ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill Review

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ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill Review

ProForm SMART Pro 5000 treadmill has surpassed every other treadmill available in the market in terms of technical efficiency. With a wide 22″x60″ tread belt and 4.0 CHP motor, it delivers power packed performance. A very legible 7″ color touch screen is used for controlling the machine.

ProForm SMART Pro 5000 is a mid-tier machine made by Proform that lies in between the 2000 series and the Smart Pro 9000. With a huge number of workout programs and a well-built body, it won’t disappoint you for the years to come. ProForm PFTL15116 PRO-5000 Treadmill is a smarter upgrade over the old model.

Everything good in the old treadmill is retained with new advanced features added to make the experience livelier. The main upgrade you will notice will be the development made on the console. It is customized for making the iFit workouts easier to do.

With the purchase of ProForm brand, you will get a year worth’s subscription of iFit workouts. An upgraded HD screen is also another feature add all of this comes at just the extra cost of $200. Read the ProForm SMART Pro 5000 Review 2021 to be more clear on this treadmill.

Best Suited for Whom?

Treadmill ProForm SMART Pro 5000 is an ideal choice for both runners and walkers. With iFit integration, now reaching your fitness goals is easier. The treadmill you with the assistance of working out with the best trainers in the world and also a simulation of world-famous jogging spots.

ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The treadmill is nicely packaged to ensure the damage free delivery to your place. Since this treadmill model is heavy, it needs 2 persons to assemble the machine. The assembly manual comes with crisp and clear instructions. It might take around 2-3 hours to assemble this treadmill.

You get a detailed guide with pictorial representation so that you won’t find any difficulty in the assembly.  There are also warnings issued with the assembly instructions so that you don’t wreck your treadmill on the very first day.

If any kind of difficulty is faced during the assembly of the product, you are always free to contact the customer care executives who will guide you through the entire process.

Design and Build Quality

Just like SMART Pro 9000 model, it is one of the best folding treadmills that saves you space using an Easylift feature. The deck’s frame and the front supporting the frame are made of steel. The treadmill has many parts that are made from PVC.

Though the side rails of the deck are made from PVC, the frame right below them is made using the steel. The adjustable stabilizers with rubber caps are integrated at the deck’s rear. The treadmill has wheels to aid the moving process.

The machine has a 2-ply, heavy-duty belt which is designed keeping the machine durability in mind. The deck also makes use of two cushioning cells that help in lowering at least 20% of the running impact.

ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill Features


ProForm PFTL15116 PRO-5000 Treadmill is a beast in the fitness market. There are almost no workouts that this treadmill can’t do. It is powered by a whopping 4.0 CHP continuous-duty horsepower Mach Z Commercial Plus Motor that gives out a string and powerful workout experience.

The price of the treadmill is justified by the best in the class motor system found in the treadmill. And that is a hard hit for most of the treadmills. To make the workouts even interesting, these motors are capable of serving you with 34 workout programs.

Since the motor is the heart of the treadmill, having a lifetime warranty over is an added advantage. It is counted amongst the best cross-training treadmills.

Touchscreen control panel

Being the best in class, the ProForm PRO-5000 Treadmill model is also fitted with a touch screen enabled digital screen. This makes the treadmill accessible to people of all ages. The console of the treadmill acts as a multifunction unit and provides you with striking features and functions.

The MyTrail function fetches you the distance as a 400 m trail, depending upon the number of laps you cover. You also get goal setting functions towards time, distance, calories, and pace. Thus, setting up a target value for these metrics is quite easy.

Incline and Decline

ProForm PFTL15116 PRO 5000 has an advanced incline decline system that varies between -3% and 15% which is not common among the treadmills in the fitness market. It has a small motor and a lever positioned at the front to ease the incline and decline adjustments.

If you make use of any of the offered workouts or an iFit workout that requires an incline or decline, the angle of the deck will be adjusted automatically. This treadmill model provides 12 levels of incline. You can adjust these inclines in the increments of 1%.

Tablet holder

ProForm PRO 5000 Treadmill is equipped with a tablet holder which can be used for holding down your tablet even when you are working out. This model of the treadmill has an additional accessory tray that has to be attached below the console.

You can use it to keep things like your keys, water bottle, etc. If you are willing to pay extra cash, then you will even have the facility to use MP3 holders and cup holders.


ProForm Treadmill PFTL15116 PRO-5000 has a good speaker system which lets you play music around while you workout.

The sound system is well-suited for most of the tablets, smartphones, or MP3 units, together with Apple and Android devices. This may seem like a fun activity but it has the ability to improve your workout capacity too.

Tread Belt

Treadmills belts and motors are highly susceptible to damages with constant usage. Ordinary treadmills get damaged faster than Proform treadmills because of this reason. The SMART Pro 5000 treadmill has a 22-inch by 60-inch tread belt. It makes use of a 2-ply, heavy-duty belt, with an aim for higher durability.

On/Off cushioning

Active cushioning present on ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Folding Treadmill can save your feet from the damages that can possibly occur from the constant jitters occurring during the runs.

The treadmill’s deck comprises of two cushioning cells that are known to lower 20% of the running impact.  This makes the treadmill runs a much safer option than the usual outdoor runs which is commonly considered to be the safest one.

Heart rate monitoring

The console of this treadmill helps you to track your heart rate. The handlebars in the front are equipped with stainless steel pulse sensors. You can also use the console to read your pulse wirelessly using a Bluetooth HR chest strap transmitter. It is provided to you at the time of the treadmill purchase.

ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill Workout Programs

The treadmill has 38 pre-set workout programs that automatically regulate speed, incline, and decline. These pre-set programs are suitable for every level of the users, and comprise of intervals, peaks, climbs, weight loss, etc.

The New ProForm Treadmill has an upgraded control system from the previous model. It has many features and functions added to it. For instance, the new MyTrail can measure the running distance as in units of the quarter of a mile.

Other than this, it will track the number of laps you have been running on the treadmill. Target levels can be set for calories, time, distance and pace if you need these metrics to be your target points.

ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill Warranty

Pricing of this treadmill is comparatively much better than others. It manages to put more features into an affordable price tag. The warranty is one such striking feature. The motor and the frame are covered by lifetime warranties with the parts and electronics covered by a 5-year warranty.

There is also a labor warranty provided for 2 years. After the date of purchase, you can also return the product with a 30-day money back guarantee if you didn’t like the product.

ProForm Smart Pro 5000 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • 4.0 CHP powerful motor makes it suitable for runners
  • 38 workout apps enable you to automatically adjust speed, incline, and decline
  • iFit integration makes your workout more lively
  • Trail distance function & Goal setting functions
  • Great sound system and is attuned for most MP3 devices
  • Smartphones, tablets and Bluetooth HR chest strap transmitter included
  • CoolAire fan keeps you cool while you work out


  • Rattling and squicking noises makes it unbearable to run after a few minutes.
  • iFit membership has to be bought separately after 1 year of trial
  • Customer service is not quick in responding


ProForm SMART Pro 5000 treadmill is a great purchase and falls in the best treadmills under $1500 price category. It is a perfect workout machine that will equip you for outdoor running with their simulated inclines and declines. With the good iFit integration you will manage to get a rich workout experience on this machine.

The long warranty will relieve you from tensing about the life of your treadmills. And the multiple workout programs available on them will make sure that you are having an interesting workout experience for the many years to come. You can trust our SMART Pro 5000 treadmill review and purchase the treadmill without any doubts.