ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill Review

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ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill Review

The ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill 2021 is power packed with not just smart technology but also premium components. The 10” touch screen is not the only feature that steals the limelight. Though the ProForm Premier 1300 retails for around $2500, yet, you can get a good deal during sales.

The touch screen of this treadmill allows users to access the 32 preset workout programs easily. In addition to this, it allows the use of iFit which is quite popular amongst the fitness enthusiasts which offers unlimited workout programs, outdoor training using Google Maps as well as Street View, and many more.

The Premier 1300 gives you many ways to remain motivated and stay fit. Besides the impressive electronic features, the ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill 2021 comes with a sturdy frame, is foldable and also has an advanced shock absorption system.

It has a motor of 3.5 CHP which is powerful and gives you a quiet workout. Read through our ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill review 2021 to know more about its features. It was introduced in 2016 and was a mid-level option among the base Sport Series and high-end Pro Series.

Along with the Premier 900, this model provides a lot of value and many capabilities to keep its users motivated towards their goals.

Best Suited to Whom?

The ProForm Premier 1300 reviews indicate that this treadmill offers very good support for different users of different heights as well as fitness levels.  This is possible due to its running surface of 20″W x 60″L, Mach Z motor of 3.5 CHP, and the console that is iFit enabled.

The most important aspect to be considered is the variation in length. If you are tall, for example, 6’0”  or more, this model is perfect, as the added length gives you comfort.

ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


ProForm is still one amongst the best fitness companies at present that design cardio equipment which has a fast assembling process, clear and easy to follow instructions regarding the setup.

Though your decision must not be totally based on these aspects, this is what you can expect regarding the assembly process and this might be helpful in getting your new fitness routine up and going at the earliest.

Fortunately, the ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill manual includes a very clear and step-by-step instruction, which also has exploded diagrams with references. This helps you understand how the part needs to be fixed.

For the ProForm Premier 1300 Assembly, the company includes mostly all the tools that would be required, inclusive of the hex key which is used to adjust the belt of the treadmill.

However, it is crucial that you remember, ProForm has recommended two people for the ProForm Premier 1300 assembly process, as though most of it is pre-assembled, you will have to move heavier part, for instance, the running deck.  You can also make use of the ProForm professional assembly service.

Design and Build Quality

The features of the ProForm Premier 1300 treadmill themselves give a feeling as though the best parts of the ProForm Pro 2000, Pro 5000 and Pro 9000 have been merged to form this high-end treadmill.

It has a 10” full-colour and web-enabled touch screen which definitely sets this model apart from other treadmills of ProForm, as this feature is only available on 4 models -the Pro 9000, the  Premier 1300, the Boston Marathon 3.0, and the Boston Marathon 4.0. For a better comparison, go through the ProForm Premier 1300 vs Pro 5000.

When it comes to the running area, this model has the largest area in the industry and also has an upgrade from the Premier 900’s mid-sized running area. The treadmill has a belt of 20″W x 60″L that can cater to a huge range of user height of up to 6ft and above.

This lets you build upon the natural running stride and you need not worry about the foot placement. The treadmill comes with a Mach Z Commercial Plus Motor of 3.5 CHP. This motor has a large frame and is created with top quality components along with an internal cooling system.

This helps in reducing the vibration within the motor and creates a quiet running experience at your home. This reduces the wear and tear on the parts of the machine. However, there is one vital point which differentiates the Premier 1300 from the treadmills of the Pro series.

The decline offered is only +12%, whereas the Pro 2000 treadmill and similar treadmills have an incline/decline range of about -3% to +15%. The 12% incline is mostly reasonable for many people, as it helps in increasing the calories burned while you workout.

But if you wish to have a treadmill for home use which imitates outdoor running, you can check some of the best treadmills for home running which give you a better experience when paired with the iFit Map. In addition, beneath the belt lies the standard cushioning offered by ProForm brand- the ProShox Cushioning system.

