ProForm Performance 900I Treadmill Review

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ProForm Performance 900I Treadmill Review

Proform Performance 900i is one of the best leading treadmills Proform has ever released in the fitness segment. Upgraded with a more powerful motor system and drive mechanism, the workout experience can never be any better. We can call it the best treadmill available 2021 now in the market for runners.

Even with the limited warranty available compared to its elder siblings at $1500, it is way above other treadmills. Proform leads the fitness segment and this is just one instance for their marvel. Read on the ProForm Performance 900i treadmill review 2021 made by our fitness experts to give you detailed information about the treadmill.

Best Suited for Whom?

Proform 900i treadmill model is especially suited for the people who have a limited budget and are not looking for something luxurious to brag out. Walkers will especially find it comfortable to workout on them.

This can be a good option for the people for people with all fitness needs like reducing weight, building a stronger body and what else is needed!

ProForm Performance 900i Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Getting the fitness machine running can be a difficult task if you find it difficult to follow the instructions. Fortunately, Proform has one of the simplest user guides for assembly. Important tools like the hex key are included for adjusting the walking belt.

Due to the heaviness of the parts, two people will be required for the assembly even with the almost assembled machine. Follow all the instructions and you will be good to work with the fitness machine in no time. If you still find it difficult to assemble the treadmill, don’t worry.

The ProForm professional assembly service executives will help you whenever you are faced with any kind of trouble. Professional assembly services: Getting the assembly done can be a time-consuming task and often irritating for many.

Maybe it’s because of that reason companies like Proform has included professional assembly services as part of their product package. Once the purchase is done, you can be at peace for they will deliver it and set it up right where you want them to be. Alternatively, you can also choose the assembly service provided by Amazon.

Design and Build Quality

Proform Performance 900i folding design so you don’t have to worry about reserving too much of your homely space. Generally, this is not the case but with the space saver design and folding capability, the treadmill can be stored away once you are done with the workouts. This feature makes it the top selling treadmill for Home Use.

It is powered by a 2.75 CHP motor and a capacity to support the weight of up to 350 lbs which is enough for most of the users. With an advanced cushioning system of the “ProShox Plus,” none of the impacts of the runs will reach your joints at any time.

The incline can be adjusted instantly with the Quick speed incline control system keeping you safe from any interruption during workouts. They are also fitted with a transport wheel which makes the moving them around your home a child’s play.

ProForm Performance 900i Treadmill Features


ProForm Performance 900i is powered by a 2.75 CHP Mach Z drive motor so you don’t have to worry much about the power it provides. It is quite silent and smooth during the operation. However, there is a limitation to the maximum weight capacity supported by the treadmill.

One good thing ProForm does with the treadmills is that they have provided 25 years warranty over the motor keeping you worry-free over the quality over the motors. The motor supports a speed of up to 12 mph which can be increased at increments of 0.1 mph. The internal axial cooling can extend the life of the treadmill motors by a lot.

Incline and Decline

The most common way of increasing the intensity of treadmill workouts is by the usage of incline and decline settings. Proform also makes this treadmill do the same. With an incline adjustment of around 0 to 12 %, you can mimic almost all kinds of hill climbing exercises.

Remember this is only for people who require high-intensity workouts. This will add variety into your workouts and the incline can be adjusted using the instant incline adjustment keys.

Tablet holder

With a tablet holder, you can bring both your entertainment hub and your office in one place. You can comfortably workout while engaging yourself with the tablet too. More add-ons like mp3 players and cup holders can be added by paying an extra amount.

Tread Belt

A comfortable running area is provided with the ProForm Premier 900i Treadmill so that you won’t feel limited during the workouts. The 55 inches long and 20 inches wide running desk gives out a comfortable workout experience. The treadmill belts are tested for 1 million cycles for ensuring maximum durability.

Heart rate monitoring

Tracking your heart rate helps in analyzing your body’s response to the workouts. The treadmill has dual-grip hand sensors which are positioned on the handlebars. You can also make use of Bluetooth compatible EKG heart rate monitor that enables wireless heart rate monitoring.

iPod connection

The iPod compatibility in the Proform 900i opens the doors towards a world of music you can explore during the workouts. With the powerful Intermix Acoustics 2.0 sound system in the treadmill, all your favorite music stations will be playing around giving you enough punch for working out.

Safety key

This secures the treadmill from unauthorized entry basically a child safety mechanism. Without using the safety key and lanyard on the console the treadmill won’t start. The lanyard can even be attached to your clothing so in case if you fall off accidentally then the treadmill will automatically get disconnected and stop.

Workout cooling fan

The “CoolAire” workout fan controls the air stream flow mechanism making you feel cool throughout the workout period.

LED display

The treadmill has a multi-window LED display system is more legible than the conventional LCD system making the workout analysis easier than in other machines. The display system lets you know the distance covered, the number of calories burned and will let you know how well performed during the entire session.

iFIT technology

iFit compatibility takes you to a whole new world of fitness with the help of internet. The online workout simulation that works in conjunction with Google Maps takes control of your incline system for simulating the terrains available worldwide makes the workout experience a delight.

If you desire so you can even make custom workout plans for your needs. However, an internet connection and iFit subscription are required for getting the facility. For normal workouts, a “Workout Intensity Control” is available through which you can easily control the intensity of workouts whenever you want.

ProForm Performance 900i Treadmill Workout Programs

Workout programs in the treadmills are categorized on the basis of their fitness level. Around 20 workout programs are divided into a set of 10 each with 10 Performance workouts and 10 weight Loss workouts.

Performance workouts focus on making you run faster, jump higher and get stronger while Weight Loss workouts will help you burn down the number of calories. All you need is to enter your target range and the software will do the rest of the job for you.

ProForm Performance 900i treadmill Warranty

ProForm Performance 900i treadmill is well secured with a lifetime warranty over the frame and 25 years on motor. In addition to that, you will also get a warranty cover of 3 years on the parts and 1 year on labor.

ProForm Performance 900i Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • Friendly customer care service
  • 20 workout programs make your workout more challenging
  • Assistance in high intense training
  • Cooling fan to keep you cool
  • iFit coaching facility
  • Folding feature makes it a space-saving machine
  • iPod dock enables you to enjoy your favorite music


  • You need to buy the iFit subscription separately
  • The size of the treadmill belt is standard and is not suitable for tall people.


ProForm treadmill can be the best decision for the walkers who want to keep their body fit. With the number of features, it has to offer there aren’t many other treadmills available in the market that can rival the ProForm Performance 900i treadmill model.

An excellent incline system, preset workouts, virtual runs are some of the things worth mentioning. The treadmill is priced at a price tag of $1,999 but you will able to get it $1,299 online which puts it in the budget category of the best treadmills for walkers.