

7. On/Off Cushioning: The F65 model of Sole Treadmills comes with shock-absorbing Cushion Flex Whisper Deck technology. The company claims that this technology can take away 40% of the impact of the exercise. This sounds very promising and protects the joints and knees.

8. Heart Rate Monitoring: F65 treadmill gives you two options when it comes to measuring the heart rate – Pulse Grips or Wireless. The handgrips are perfectly placed right in the center, under the console.

If you want a very accurate reading, then the free wireless chest strap is the better option. This measurement helps you in keeping your heart rate within the target heart rate zone and keep it functioning healthily.

9. Maximum Weight Capacity: A sole F65 treadmill is a sturdy machine with a heavy-duty steel frame. It can take weights up to 350 lbs, which supports maximum users. If you need a higher weight limit, then you can go for the F80 model.

10. Folding Deck: The F65 treadmill comes with the Easy Assist folding technology, which helps you easily fold away the deck when you are not using it. It latches easily and has a smooth release handle. This treadmill is useful for homes with less space as it allows easy storage.

11. Extras: Apart from the tablet holder, as mentioned above, this treadmill also comes with Bluetooth audio speakers and a USB charging point. You can connect your smartphone and enjoy listening to your favorite music. This is the main difference between the earlier F65 and the F65 2020 model is the added USB port.

  • Utility Tray and Bottle Holders: F65 takes into account the user’s convenience and comes with a utility tray to keep your device or a book, and a water bottle holder on either side as well. These features will keep you motivated and comfortable during long workout hours.
  • Cooling Fans: F65 has a cooling fan on top of the console. You can easily adjust the fan’s direction at an appropriate angle, as per your height.
  • SOLE Fitness App: You can connect your smart device to this treadmill by downloading the SOLE fitness app. With this, you can create your own workouts and enjoy a fruitful workout each time.
  • Adjustment Buttons on the Arms: The F65 treadmill by Sole has speed and incline adjustment buttons on the arms of the treadmill. Sole Treadmills are known for this convenient feature, which helps the user to change the speed and incline quickly.

Sole F65 Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-in Workout Apps: The Sole F65 treadmill comes with diverse integrated workout programs. This treadmill comes with ten standard programsFat Burn (2), Hill (2), Strength (2), Cardio (2), and Interval (2). The other programs are 2 Custom Programs and 2 Heart Programs.

  • Cardio Program: In this, you can input your maximum speed and workout duration to achieve a perfect cardio workout.
  • Hill Program: By putting your max speed and time, you can generate a personal hill workout for yourself.
  • Interval Program: This is a challenging workout where you just have to input your desired workout duration and get going.
  • Strength Program: Here also, you need to input your desired workout duration and max speed to get a perfect strength workout program.
  • Heart Rate Programs: This treadmill comes with two heart rate programs which will help you maintain a healthy heart and make your workout at your target heart rate zone.
  • User Programs: You get two user programs on F65 where you can save your personal workout data and start off your workouts without the need of inputting your data each time. This is very convenient and saves time every day.

These workout apps offer a great variety of workout options and help you choose the one that suits you the best.

Sole F65 Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: Lifetime Warranty on Frame, three years on Deck

Parts and Service: One year on Labour

Customer Support: Customer Support offered by Sole is excellent. You can contact them from Monday to Friday at +1-866-780-7653. Their email support is 24 hours, seven days a week, and you can email them at –

Return Policy: Their Return Policy says that if you return the treadmill within 30 days of your purchase, then you will get a full refund, plus the cost of freight to and from the manufacturer Sole Fitness.

Sole F65 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • The 3.25 CHP powerful motor gives a noiseless and smooth delivery
  • Wide range of incline levels, 0-15%
  • Integrated entertainment options and accessory holders
  • Advanced Shock absorption system takes up 40% of the impact
  • The console is easy-to-read and can be adjusted at an angle


  • The side rails are short
  • The LCD screen is outdated and offers fewer programs
  • The cooling fan and speakers are not impressive
  • The motor of F65 is smaller than the C1650 model and larger than the Horizon Adventure 5


The Sole F65 treadmill is the lowest priced treadmill and is very popular among the users. This treadmill can support runners as well as walkers due to its extremely sturdy built and a plethora of workout options. Its fitness app can communicate with FitBit, MyFitnessPal, and other training applications.

This treadmill is the best buy of 2020 if you are looking for a treadmill in this price range. Their downgrades are unnoticeable and will cost you $200-$500 less than the F80 model, and will not affect your ability to exercise well on this machine.

It has everything that one can ask for – a wide range of incline levels, integrated accessory holder and entertainment options, safety key, cooling fans, a compact design, a good range of preset workout programs, heart rate monitoring, and an intuitive LCD console.

Sole F65 offers a great value in its price range and has also become a top-rated treadmill owing to its trouble-free use.