Burn Calories with a Desk Elliptical

People generally struggle to find time to exercise in their hectic work schedules these days; as such, given that a majority of the jobs involve sitting for long periods, health issues arise. It is generally recommended to do some physical exercise to keep the body healthy and avoid diseases. An under-desk elliptical is a perfect machine for such time-starved, deskbound…

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The Most Common Mistakes while Riding a Mountain Bike

For those who love adventure, have a passion for outdoor biking on the unexplored and dangerous terrains, mountain biking is definitely the sport for you! Mountain biking on treacherous terrains and unpredictable turns and weather can convince many of us to take to the stationary bikes in gyms or indoor fitness activities. There might be just a handful of people…

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Ways to get the best result from Heart Rate Monitors

Technology has advanced to such levels that every single gadget gets constantly upgraded with additional features and benefits. We also are so dependent on gadgets and electronic devices that we become quite demanding in terms of the features. When it comes to gadgets such as fitness trackers or smartwatches, a heart rate reading is expected to be a feature by…

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