ProForm Power 795 Treadmill Review

ProForm Power 795 Treadmill Review

The Proform 795 treadmill is fitted with the latest machinery that makes it very comfortable home fitness machine.Features attached with the machine are very easy to use. This treadmill is categorized as an ideal indoor and outdoor workout apparatus.The machine can easily manage up to 325 pounds. It is very strong and dependable fitness equipment. A blazing LED display fitted with iFit Technology of the machine makes its control very simple.

ProForm Power 795 Treadmill is convenient to use. To protect joints, soles and ankles it has been provided with ProShox Elite 2 Cushioning. Around 16 workout options are available with the machine. The belt attached to it can be easily folded up after its usage.

Proform Power 795 treadmill is very reliable and capable machine that is perfectly designed to improve your cardio and legs strength. Music can also be played on it which makes your session very enjoyable.

Great Features

Main features attached with the Proform Power 795 treadmill are the following: Mach Z commercial motor with 2.5 CHP, adjustable maximum speed 12 mph and iFit technology monitor. It has been provided with the buttons on the right from where speed can be easily adjusted. A monitor attached to it displays the calories, time, distance and heart rate that are automatically displayed on its front monitor.

Great Comfort

Wide tread belt of the machine has made the walking, jogging and running very convenient. The convenience of the machine can be measured with the space of the equipment. You can easily feel how much care has been taken into this account. As the width of the equipment is 20 inches and the width is 56 inches. It has been provided with 12 buttons on its left side for the adjustment of its inclination levels. You can also say it has been provided with adjustable inclination. The variable inclination is very useful for the development of the muscles specifically for the lower body.


  • Affordable:  This treadmill has a very durable motor that can easily handle long sessions of the workout without any problem.
  • Innovative iFit Console — Fitness efforts made on the machine can be easily tracked by connecting it to the online and by pairing it with iFit through Wi-Fi network. Access attached to it facilitates participation in competitions, custom running routes powered by Google Maps. Feature attached to it by iFit cloud enables to access all the fitness statistics.
  • iPod Compatible – to customize your personal playlist through each workout session you can hook an iPOD to the small Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system speakers. This feature is quite useful if you have skipped to wear an armband or put on the music of your choice at your home before getting on to the machine.
  • Personal Cooling Fan – to protect you from excessive sweat and the risk of getting overheated during your intense workout session it has been provided with built-in cool air workout fan. You can change the speed of this fan very easily with quick control buttons attached to it.
  • Preset Workouts – Effective preset workout routine can be selected on this equipment. For this 16 featured programs are made by fitness experts for this machine.
  • Proshox Elite 2 Cushioning – To make it different from the standard treadmill that can put pressure on the feet, joints and back, the Proform Power 795 has been provided with wonderful cushioning to enable the required support to your feet, joints and back as well.
  • Warranty – Lifetime guarantee is given with its frame. Labor covered for one year. Its other parts are provided under two years of warranty. It makes your workout easy even if you go hard with the machine.
  • Space saving – Easily foldable deck towards upward saves the space required for its storage. It makes it very useful when the equipment is lying idle.


  • iFit Membership Required – Limited access to iFit. Which also excludes its most useful workout features. For the full access annual or monthly fee is to be paid. This fee is nonrefundable.
  • Not Suitable For Everyone – Big users who are over 325 lbs cannot use the machine as they exceed the prescribed weight limit attached with the equipment. The maximum speed of 12 mph is also not useful for the professional runners.
  • Short Tread Belt – If compared with the other models of almost the same price the tread belt attached to the machine is found to be on the shorter size. It has tread belt in the size of 20 x 56 inches which is not suitable for the tall users as they require somewhat lengthy strides.


Given the above version, you may wish to look into the better deal.If you take into consideration that the Proform Power 795 treadmill Review has been enabled with key features like, workout presets and various other adjustable features it makes it very useful for you. Though there is a fee to get access to the membership for joining iFit you can get a discount to it if you opt for extended packages.

If compared with the fee paid to the personal trainer at the gym it is very much less than it. Now it is totally up to you to decide whether you wish to opt for an expensive treadmill or Proform Treadmill with the key features provided to it at a lesser price.