NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill Review

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NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill Review

The NordicTrack C 1070  Pro Treadmill is known as among the best treadmills for commercial purpose owing to its powerful motor capacity that delivers consistent results for the long duration.

This NordicTrack treadmill is equipped with one-touch controls that allow the users to switch the workout programs by pressing the button on the console.

The NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill review 2021 explains that this machine has 10% incline and auxiliary music port, integrated tablet holder and folding provision.

These features make it the most space efficient equipment that has a speed of 12 mph that delivers smooth functioning.

The provision of EKG grip pulse is made to monitor the heart rate control, and the interactive coaching touchscreen makes it rank above its contemporaries.

The provision of deck suspension technology adds to the comfort of the users, and the availability of the iFit app makes it a recommended fitness equipment for serious fitness enthusiasts.

Best Suited for Whom?

This C1070 Treadmill is must buy fitness equipment for all runners who prefer to yield the best outcomes from their workouts.

Those people who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle by walking for a good thirty minutes or more with rigorous walking sessions must go for this treadmill.

It is the perfect fitness equipment for all those users who are inclined to lose weight, keep a close check on their heart health and lead a healthy life.

Some people prefer to stay motivated by watching the workout videos should opt for this treadmill as it is backed by iFit membership. Therefore, it is viewed as one of the leading bestseller treadmill of the year 2021 owing to its effective functioning and feature line.

NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


This NordicTrack treadmill is the smartly designed machine that arrives with folding provisions and needs adequate assembling for perfect functioning.

Thus, the user has two options for assembling this machine as either he can do the assembling task or call the professional help.

If dealing with screws and nut bolts is a thing that the user enjoys, then assembling is not such a big thing as the treadmill comes equipped with instructions manual.

But, if assembling a machine doesn’t make him feel confident then calling a professional help is a better idea, as he needs to pay the extra cost for it.

Design and Build Quality

The NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill is a powerful machine that is designed to meet the requirements of the users with intense workout sessions. The durable build quality of steel with innovative designing makes it ideal for rigorous workout sessions.

This treadmill has got the dimensions measuring 57″ x 34″ x 76”, and it is equipped with one-touch controls for optimal performance. The machine is designed with deck area measuring 18” x 60”, and can bear 300 Ibs weight.

The treadmill is powered by 12 mph speed and 7” smart HD touchscreen console to offer intuitive workout information. The inbuilt auxiliary port and space saving design add to its impressive features.

The treadmill is designed with heart rate monitoring sensors for accurate information. The provision of the quick switch with deck suspension technology makes it perfect for intense and regular workout sessions.

Therefore, this machine turns out to be among the best treadmills for commercial use as it is efficient equipment available at cost-effective pricing

NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill Features


This NordicTrack treadmill is powered by a strong motor that has the capacity of consistent performance for long hours. The 3 CHP motor backs up the intense workout options for the users as there is no harm to the motor even during rigorous workout sessions.

The users can increase the speed up to 12 mph to maintain their overall fitness. Also, the lifetime warranty on the motor speaks volumes about the power-packed performance of the motor.

Touchscreen Control Panel

This treadmill is equipped with an interactive console that is powered by HD touchscreen for better and productive results.

The users can view information regarding time, speed, distance, heart rate and much more on the console. The one-touch control makes the functioning of the treadmill far more natural and useful to the users.

The provision of the iFit app further adds to the usability of the treadmill as its membership opens up the whole new plethora of workout options for users.

The Bluetooth connectivity to the tablet makes it easy for the users to watch their favorite videos or listen to music during working out.

Incline & Decline

This treadmill is designed with the incline rate that ranges from 0-12% for maximum fitness levels. The users can increase or decrease the intensity levels with one-touch controls and work out at their pace with precision.

Tablet Holder

The treadmill has got an integrated tablet holder that helps the users to keep their tablets and smartphones connected to the treadmill through Bluetooth. It helps the users to watch the workout videos and derive amazing results from their workout sessions.


This treadmill is powered by an auxiliary music port and also got the dual two-inch digitally amplified speakers for having great music.

Tread Belt

The provision of deck suspension technology makes it a safe platform for users to derive maximum results from their workout sessions.

On/Off Cushioning

On/Off cushioning in this NordicTrack treadmill makes it most comfortable for the users and add to the safety layer of the users. Thus, the users can choose from comfortable surface or road like surface to test their strength and stamina while working out.

Heart Rate Monitoring

This treadmill is designed with dual heart rate monitor sensors that help to keep a close check on the heart rate of the users while working out.

There is an availability of AutoBreeze cooling fan that adjusts automatically to match the levels of intensity of the users. The space-saving technology helps to fold this machine accurately after the workout sessions.

NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: This NordicTrack treadmill arrives with the provision of 32 pre-programmed workout options. These programs are incorporating calorie burn, speed training,  interval training, and heart rate control.

The users can avail the benefit of a vast library of workout sessions that are designed by certified professional coaches.

 But, these workout programs are available through iFit membership, and the user can watch the workout videos on his tablet via Bluetooth.

The provision of Google map routes further adds to the usage of the treadmill as the users can opt for the most challenging workout terrains and can compete with other users as well.

NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill Warranty

WarrantyNordicTrack brand offers the lifetime warranty on the frame and also the lifetime warranty on the motor is provided to the users.

Parts and Service – Provision of two-years warranty on the parts and a one-year warranty on the service.

Customer Support – Contact via email:

Phone– 1-800-862-3348

View How-To videos and read FAQs on their website.

Return Policy – The users can claim a return of the treadmill within thirty days period of original purchase of the machine. Once this period is over, the user can’t proceed further to demand the return of the product.

The users can receive the money of refund after 30 days of the return of the treadmill. But, the user needs to be careful as the treadmill needs to be in an adequate condition to claim the refund money.

NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill  Pros & Cons


  • Sturdily built with enhanced durability
  • One-touch control
  • The good motor capacity of 3 CHP
  • Incline rate is adequate for runners and serious walkers up to 12%
  • Interactive console
  • Folding provision
  • Dual heart rate sensors
  • iFit membership and Compatibility with iPod
  • Provision of AutoBreeze
  • Cushioning for joints


  • The warranty on parts and labor is minimal.


The NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill is undoubtedly one of the best folding treadmills that arrive with the impressive features, valid warranty back up and adequate safety parameters.

The cushioning system makes it a preferred option for people with joint pains and needs strong support for it.

The durable motor capacity, effective incline rate, and speed add to the functioning of the treadmill making it the sound equipment that offers consistent performance.

Therefore, if you look forward to buying a treadmill that provides real value for money, equipped with performance and reliability factor, then NordicTrack C 1070 Pro Treadmill must be your preferred pick of the year 2021 for commercial purposes to lead a healthy life.