ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Review

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ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Review

Do you need a treadmill that is budget-friendly and a space-saver? Then the ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill is one of those treadmills that has a power incline of 12% , comes with a 60″ track, about 20+ preset workout programs, an option to combine the iFit program and also foldable.

The iFit offers unlimited customized training, data charts, Google Map workouts, and many other advantages. This treadmill is available at about $800. The manufacturer offers a warranty of two years on parts and one year on labor.

Read through our ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Review 2021 to know about its features and offerings.

Best Suited to Whom?

Accordingly, the ProForm 10.0 Trainer treadmill is best suited for runners or moderate joggers. If you are an athlete and a professional runner, you must opt for a treadmill of better quality and build.

You can check out our best treadmills 2021 to know the various options available. This model is quite good for people who have a budget and want a treadmill that is not very expensive.


ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build quality


The ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill can be assembled easily with the assistance of the instruction manual provided with this machine. The instructions in the manual are quite explicit and also have images that make the process easier.

Design & Build Quality

The ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill does not have many impressive features in contrast to other models like the ProForm 400i Treadmill or the NordicTrack C950i Treadmill. The treadmill does not have a very strong build either. Instead, it resembles an Altima that has been stripped down of all the features.

Though the machine might not be that terrible, it has no impressive features to talk about. It is not terrible, but it does not have anything great to talk about. The build and features are quite average. The disappointment lies in the warranty.

For a machine in this price range, a minimum of five years as warranty should be offered on parts in contrast to the three years offered on the ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill. This kind of warranty severely cuts the overall value of the ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill.

However, there are a few good features in this machine like the 34 in-built workout programs. Though the iFit membership of 1 year has not been included with this treadmill, the workout programs offered are more than what comes in this price range. It also has a console whose height can be adjusted manually.

This is quite a good feature. Additionally, the speed, as well as incline controls, have been placed on the handles. This might be quite convenient for users. However, if you notice, all the additional features are not very extraordinary, they just add to the convenience factor of the machine.ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Review

ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Features


The ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill features a Mach Z Commercial Plus Motor of 3.25 CHP. The motor is quite smooth, durable and powerful and can sustain even the toughest of workouts.

It gives you a good and silent in-home workout experience. The machine is ideal for heavy use. The motor has been built using top-quality components and has a warranty of a lifetime. warranty.


The console has an LED Display that informs you of whether you are in the Tempo zone, Peak or Endurance Zone. Endurance gives you a steady and slow workout. Tempo ensures you are in the right heart rate depending on the weight category.

The Peak is the zone where your cardio is at the maximum. In case you are into interval training, you need to press the button “Work” and then press “Recover”.

Power Incline

The ProForm 10.0 Treadmill offers a Digital Quick Incline Control in the range of about 0-12%. Incline training is the ultimate game-changer. This treadmill gives you a powered incline that can be adjusted automatically.

There are in-hand controls that allow the user to switch the incline without the need to break stride.

Track Length

The ProForm 10.0 Treadmill has a belt of 20” x 60”. The deck is quite roomy and ensures you have a very comfortable workout experience and the user does not feel confined as they walk, run, or jog.

The length of 60 inches gives you a lot of room and you can stretch your stride well. And the width of 20 inches lets you have enough room for the elbow.


The main goal of ProForm Treadmills is to give its users a very comfortable workout. Every treadmill is well-equipped with good cushioning all through the deck area. So when the user walks, runs, or jogs, the user will have a soft landing with each step.

With less stress and less impact on the ankles, feet, hips, and knees, the user can have a long workout session and the recovery time will be fast as well. This is why most of the people love ProForm treadmills.


The ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill can be folded easily. This makes the treadmill a space-saver machine and as an additional bonus, the brand has built a powerful shock and this helps the user lift the deck with just a push.

Tablet Holder

The ProForm 10.0 Treadmill has a tablet holder that is integrated into it. The holder comes with a DeVice Grip Design. This allows you to multitask while you workout. The holder is adjustable and you can use it to keep your tablet or a book.

