Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill Review

Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill Review

The Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill is a professional commercial treadmill designed for home use. It is a treadmill with the gym-like build quality, fantastic features, advanced technology, and top user ratings. It is a great machine if you want to practice Interval Training in your home.

It lets you conduct interval training of small groups and comes with one-touch speed and incline keys to change the levels. It delivers reliable and efficient performance at a high price of above $5000 but it does full justice to its price and is specifically built for heavy use.

It is a product by Precor, which is one of the leading health equipment manufacturers which offers gym-like machines for home use at attractive prices.

Here is the Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill review 2020 that shares all the exciting features of this treadmill and advocates why it is a top-selling treadmill of the Precor’s Experience Series.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Precor treadmill is an excellent buy for people who have enough budget in hand and are looking for a commercial treadmill for home use. This treadmill has a superior build quality which will last longer and give you a good return on your investment, along with a great workout.

It is rated as one of the top treadmills above $5000. If you are looking for an excellent interval training, then TRM 730i will help you achieve that. If you own a hotel, gym, university, you must go for this treadmill. Even for home use, it is ideal as it offers a vast range of features to satisfy all your fitness needs.

Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of the Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill is straightforward. A majority of the parts come assembled since it is a non-folding treadmill.

The package contains a user’ manual which describes the assembly process is simple and easy steps. You must follow the instructions, and you will be able to assemble this machine in 30-40 minutes.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this Interval Treadmill is insight-driven. It has new and improved motor which cools internally, P30i Interval Console, Integrated Footplant Technology, Ground Effects Impact Control System, Active Status Light, etc. which makes it stand apart than other Precor commercial treadmills.

It has a get-on-and-go design that delivers a comfortable workout.  Another great design feature of this Precor treadmill is the Active Status Light. This shows the operating status of the treadmill and signals when it needs maintenance.

The user can save three interval settings – low, medium, high, and choose any level next time when he exercises, by simply pressing on one of the interval settings. The build quality of Precor TRM 731i Treadmill is of commercial quality which delivers a superb workout.

It is built at par with heavy industrial use machines and can take weights up to 400lbs. It is a reliable and very durable treadmill which gives an excellent performance. It is built to last longer and protects your investment.

Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill Features

1. Motor: The Precor TRM 731i treadmill features a 4 HP AC motor which gives an outstanding performance, reliability, and efficiency. It has an internal cooling feature which keeps the machine cool even after intense or multiple workout sessions. Seniors runners are especially happy with the power of the motor.

2. Touchscreen Control Panel: This treadmill by Precor uses the P30i Interval Console which is very simple to use. It comes with one-touch incline and speeds keys which help change the levels at any given time during the workout. The console shows the vital workout information to the user and gives an idea of the workout progress.

3. Incline and Decline: This Precor Treadmill for home use comes with an incline range of 0% to 15%. You can increase or decrease the incline in increments of 0.5%.

This machine, however, does not come with a decline option like the Precor TRM 425 Precision™ Series Treadmill, Precor TRM 445 Precision™ Series Treadmill, Precor TRM 835 Treadmill, etc.

4. Tablet Holder: The TRM 731i treadmill by Precor comes with a dual holder which holds the water bottle safely. The accessory tray supports cell phones and tablets while you are exercising. You can also keep your cards or keys on the holder.

5. Treadbelt: The treadbelt of this Interval treadmill by Precor is made of multi-ply polyester and has optimal lubrication, which is a trademark of Precor. The belt has a longer life due to this reason and also because the deck can be flipped.

6. On/Off Cushioning: The 731i treadmill has the ideal cushioning support which gives extra stability to the user while exercising. It uses the patented shock absorption system in which there is more absorption in the front as it is the place where the user’s feet hit the deck.

At the back side, it gives a rigidity to provide a firm push-off. This treadmill is very quiet in operation and stable because its deck is mounted independent of the frame, on to the GFX system.

7. Heart Rate Monitoring: The touch heart rate sensors do the heart rate monitoring in this Precor Treadmill. These sensors are placed on the handlebars so that when you exercise while holding these handlebars.

The sensors measure your heart rate and display on the console. This technique is easy to use and gives an idea of your heart health.

8. Extras: 

  • Water Bottle Holder: This treadmill comes with a dual holder where you can safely keep your water bottle while exercising and stay hydrated in between the exercises.
  • Active Status Light: The Active Status Light shows the operating status of the machine at-a-glance. It highlights when the machine needs a service.
  • Integrated Entertainment Options: TRM 731i has a mobile device charger which lets you plug in your mobile and enjoys your favorite music.

Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: Lifetime on Frame and 10-years on Motor

Parts and Service: 1-year on Labourplug in

Customer Support: Customer Support by Precor brand is the point on. It solves the user’s issues with utmost efficiency and priority. The user can contact them at any time during business hours, from Monday to Friday, at +1-800-347-4404.

Return Policy: If you seem dissatisfied with the Precor product, you can raise a return within 30 days of purchase, along with the original receipt.

Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • The built is of industrial standards.
  • The 4.0 HP AC motor is mighty and reliable.
  • P30i Interval Console gives a get-on-and-go experience.
  • Integrated Footplant Technology delivers a natural stride.
  • Ground Effects Impact Control Technology gives ideal cushioning for shock absorption.


  • No in-built workout programs.
  • No cooling fans.


The above review of the Precor TRM 731i Interval Treadmill highlights its amazing features and discusses how it is an ideal machine for gyms, universities, hotels, etc. It gives the best workout and comfort due to the advanced technology and club-like built.

It makes the exercise exciting and engaging by making it easier for the user to change intensity levels by one-touch quick keys. It has an attractive price and is one of the top-selling treadmills for home use.

It is a total value for money treadmill and will last longer. You can easily make the best use of this treadmill within the comfort of your home and lead a healthy lifestyle.