This helps in absorbs and reduces the impact on your knees, feet, and ankle joints. This is useful especially when you reach higher belt speeds (the Premier 1300 has a top speed of 12 mph, even under the total limit of 350 lbs). This Premier 1300 can be folded easily, as it has a shock-assisted lift mechanism which allows the user to fold it easily.

ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill Features


The treadmill offers a powerful 3.5 CHP motor which can withstand any kind of intense workout. A in-built cooling fan is provided which helps cool the motor as well as extend the treadmill’s life. The motor also has a lifetime warranty on it.


It has an incline of 12% and this helps the user include calorie-burning intervals into their workouts. The console also has quick-change keys which makes it easier to scroll the incline levels.

Adjustable Tablet Holder

The tablet holder of the Premier 1300 is good as it lets you keep your tablets in a safe position and you can enjoy your favourite shows or read your blogs while working out.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The Premier 1300 offers two options when it comes to heart rate monitoring: the user can make use of either the dual-grip hand sensors located on the handlebars or they can use the Bluetooth wireless heart rate monitoring.

We consider the wireless option as the most efficient and accurate method of monitoring your heart rate. The Premier 1300 treadmill offers heart rate training programs which make use of heart rate data in order to help you reach the fitness goals efficiently.


The Premier 1300 comes with a 10″ full-colour touch screen display, which is much larger than the Premier 900 display of 7”.  It lets you check your workout statistics, social media, videos and the like.

iFit Enabled

Similar to the other ProForm treadmills, the Premier 1300 is iFit enabled. This in itself is an immersive fitness experience which lets you monitor as well as share your workout results and benefit from the unlimited personalized workouts provided by expert trainers.

The exciting part about this is that users can select any location via Google maps and the Premier 1300 adjusts automatically to match the route. You must remember that iFit membership comes at a monthly or a yearly fee.

Running Belt

The treadmill has an extra long running belt of 60” and this provides enough room to stretch and is good for runners who are tall or have a long stride. The belt is 20″W x 60″L and caters to a lot of users with different heights. This lets the user build up their natural running stride and they do not have to worry about the foot placement.


The treadmill comes with the standard cushioning system of ProForm – ProShox. This absorbs most of the force which is a result of the foot striking the belt of the treadmill. This reduces the stress on your knees, feet and joints.


The Premier 1300 treadmill comes with the Intermix Acoustics 3.0 Sound System which has music ports that are compatible with MP3 and iPod. Most of ProForm treadmills have a lower version known as Intermix Acoustics™ 2.0.

The speaker size is the main difference between the two. The 2.0 version provides users’ with two 2” speakers, whereas the 3.0 version provides two 3” speakers. This lets you listen to all your favourite music directly through the console, and you do not require headphones.


(i) Safety: The ProForm Premier 1300 treadmill has something in common with the Pro series treadmills – safety features. Over and above the handrails and foot plates, the console can be used to fix a 4-digit passcode for child-safety. This disables the various button functions such as the incline, the belt speed, etc. until and unless the right combination is punched in.

An innovative feature in the safety measures is “safety screen timeout”. This was first observed in the Pro 2000 treadmill, but it is available on every Pro as well as Premier series treadmills, along with the feature of safety passcode. This feature just resets the console in case you do not press any button and yes, the belt stays stationary for a fixed time.

Though this particular feature is available on many motorized treadmills, we feel that the safety key is worth mentioning. It consists of a small cord which has a clip at the ends, wherein one end is attached to the console while the other is fixed to the user’s clothing. So in case, the user falls off while running on the treadmill, the clip will detach itself from the console bringing the belt to a stop.

(ii) Fan: ProForm includes multi-speed CoolAire Workout Fan which lets you remain cool. It has 2 big storage spaces where you can keep your water bottles and stay hydrated while you workout.

ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill Workout Programs

In case you choose to purchase the ProForm Premier 1300 instead of the Premier 900 you get all the upgrades, for instance, a larger console screen, an array of extra onboard workout applications (34 vs. 30). 