It is quite close to you thereby giving you access to various tools of training as well as entertainment simultaneously. You can have a look at our best treadmills for home use for different models available in the market.

Customized Height

This machine has been designed to improve your comfort while you train. With the help of a basic lever, you can adjust the treadmill’s height easily and quickly as per your requirements.

Audio Auxiliary Port

You can plug-in the treadmill to a good sound system. The audio auxiliary port included in this treadmill permits the user to listen to music, etc., at a high volume. The treadmill comes with dual speakers of 2” and you can listen to all your music and videos easily.

Balanced Rollers

The ProForm 10.0 Treadmill Trainer comes with a 1.9-inch balanced roller that is balanced and precision-machined. These rollers reduce the tension, that ensures wear and tear are kept to a minimum. It also makes sure that the noise is less while operation and the user also has a better grip.

Weight Capacity

The ProForm 10.0 Treadmill Trainer comes with a maximum user weight capacity of 350 pounds.


On complete assembly, the ProForm 10.0 Treadmill Trainer has dimensions of 70” H x 36” W x 80” D.

Heart Rate Sensor

The ProForm 10.0 Treadmill Trainer comes with two EKG Grip Pulse hand-grip sensors that are integrated into the machine’s handlebars.


  • iFit Compatible – The ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill is iFit compatible. An iFit membership gives you access to a wide range of daily workout programs that can be downloaded.
    There is a library of HD video workout programs. The user can also use Google Maps routes for training. The user can also benefit from online races and automated tracking of fitness data.
  • Accessory Tray – There is an in-built accessory tray in this treadmill that gives you space to keep your phone as well as keys.
  • Cool Aire Fan –  The ProForm 10.0 Treadmill has dual CoolAire fans that ensure you have a very comfortable workout from the time you begin your workout till you end it. You can select from two settings for speed.

ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Workout Programs

The ProForm 10.0 Treadmill Trainer comes with about 34 in-built workout programs that give you a wide variety of exercises that make your workout regimen quite challenging.

These programs have been curated by professionally certified fitness trainers. These programs ensure that the user not just enjoys their workouts but also achieves their fitness goals. Check out some of the best treadmill exercises to know which are the ones that can be performed on this machine.

ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Warranty

The ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill comes with a warranty of a lifetime on it’s motor and frame. The manufacturer Proform also offers a 3-year warranty on parts and 1-year on labor. However, you must remember that the lifetime warranty is applicable only to the original purchaser

ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • It offers a good number of workout programs -34 programs
  • The design of the console is good
  • The height of this machine can be adjusted
  • It has a space-saving design
  • It can be folded
  • The treadmill is iFit compatible
  • It has an incline range up to 12%
  • The length of the track is perfect for runners
  • The treadmill has ProShox deck cushioning
  • The handlebars have in-built contact heart rate sensors
  • It is compatible with smartphones
  • It has a two-speed fan
  • Lifetime warranty is offered on the frame and motor


  • The iFit Monitor has to be purchased
  • The build, as well as features, are average
  • The parts are of low quality
  • Not worth the price
  • The warranty offered on parts is quite less


Overall, the ProForm 10.0 Treadmill Trainer might not be one of the best treadmills 2021 but it is not terrible either. It is of average build and there are a few tiny features that might make it a bit inconvenient.

However, the warranty for this treadmill is quite a disappointment and a lot of models in a similar price range offer better features and better warranty. Proform has failed to update its 10.0 Trainer.

This model cannot be a competition for the other models available in the market. To sum it up, according to us, the ProForm 10.0 Treadmill Trainer is not worth the money!

FAQs of ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill

Does the ProForm 10.0 have workout programs? Does the machine aid in weight loss?
Yes. You can lose weight in case you run using the incline feature for 1 hour every day for at least five days a week. This must be done regularly every month
Is the machine ProForm 10.0 foldable?
Yes, this treadmill can be folded and saves a lot of space. In addition to this, a powerful shock has been built on the treadmill that will help the user lift the deck easily with just a push.
What is the footprint of the ProForm 10.0 Trainer Treadmill?
The dimensions of the footprint are 70” H x 36” W x 80” D of the treadmill when fully assembled.