ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review

In health and fitness industry Proform is a renowned name and has an incredibly fantastic reputation in the category of highly professional and budget-friendly exercise equipment. In addition to elliptical machines, their expertise lies in manufacturing of various other fitness equipment; from rowing machines to treadmills to hybrid trainers

For the first time, ProForm has refurbished the ProForm 505 CST treadmill, for all the new fitness enthusiasts. This affordable, entry level treadmill has been designed to deliver superior durability and extreme comfort. For a fast and convenient assembly and storage, the SpaceSaver design provides the EasyLift folding mechanism.

The new ProForm 505 CST comes with elegant accessories and distinctive features including the best of all our equipment like programmed workouts, the ProShox cushioning on running surface, option to connect to iFit and much more.

The redesigned Pro-Form 505 CST is a durable and convenient treadmill that fits in one’s budget. The comfort of the user is never compromised with the space saver design that helps for the machine to get folded quickly. Therefore, the storage is made easier.

The ProForm 505 CST Treadmill Review has shown fantastic features and great components. The best feature is the programmed workouts, hands down! The ProShoz cushioning that is present on the running surface, and the connectivity to iFit are all the characteristics that make this treadmill stand out among the others.

ProShox Cushioning

Keeping in mind the needs of running and walking, the 505 CST comes with ProForm’s original design – the ProShox Cushioning that provides maximum cushioning in the working area to protect the user’s joints.

Program variety

With 18 built-in programs in an entry-level treadmill becomes a useful equipment for each and every category of users. For more credibility to add-on, these programs are developed by certified personal trainers. So you can be assured to attain better results by using any of these programs. This treadmill has an automatic adjustment for inclination and speed depending upon the program that you choose.


The ProForm 505 CST treadmill is driven by a 2.5 CHP motor that supports inclination up to 10% and speed range from 0 to 10 mph. To offer an overall sleek design, the running area measures a compact 20″X55″ with 1.9″ balanced, not-flex rollers that reduce tension for a smoother running belt.

The 505 CST comes with a primary console pre-equipped with audio functionality, reading racks and water bottle holders. The backlit screen measures 6″ and features three displays showing speed, distance, and time.

  • Motor: For an entry-level treadmill the 505 CST treadmill is provided with 2.5 HP motor. Moreover, it is a Mach Z commercial-grade, electromagnetic DC motor that is an extra benefit to make it robust, durable and extremely quiet when in use.
  • Price: Where only a few entry level treadmills hit the price point, the ProForm 505 CST is coming from a very respectable brand of ProForm. At this expenditure, this treadmill comes with an exciting warranty plan.
  • Folding Design: Assembly/disassembly and storage of the treadmill are of the least concerns of the users. With the EasyLift folding technology, the 505 CST gets folded effortlessly. The SpaceSaver Folding design, gives the treadmill an edgy look, making it easier to store the machine with least hassle. Furthermore, the deck has a compact and light framework that makes it brilliant for smaller spaces.

As mentioned earlier, the Proform 505, has specially developed 18 built-in programs that are verified by certified personal trainers. Few special programs monitor individual heart rates of the users and automatically adjust the speed and inclination to attain desired results. This treadmill features a wired KG Heart Rate monitoring two-hand grip sensors

  • Warranty: Coming from the house of ProForm, who swears by the superb quality of their products, ProForm 505 CST authorize a lifetime warranty on the frame of the treadmill. The company renders 25-year warranty on the motor, and all the other parts come with 1-year warranty.

Shipping of the ProForm 505 CST treadmill is free of cost and can be assembled in not more than 2 hours!

Drawbacks of the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

  • Running Area: Despite the fact that this is a compact, entry-level treadmill, the running area of the ProForm 5050 CST treadmill is very limited at 20″x50″. This might be a problem for taller users.
  • Monitoring heart rate: Even though the 505 CST has KG heart rate grip sensors and much other heart rate monitoring programs, it does not feature a wireless receiver for tracking the heart rate.
  • Speed Controls: The treadmill offers a speed of up to 10mph, which is fairly decent. But users, who do sprint runs and interval training, expect the maximum speed average to 12mph.


In the big picture, the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill is a smart buy in the entry level price range. This treadmill comes from a prestigious brand of ProForm; it extends all the features available in a treadmill for this tariff band. It is both reliable and reasonable in the category and is competent enough for walking and light running.

As a ProForm treadmill, the 505 CST exhibits SpaceSaver Folding design, a durable shock-absorption system and a wonderful variety of programs. The ProForm 505 CST is an extremely useful choice for in-home exercising to comply with the needs of various people of the family. All said, if you’re looking for a dependable treadmill without shelling too much of money, the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill is a handsome choice.