Reebok ZigTech 710 Treadmill Review

Reebok ZigTech 710 Treadmill Review

The Reebok Zigtech 710 treadmill is without doubt very useful for the home gyms. It is the machine that has very less noise because machine keeps most of its inner actions to itself. The treadmill is accustomed in such a way that its user can modify as many as programs required for the desired workout that suits the individual requirement. The user can also get the access to the music through separately provided attachment for the iPod.

With 2.5 HP motor, 22 built-in workouts and iFit compatibility, it becomes wonderful workout machine. Grip heart sensors are available on the handlebars to monitor the heart rate of the user.

Among the first few things that come to notice about this Reebok, the treadmill is that the belt and the motor make absolutely no noise. But the same system will give you some great songs through your iPod. You can also decide the workout you want to do with 22 different workout applications.

All you have to do is push to start button and then you can have many exercise routines that can be personalized according to you and your preferences. Through the iFit technological innovation, it is even possible to make your exercise routines. It has a metal body and impressive engineering which provides the treadmill a sturdy base so that you have an effective workout.

The treadmill also has a 2.5 CHP motor that cools the inside machinery so that you can increase the duration of your regime and also not hamper the treadmill. ZigTech also gives versatility to the deck and also softness with the cushioning provided there. You tend to feel lesser tension in your knees as well as ankles all through the time that you are working out. Also, you will be able to cope up faster with the fatigue caused by the workout to your muscles.

iFit Feature

With the iFit module available on this treadmill the user can do the following workout routines

(a) Google aps can be referred to map the path on your treadmill.

(B) To copy the rise and fall of the real terrain, the inbuilt incline and decline are made available on this apparatus.

(c) To compete with your Facebook friends you can use the online race feature.

(d) Routine workout schedule can also be downloaded on the daily basis.

6″ Display

It has been provided with a 6-inch display that used to be only of the 1 inch a few years earlier on such low-cost treadmills. Readouts are displayed very well through this enlarged display. However, Reebok 1410 has a 7-inch touchscreen display with Android browser. Similarly, Reebok Treadmill 1910 has a 10-inch display with the similar touchscreen as well as Android browser.


  • A quiet machine

It is certainly noise free considering the noises made by the belt and motor of the other related treadmills. Hence, very peaceful and stress-free workout routine can be easily followed through this treadmill.

  • Power and durability

The commercial internal strong motor of 2.5 CHP is fixed in the Reebok Zigtech 710 Treadmill. Speed up to 12 mph can be achieved in this strongly built machine, and it has 22 built-in workout apps as well. The strength provided by the steel used in the making of this machine makes it rough and tough to use. It means you can go as hard as you wish to with this apparatus.

  • Joint protection

The Saftey feature is also ensured by the Reebok Zigtech 710 Treadmill Review as it has been given proprietary cushioning to safeguard the joints and muscles during your workout. It protects the spine and the legs to the greater extent as well.

  • Analysis and monitoring

Various analysis and the monitoring towards the desired goals set for your fitness can be done through the 22 prebuilt workout apps. Personalized program can also be designed for these applications.

  • Warranty

Warranty offered for the parts is for two years and one year for the labor repairs. Lifetime warranty is made available for the frame and the motor.


  • Assembly

To assemble the Reebok Zigtech 710 Treadmill, it might be a troublesome job. As you might need the helping hand to do so.

  • Price point

Keeping in view its lower price tag, it is a marvelously accessible machine. But if you are willing to spend some extra money you can consider Reebok Zigtech 1410 which is made available with some useful extra features.

  • Similarities with other brands

In the similar price, there are other treadmills available of the different brands. With the same features and by spending less you can look for them too. But make sure Reebok is a brand in itself which others might not have.


Certainly Reebok Zigtech 710 Treadmill is the superb buy keeping in view its price tag and the positive reviews. Yes of course by spending somewhat fewer dollars you can get the other machines as well but that might not be Reebok, which is a brand need not to mention again and again. Looking to make more advanced gym at your home then you can opt for some expensive treadmill. If you have some constraint with the price, this is the best model so go for it.