ProForm 6.0RT Treadmill Review

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ProForm 6.0RT Treadmill Review

The ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill is one of the very popular treadmills. The price range is between $500 and $600, thereby making it one of the most affordable treadmills available in the market. Getting a treadmill at this price range is a bargain and to add to it, the benefits of being lightweight and compact making it a popular choice

The Proform 6.0 RT treadmill is loaded with features and it saves on space. It permits the user to have total control over their running routines. One has the option to select from the 8 in-built workout programs or can get the speed adjusted and opt for a customised workout using the QuickSpeed controls.

Once you have completed your workout, you can fold the treadmill easily and store it. This makes the Proform Treadmill a very convenient machine which can be easily stored. Thus, it is surely one of the best top-selling home treadmills.

The frame is designed in a way that allows the user to fold it post usage. It includes a 2.0 CHP electric motor and can attain a speed of around 10mph. You can check out the Proform 6.0 RT Treadmill review 2021 to know more about the machine.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Proform 6.0 RT’s weight and speed limit make it a perfect machine for light runners or joggers. Instead of the heavier duty motors found on the Power 995i and the Pro 2000 treadmill (3.0 and 3.25 CHP motors), the motor of the ProForm 6.0 RT is a bit smaller at 2.0 CHP Mach Z Motor, having a weight capacity of about 300 pounds.

This is an indicator that the Proform 6.0 RT is best suited for lighter as well as smaller people. Larger or heavier users might have to opt for a bigger machine which has a large running deck as well as a powerful motor.

ProForm 6.0RT Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


This ProForm treadmill reaches the user partially assembled. The deck, tread belt, motors, and rollers are pre-assembled and are connected to the lower metallic frame. So all you have to do is fix the upright masts and attach the console. This would take you an approximate of 30 minutes.

You also get two hex keys for assembly as well as belt adjustment. However, you will need a screwdriver and some pliers. The entire assembling process will not take more than 30-40 minutes.

The Proform 6.0 RT treadmill manual gives you all the details about the high -quality parts, charts to identify various parts and also step-by-step diagrams on the assembly process.

Maintenance: This treadmill does not require a lot of maintenance. Similar to most of the treadmill, the belt needs to be lubricated post usage after several months. This treadmill’s belt is pre-lubricated with a lubricant of industrial quality, and further lubrication should be done only after using the machine for several months.

Design and Build Quality

The ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill’s main feature is the compact footprint it offers at a speed of 10 MPH and incline of 10% incline. It comes with 8 distinct workouts that are created to suit most of the users and also has some great media features.

The tread belt is about 16” wide and 50” long and this gives the user enough running space to workout. Being an entry-level treadmill, Proform 6.0 RT treadmill offers its users quite a few impressive features, which includes the 8 pre-set distinct workout programs.

The EKG heart monitor, along with Treadsoft cushioning. Though these benefits might be appealing, the machine has some deficiencies in its basics – The walking belt has a width of only 16 inches making it quite narrow and tough to run on it. Thus, the treadmill is good for walking.

Also, it has a length of just 50 inches which is insufficient for a proper stride. The machine is very noisy and does not permit an adequate speed. The ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill has a 2.0 CHP motor which can support a maximum user weight of over 300 lbs.

This treadmill also comes with TreadSoft cushioning which helps in minimizing the impact of running on your joints and bones. Yes, these features might not be the highest-rated features, however, one must remember that this is a budget treadmill.

If you are on the lookout for some of the best features in treadmills, you can have a look at some superior treadmill models like the ProForm 2000 Treadmill. The Proform 6.0 RT treadmill is a crosswalk treadmill. The treadmill is well-equipped with two elastic cords having ergonomic handles, and are fixed to the lower end of the console masts.

These cords help in diversifying the workouts, thereby letting you do different exercises for toning the arm muscles and to increase the number of calories burned. Also, the elastic cords have adjustable bands and you can increase the tension generated by the bands by decreasing their length and moving the stopper collars.

Another important aspect which requires a mention is the weight of the machine. Though a basic and small treadmill, the weight of this machine is over 150 lbs thereby giving you excellent stability.

It is recommended that you can upgrade to the Proform 505 CST by increasing your budget for the treadmill. This version of Proform treadmill gives you a much more powerful CHP motor, a bigger running bed and also a warranty of 25 years on the motor.

ProForm 6.0RT Treadmill Features

The Motor

The ProForm 6.0 RT Treadmill comes with the Mach Z motor with 2.0 CHP. This motor is created to assist in the light as well as intense workouts. The motor has the ability to cool down its internal parts and this helps in increasing the lifespan of the drive system of the treadmill.

Auto Incline

Budget treadmills rarely offer you an auto incline function. When we talk about budget treadmills, we refer to some of the best treadmills under $500. However, the Proform 6.0 RT Treadmill comes with the feature of auto incline; which means that if you wish to adjust the running belt’s angle.

