Reebok GT50 Treadmill Review

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Reebok GT50 Treadmill Review

The Reebok GT50 Treadmill is an edition of Reebok in its ONE series. The Treadmill comes with the abundant features along with a balanced and impressive piece of fitness equipment. The trump card of this treadmill is the built-in zones in the cushioning of Reebok ONE Series.

The treadmill ensures the safety and comfort of the user at every step. The Reebok GT50 Treadmill Review will explain you all the main highlights of this fantastic treadmill. Reebok GT50 Treadmill provides its users with 145 x 51cm of running area.

The treadmill is supported by a 2.25HP Continuous Duty Motor which is all prepared to encourage strident workouts without any snag effortlessly. GT60 Treadmill can take 15 electronic incline levels and 11.1 mph max speed to make the workout efficient in all manners.

The Treadmill is best for home use. The Reebok GT50 Treadmill comes along a well-favored console which is 7″ backlit LCD to fascinate all the users. The console provides all the necessary information such as time, speed, incline, distance, pulse and heart rate.

The console is attractive and easy to use. The treadmill also comes with a soft dropping mechanism. The Reebok GT60 Treadmill is the best treadmill under $1000.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Reebok GT50 Treadmill has all the features which are required to make any treadmill effective and efficient. The treadmill is component and made-up for all sorts of runners who have just stepped in the fitness world or those who are intransigent for their workout schedules.

The treadmill would be an excellent option to use for home.

Reebok One GT50s Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Reebok delivers the GT50s treadmill in a 90% assembled manner which requires only some slight adjustments and heeds to make it ready to use. This treadmill is working manually. Thus the easy assembling is both energy and time-saving. Reebok ensures that their customers don’t face any of the problems and complications.

Design and build quality

The Reebok SL8.0 AC Treadmill has been build up to meet all the expectations of its users. It provides an effective and efficient workout experience in all terms. The 145 x 51cm running area is spacious and would provide a comfortable experience for runners of all build type.

When it comes to quality Reebok ensures that their customers get the best of it every single step. The Reebok GT60 Treadmill comes with the incredible quality which provides durability and safety.

Reebok GT50 Treadmill Features


The Reebok GT50 Treadmill is equipped with a 2.25HP Continuous Duty Motor which is all set to take up harsh and vigorous workout routines. The engine can support 0-11.1 mph of speed without any predicament. It is all prepared to take up long-running sessions without any inconvenience.

Console Panel

The Reebok GT50 Treadmill comes along with a 7″ backlit LCD. The characters of the display are large enough for the runner to read even when he is thoroughly drenched up in sweat and exhausted.

The console provides a detailed description of how has one come concerning time, distance, speed, incline, heart rate and pulse. The console is easy to use and understand for people of all age groups.

Incline and Decline

The Reebok GT50 Treadmill is all set to take up 15 electronic incline levels to make the workout more intense. The incline trainer levels play an essential role in the run for making it more efficient. It helps the users to achieve their fitness and health-related goals with more ease and variations.


Reebok GT50 Treadmill has built-in speakers of high quality to make the workout more interesting and keep the runner going. The Treadmill can be connected with MP3 media players and Bluetooth. There is also a USB port available for charging the phones. The beats kept you motivated and energised to do more.


The Treadbelt ensures the overall quality of the treadmill. Reebok uses the most excellent material in the making up of the treadbelt providing its users with a secure run each time they step on it. The treadmill is built to ignore all sorts of risks and uncertainties.

On/Off Cushioning

The treadmill comes along with built-in zones in the cushioning of Reebok ONE Series. The air Cushions of the treadmill adapt to the natural pace of the runner and divide it into three different zones in one running deck; making it Reebok One Series. These different zones aim to make the users run more comfortable, productive and avoid all sorts of peril.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Reebok GT50 provides the user with Hand Pulse Sensors and Wireless Pulse Receiver. They help the user to be fully aware of the heart rate while using the treadmill. It gives a clear track of the heart rate to avoid all uncertainties and provide security to the user.

Reebok GT50 Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-in workouts apps: The Reebok GT50 Treadmill comes along 24 console programs and user profile. These integrated workout plans ensure that the user is offered with a variety of strategies to make him committed and engaged in the workout without any boredom.

These plans play a significant role in the achievement of fitness and health-related goals.

Reebok GT50 Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: To win the hearts of people, Reebok provides a lifetime warranty on frame, along with Three years of warranty on the motor of Reebok GT50 Treadmill.

Parts and Service: 2 years of warranty is provided on-site parts and labor of Reebok GT50 Treadmill, to serve the best to their customers.

Customer Support: For all kinds of help and information one can contact via mail at

Return Policy: The Reebok GT50 Treadmill can be returned within 30 days of delivery in the same condition as it was provided. If there would be any harm to the treadmill return will not be possible. Reebok will not be responsible for refunding any delivery charges.

Reebok GT50 Treadmill Pros and Cons


  • Scalable preset programmes(Easy to move from one programme to another)
  • Speed & Incline Handlebar Controls
  • 24 Console Programs
  • Compatible with the Reebok fitness app(Bluetooth models only)


  • Lack of interactive features


The Reebok Brand is a fabulous option for home purposes, which provides the users with all the essential functions at their place. The three zoned cushions are one of the most attractive features of the treadmill. All in all, making the buyers more keen to buy it. The price at which the treadmill is offered to the public is not very high, making it a deal to grab.