ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

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ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Review

ProForm Pro 2000 Folding Treadmill consists of a good cushioning system, a touch screen control system, an array of health monitoring systems to give out best in a class workout experience.

The treadmill is covered by a good warranty and the parts are made of highly durable material so expect it to stay with you without any repairs for a long period. The features provided under $1000 are mind-blowing and are enough to correct your wrong notions of treadmill workouts being a dull activity.

It is better to dive into more details and we are sure that at the end of this ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill (2016 Model) review 2021 you will get yourself a fitness companion for life.

Best Suited for Whom?

The commercial quality treadmills like ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill (2016 Model) can be a good choice for people who are looking for a sturdy built.treadmill. This treadmill is suitable for users at every fitness level. Right from beginners to professionals none of them will feel limited.

With the feature set, they are getting with this treadmill. In a nutshell, if you need the best in class performance and don’t want to spend a lot of money over the treadmill then this is the one for you.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Despite all the features it boasts about, this is marked by the simplicity of design. The advanced features are placed in such a way that these don’t make the workouts overcomplicated. The same applies to the Pro 2000 (2016 model) treadmill assembly. Nobody wants to have a headache over the treadmill once you get it home.

There is an easy to use user guide with pictorial instructions for assembling the treadmill in no time. It is simple enough for most of the users but don’t make a hasty assembly. Put some time to read the warning information so that you don’t wreck the machine in the process.

If any kind of difficulty is faced during the assembly, you can freely contact the customer care executives who will respond and clarify the doubts in a very short span.

Design and Build Quality

Fitness users who are concerned about their health are also worried about the health of the treadmills. This is the reason why they are ready to pay a high price to get the best in the class treadmills for their home.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill has a simple design that doesn’t have any part added to it just for the sake of aesthetic appeal.

Every part of the design boasts utility in some way. It has a stable frame that stays stable even during intense workout sessions. A large display is there for an easy analysis of the workout data.

The health statistics you get through them can be used for the modification of your fitness plans in a way that befits your overall health. It has a 7-inch LCD which is iFit compatible.

You can also connect your iPod to it. Furthermore, the treadmill comes with 2get digital volume control speakers to make your workout entertaining.

The incline settings can be controlled by easy incline adjustment keys that let you shift the inclination angle at any instant during the workout. They have a foldable design so if space is a primary concern for you then this is one of the best compact treadmills you can ever have in the fitness arena.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Features


The motor is considered to be the heart of the treadmill deciding the quality of workout experience you would get from your treadmill. This treadmill is powered by a 3.5 CHP motor which is way above the average mark giving out a smooth workout experience even during intense workout sessions.

It can support the weight of people up to a maximum of 300 pounds. Thus, the treadmill suits the heavier weight people also.

It is also covered by this warranty keeping you worry-free even during the occasion of intermediate maintenances. The maximum speed supported by the treadmills is 12mph which is a good number even for budding athletes.

Touchscreen control panel

When it comes to ProForm Pro 2000 incliner (2016 Model), it is equipped with a high-quality display system which is touch screen enabled. You get to know your stats, the professional trainers’ videos using iFit and the built-in programs.

It has a display screen of 7-inches that fetches you the time, the distance you cover, calories burnt, your speed, and heart rate to name a few.

Incline and Decline

The incline adjustment can be made between –3 % and 15 % on this treadmill. It is thus, one of the top incline treadmills available in the market.

Tablet holder

Treadmill workouts can be restricting when all you do is run and don’t engage yourself in any other activity. ProForm makes it interesting by including a tablet holder with this treadmill so that you can keep your tablets right in front of you while working out.


It is always advisable to have workout music playing around during the workouts to keep you motivated and productive. ProForm Pro 2000 takes the edge in here by integrating a powerful music system into the treadmill.

It is compatible with iPods and has amplified speakers. Relax your senses after tiring days and uplift your mood by working out on this treadmill. You can also connect your headsets to the treadmill.

Read Belt

Traditional treadmills need to be repaired really quickly after the purchase. The main reason for this is the wearing out of the treadmill belt caused by constant usage. This is not justifiable as a reason for the degradation of a treadmill.

To cover this up, ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill (2016 Model) has a highly durable treadmill desk that absorbs the heat generated from the motors and the treadmill belt prolonging their life.

On/Off cushioning

Running can be harmful to your joints and knees if you don’t take the right accessories with you. Keeping this in mind, it is equipped with a powerful cushioning system that will take all the bad impacts away from the knees.

Heart rate monitoring

Heart rate analysis can be the key to understand your overall health. It has a wireless heart rate monitoring system built into it. It becomes easy for you to couple the speed training with this wireless heart rate chest strap.

Extras Google Maps

Scenic Motivation You have the freedom to draw a scenic route using Google Maps. The iFit holds the capability to map your workout and transfer it to ProForm Pro 2000. You can also opt to go for pre-programmed routes on the treadmill.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Workout Programs

Whenever you pay extra cash on the fitness equipment you expect two things to see two things in them – a higher usage capacity and high durability. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill (2016 Model) ticks both the checkboxes. They are one of the treadmills with the maximum value in this price range.

To keep the variety at maximum and to increase the usability of the treadmill it is equipped with 50 workout programs that will suit different fitness needs. This will keep people engaged and free from the mundanity of targetless treadmill runs.

At this price, having these many workout programs is an added advantage that makes it an ideal choice for all people. It has become the best cross trainer machine of 2021. The basic workout programs you get with them are given below to give you a rough insight into what you are getting into.

1. Manual: Manual mode gives out total freedom for selecting the intensity to the customers. For professionals, this is the best option

2. Rolling Hills: This mode simulates hill climbing experience and is suitable for high-intensity training.

3. Weight loss: If you are overweight then this is the mode to stick to.

4. Fat blast: This mode enables a faster fat burning rate.

5. Cardio burn: The best method for improving your cardiovascular system and improving your overall health

6. Endurance mode: High-intensity training mode especially aimed at professionals who need to push the maximum limits of their body.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Warranty

The warranty provided by ProForm brand are:

Frame: Lifetime warranty for the frame is provided

Motor: Also, you get a Lifetime motor warranty

Parts and Labor: You get 5-years on parts and 2-years labor warranty

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • 50 workout programs
  • A large running deck makes your workout comfortable
  • Wireless heart rate monitor to monitor your health stats
  • Easy to use control system


  • iFit subscription has to be bought separately
  • Customer service is slow


So far there aren’t many treadmills that we have called the best value for your money package. ProForm Treadmill (2016 Model) is one such product that fills in the checklists for the best treadmill in all segments.

With a decent price tag, it does what is advertised, unlike other brands that advertise the features as a part of an advertising gimmick show. Whichever fitness level you are in you can confidently choose one of these as they can easily adapt to the fitness needs of almost all kinds so fitness customers.

A simple justification for the price is that over time you will spend more money over a cheap underperforming treadmill on maintenance as compared to the ProForm Pro 2000 Exercise Treadmill (2016 Model). So in reality, this saves money in the long run.

With a lifetime warranty over the motors and frame, you can expect them to last for a lifetime. As always we want to see you healthy, so you can trust our choices and make the purchase. Good luck with your new treadmill!