Taking into consideration the price difference, what one needs to check is the impact the machine has on the workout experience and whether the Premier 900 is a better choice in terms of value? The Proform Premier 1300 reviews will give you a clear idea about it.

Categories of Workout program 

1. Manual Programs: They are the default programs. They get activated immediately on inserting the safety key in the console and choosing a specific speed setting. No preset speed or profile settings are to be followed, however, you can track your workout progress through the 1/4 mile virtual running track which gets displayed on the screen.

2. Onboard Workouts: Only a few treadmills give you 40 or more onboard workouts or more. The Premier 1300 offers you 34 onboard programs which are pretty good. In the Premier 900, the onboard programs are split into Incline, Intensity, Speed, and Calorie. This is quite different from the Endurance series, wherein most of the treadmills had a setup that supported weight loss.

Every single program has a preset speed as well as incline profile settings, that have been chosen carefully by certified personal trainers in order to help you attain various fitness goals.

However, unlike the Sole Fitness Treadmills such as the Sole F60 Treadmill, you cannot create and store customized workouts. You can only modify any current workouts by getting the incline or speed adjusted.

3. Set-A-Goal Workouts: The goal-oriented programs help you set a target for your workout duration,  calories burned, distance, and even the pace. The pace goal is quite difficult to find even on some of the best treadmills for home use and is ideally reserved for high-end machines in the ProForm’s Boston Marathon series.

4. Pulse Workout: This is a heart rate controlled program and you have 2 variations – Performance and Endurance. Once you make a choice at the console and ensure that the wireless chest strap pairing with the console is complete, a target can be fixed for your heart rate.

It is just like the Set-A-Goal programs, but instead of simply working towards a fixed number, the treadmill adapts to ensure you are closer to the target level. This includes raising or lowering the deck, and even adjusting the tread belt’s speed.

5. iFit Workouts: The ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill is iFit enabled, and this means you do not have to buy the wireless module individually, as you do when you have a treadmill that is iFit compatible. This saves you an additional initial cost of $99, however,  you will have to pay for the iFit subscription.

Once the account is set up, you can download a huge collection of the iFit workouts directly to your console. These programs can be followed by people of all fitness levels, be it a beginner or an experienced marathon runner.

It also includes many real-world running trails through Google Maps as well as the large full-color screen. When it comes to onboard workouts, the incline is automatically adjusted to imitate the terrain that is featured on the virtual running route.

You can access the iFit from either your computer, your smartphone, your tablet, or even the treadmill console. A personal fitness tracker can be purchased in order to sync your workout data to the online account once you get off the treadmill.

ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill Warranty

The Company offers a lifetime warranty on the frame and motor, and 5 years warranty of the parts. It also offers a 2-year warranty on the labor. The warranty offered is really good and will cover any issues for a good amount of time.

ProForm Premier 1300 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • It has an easy-to-fold design which makes it quite compact.
  • It has a large running area.
  • The ProForm’s ProShox cushioning system makes your run quite comfortable.
  • It has a large 10” full-colour touchscreen display.
  • It has a tablet holder and even has space to hold your water bottles
  • It has two options for heart rate monitoring.
  • It has 32 in-built workout programs.
  • It is iFit enabled.
  • It has the Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System with 2″ speakers.
  • It has a good incline and speed range.
  • It has a good warranty offering.
  • It retails at a good price.


  • It does not have a USB charging port.
  • You have to buy a wireless chest strap as it is not included in the package.
  • The Arm rails are a little shorter.


The Proform Premier 1300 treadmill is a good machine which falls in the mid-price range. It is runner-friendly and loaded with a powerful motor with a running belt of a good length. It also offers the largest web-browser console along with a tablet holder which help you make your workouts a fun experience.

Additionally, the iFit LIVE will help in setting new goals and it will definitely take your fitness level to the next with its amazing tracking features as well as the new workout challenges.

These features make it one of the best treadmills available for running and if you are on the lookout for the best treadmills for your home, the Premier 1300 is worth consideration.