Precor Treadmills Review
Precor Treadmills Review

Precor Treadmills Review

Precor brand is a US-based company which is a groundbreaker in the fitness equipment industry, especially in designing and manufacturing. It was founded in 1980, and it supplied great quality machines to hotels, gyms, residential customers, etc. Their original name was Precision Corporation, and later they became Precor. It is the first company which installed electronics to all its fitness equipment. It designs and manufactures world-class machines by bringing the best of both worlds together – construction and technology. The company swears on building premium quality health machines which give a natural feel to the user.

Why Precor Stands out Among the Rest?

Precor is ruling the fitness industry for the past three decades now and is still going strong. They continuously work on redefining the innovation levels, services, and quality of their products. They work on delivering the best fitness experience to the user. It provides some of the best treadmills to gyms, health centers, and homes. It strives to be on the top always and keeps innovating new techniques and functions to make your life healthier.

Precor Treadmill Series

Precor has the following four lines of treadmills – Energy Series, Precision Series, Commercial Series, and Experience Series. We will now have a look at each Series and learn about their distinguishing features.

Energy Series Treadmills

The Energy Series Treadmills by Precor were designed with a high-quality ergonomic design which matches the gym quality, but their price is affordable for home gyms. One of the main features of Energy Series treadmills is the shock absorption system, called Energy Stride Technology, which provides optimum underfoot cushioning and comfort. Their 3 HP Continuous Duty motor is potent and gives a noiseless workout. They come with an incline range from 0% to 15% which provides a wide range of terrain to work on. To add on to the variety of exercise, these treadmills come with in-built workout programs as well. There are three treadmills under Energy Series

These are rated as the top-selling treadmills for home use.

Precision Series Treadmills

The Precision Series by Precor is a line of residential treadmills which has features of a gym machine and personalized technology. The treadmills in these series are 2” more in width and less in length than Energy Series models. Their standout feature is the Ground Effects Control System which helps in absorbing shock and preventing injury.

They have an efficient motor with 3 CHP, which delivers robust performance. The Precision Series Treadmills also comes with a decline option. The range of incline/decline is from -2% to 15%, which simulates both uphill and downhill terrains. The in-built workout programs add more variety to the exercises, breaks the monotony, and helps in achieving fitness goals.

The treadmills under this series are:

Commercial (Assurance) Series Treadmills

The commercial series treadmills by Precor, also called Assurance Series, are light commercial treadmills. They have club-level modernization and give a reliable performance. It is perfect for smaller facilities like apartment gyms, workplace gyms, etc. It has a plethora of features like an easy-to-use console, personalized workouts, etc. They come with the standard GFX (Ground Effects Impact Control System) and the IFT (Integrated Footplant Technology) to give extra comfort and stability to the user.

These are the best-selling treadmills by Precor. Their 4HP IFT-drive controller AC induction motor is very efficient and reliable. Their console comes in several languages like English, Dutch, German, and many more. They do not support a decline option but have an incline range from 0% to 15%. The treadmills in Commercial Series comes with other entertainment options like Reading Rack, Personal Viewing Screen (PVS), Emergency Stop features, iPod/iPhone compatibility, etc. There are two treadmills in this category:

  • Precor 932i Treadmill which is a top-selling treadmill available under $5000. Read the review in detail here.
  • Precor 946i Treadmill is a commercial-grade machine available under $6000.Read the review in detail here.

Experience Series Treadmills

The Experience Series treadmills have exclusive features and technology which sets them aside from other treadmill models. These machine’s frame is redesigned so that the console is more stable and durable. The 4HP AC induction motor has a Power Factor Correction (PFC) which gives improved performance and more efficiency. It saves energy by up to 30%. The unique Active Status Light feature helps you know when the machine needs maintenance. The console is intuitive and interactive, which motivates the user to do more. The GFX and IFT technologies contain the next generation functionality, like the shock absorption, is 40% more than previous generation technology.

Following treadmills fall under the Experience Series:

Pros and Cons of Precor Treadmills


  • The cushioning is backed by the Ground Effects Impact Control System (GFX) which gives excellent support at the required points.
  • The Precor treadmills use consoles that match a commercial-grade console.
  • The 3-4 HP motors used are powerful and can work on more massive speeds.
  • The designing is ergonomic with lever style or dome style controls which are easy to operate.
  • The incline and decline range of these treadmills is vast and offers a good variety of training.
  • Precor provides excellent warranties on their treadmills, along with expert customer support and comfortable return policy.


  • These treadmills lack special features like HD screens, built-in speakers, etc.
  • They are pricey and may not fit a person with less budget in hand.

Final Verdict

Precor Treadmills are distinguished workout devices that are attractive, reliable, powerful, and efficient. Even if they lack multimedia options, they deliver a fantastic workout experience. Each series has its unique quality, which sets it aside from other series. Also if your budget is not high, you can go for low-end models like the Precor TRM 211 Energy™ Series Treadmill. All the models give superb comfort and are built with utmost precision and commercial-grade materials. These treadmills are considered the best treadmills for home or smaller commercial facilities.

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