You do not have to get off your treadmill and obstruct your workout pace. Many other walking treadmills in the “budget-friendly” category, either do not offer an incline or offer a manual incline system, take the example of the Sunny SF-T7603.

There are a lot of treadmills that can be found under the best treadmills under $1000 if you wish to extend your budget.


The console is combined with a 4″ LCD display, that tracks important values like calories, distance, time, calories burned and pulse. Additionally, the machine also displays the chosen belt speed along with the current incline.

There also is a track function that displays the distance in laps of about 1/4 miles (400 m), keeps track of the laps completed and also indicates the current progress for every single lap.

The unit can be set up in a manner to show the distance travelled in either miles or kilometres, whereas the speed can be displayed in either MPH (default) or km/h. 

Built-in Speakers

The console comes with a basic sound system which is compatible with the majority of smartphones, MP3 players as well as tablets. You can easily connect any of your devices and listen to music via the console’s speakers.

The speakers of the console give you a better sound quality than those that are integrated into your smartphones or tablets. The main requirement is a cable having a 3.5 mm jack, which will enable you to connect your device with the console as it does not come with a cable.

The volume needs to be adjusted via your device as there are no volume adjustment keys available on the console.

Trays for accessories

The dashboard of the console has two moulded trays which can be used to keep small accessories. However, it is not big enough to support your tablet.


For a natural stride and rhythm on any treadmill, the running track needs to have a width of 20 inches and a length of 55 inches, at least.

The Proform 6.0 RT’s belt is just around 6 x 50 inches, which means that running, jogging or even having a walk on this machine is a struggle. Being a budget-friendly machine, the measurements don’t come as a surprise.

Cushioning Cells

The deck also consists of two ProShox cushioning cells (on either side). These cells absorb around 20% of the impact of walking, thereby making the workouts quite friendlier to your joints as well as the lower back.

ProForm 6.0RT Treadmill Workout Programs

The Proform 6.0 RT treadmill has around 16 pre-set workout programs. These programs have been specifically designed by fitness experts of Proform brand they offer you a variety of programs to suit your diverse training goals.

The programs are further divided into two categories – 8 weight loss workout programs and 8 Performance workout programs. When you make use of any of these programs, the belt automatically adjusts its speed, and at times even the incline of the deck gets adjusted automatically.

Yes, the treadmill also comes with a Manual Mode wherein you can choose and set the incline and speed according to your requirements while you work out. Both the preset workout categories as well as the manual mode have their own keys on the console.

There is also a STOP button that allows you to keep your workout on hold, in case you have to interrupt your workout or if you alternate your treadmill workouts with other workouts.  If in case you are interested in ellipticals, you can check some of the best home use ellipticals.

ProForm 6.0RT Treadmill Warranty

The treadmill comes with a 5-year warranty on the frame, 5 years on the motor and 90 days warranty on the labour and parts. The manufacturer offers an excellent warranty on the treadmill.

ProForm 6.0RT Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • The Proform 6.0RT treadmill makes use of SpaceSaver Technology.
  • The treadmill is quite compact and can be easily folded.
  • The frame is made of steel and is quite lightweight as well.
  • It is quite inexpensive and easy to handle.
  • It is quite an affordable treadmill and good for families.
  • It comes with 16 preset workout programs along with a manual mode.
  • The assembling process is quite simple and the instructions are easy to follow.
  • ProShox cushioning helps in absorbing about 20% of the workout impact;
  • Console tracks distance, speed, time, calories, pulse and incline


  • The console has no backlight
  • The tray provided is small and suitable for accessories. It cannot support a tablet.
  • There is no option available to feed in personal data like age and bodyweight.
  • The machine is good only for small and light people and not suitable for those weighing above 300lbs.
  • The motor is quite noisy.
  • Coverage of only 90 days is offered on parts and labour with this treadmill and coverage of just 5 years is offered on the frame and motor.
  • It does not have a cooling fan


The Proform 6.0 RT treadmill is a popular choice amongst the people. If your workouts consist of a walk or even a jog, then this machine is perfect for you. The machine is ideal for those who live in apartments or small houses where there is a need for a compact device which does not need a lot of space and can be stored easily.

The treadmill’s fold-up feature is the best concept for saving on space. The dashboard console allows you to track your speed as well as the calories burned. The machine is quite simple to operate. This machine is perfect for those who wish to monitor the exact amount of calories they burn.

In case you are on the lookout for a treadmill which can withstand high running speed, then you can check out the ProForm Pro 2500, as it is a better option.

It has a stronger motor than the Proform 6.0RT Treadmill and is best-suited and created for athletes who wish to run at high speeds. The 6.0 RT Treadmill by Proform has made it to our list of top picks in the $500 price range.