Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review

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Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review

Nautilus T618 is the high-end folding treadmill from Nautilus within their residential treadmill series with a heavy duty machine ideal for advanced users. The treadmill is excellent for weight loss and cardio workouts and allows the users to achieve their fitness goals through running, jogging and walking.

It has a strong and powerful 3.5 CHP motor that can reach a maximum speed up to 12mph. With a large deck and spacious running path of 20”x60”, Nautilus T618 treadmill is ideal for the serious runners. The heavy-duty treadmill can support a higher user capacity up to 350lbs.

The treadmill has an incline up to 15% offered more challenging and tougher workout to its users. The built-in contact pulse monitors located at the handrails allow the users to monitor the heart rate and keep them constant by adjusting the incline and speed level during the training.

It has used SoftDrop™ folding technology to allow the deck to fold after the use for the convenience of smaller storing space. It offers an excellent number of workout programs, as high as 26 pre-set programs allowing the users to make an easy choice. Nautilus T618 treadmill has almost everything that a user could ask for.

With a large deck and higher user capacity, a console loaded with user-convenient features, 26 different workout programs and, an excellent cushioning system it is the best treadmill offered by Nautilus in the home treadmill series. Available at price under $1500.

It is one of the affordable home treadmills available in the market for the advanced users. Below is the Nautilus T618 Treadmill Review 2021.

Best Suited to Whom?

Nautilus T618 is a top-end treadmill among Nautilus Treadmills in the home treadmill series. It is designed to meet the expectations of experienced users. It has Folding Deck facilitating the users conserve the storage space; the users with smaller home gyms could also consider it.

The deck of Nautilus T618 is solid and spacious and has a higher user capacity up to 350lbs allowing the users with long strides or different sizes find the usage comfortable. The 26 standard programs and the ability to create four user profiles give more options to the users to achieve their fitness target.

Also, the multiple members of the family might find the treadmill comfortable to use, as the different programs being offered.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Nautilus T618 treadmill’s assembly is simple and should not take more than 45 minutes. Its deck comes already assembled, so only console and other components need to be attached. The company provides the Instruction Manual to help the customers with assembling.

All the necessary tools required for the assembling process is included in the box and the users can follow the step-by-step instructions given in the manual to complete the same.

Design and Build Quality

Nautilus T618 treadmill has a solid deck with a spacious running path of 20”x60”. It is designed with the light commercial and more durable 3-ply belt that has 2.5mm thickness. The large 2.75” crowned rollers provide more stability to the belt and increase its lifespan.

Also, it has heavy-duty ball bearings making the operation smooth and quiet. The treadmill has the more powerful 3.5 CHP motor and can support a higher user weight up to 350lbs unlike the other models from Nautilus.

It has SoftSrop™ Folding System technology allowing the treadmill to fold after the use and conserve the space.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Features


This treadmill has the most powerful 3.50 CHP motor featured in any of the best home treadmills designed by Nautilus. The motor is powerful enough to provide a maximum speed up to 12mph and support the track’s incline to a maximum of a 15-degree angle.

The incline levels offer more challenges and provide the outdoor exercise impact at the comfort of indoor.

Folding Design

One of the important features in any of the home treadmills is the Folding Deck to help the users save the storage space after each day’s performance.

Nautilus T618 treadmill uses SoftDrop™ Folding System to enable the deck to fold upward after the usage. It not only saves the space but also supports an easier movement.


T618 treadmill has a more spacious running path with 20”x60” measurement and 2.5mm thickness. The track comes with a 3-ply belt that offers increased traction and longer durability. The large 2.75” rollers on which the belt rolls over offers a prolonged belt life.


The treadmill’s track has the ability to incline up to 15-degree making the workout sessions more challenging. It is one of the Best Incline Treadmills with its 15% incline level allowing the users to have endurance training and focus on their target fitness.


To reduce the impact on joints post the workout and to offer a smoother running experience, Nautilus T618 treadmill comes with Rebound™ deck cushioning technology which is the best cushioning offered by Nautilus in its residential treadmill series.


Nautilus T618 has a great console that is loaded with user-friendly conveniences. The console has the quick controls to adjust the speed or incline during the training.

The pre-set programs could be chosen with the one-touch buttons built in the console of the treadmill. Also, it has built-in speakers to facilitate the users to enjoy their favorite music.


The treadmill is tech-friendly and features Bluetooth technology to enable the users to connect to various smart devices to transfer their workout data and monitor the training through the Nautilus Fitness Apps and other apps.


The treadmill comes with Dual-Mode blue backlit LCD for showing the workout in progress by displaying the training data such as calories, speed, incline and, time duration and also monitor the heart rate.

Extra Features

The treadmill allows monitoring of the heart rate with the help of Contact pulse grips and also is compatible with a chest strap to control the heart rate. It has a USB charging port and Media holder to place the phone or tablet while the user enjoys the training session.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: The advantage of Nautilus Treadmill is that it offers 26 pre-set workout programs including four user-defined programs. Creating user profiles help them in tracking the workout activity over a long period of time as they can save and store the profile for the next sessions.

As this treadmill supports creating four user profiles unlike many competing treadmills who offer only two, it allows more members from the family to personalize and save their profile for the continuous working out experience. The 26 workout programs offered by.

The treadmill helps the users achieve their fitness target like weight loss, cardio strengthening, and muscle building etc more conveniently. The standard programs include 4- heart rate, 1- Manual, 3- Interval, 3- Quick Goals, 5- weight control, 6- training and, 4-Customizable programs.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Warranty

Nautilus T618 offers the industry-leading warranty on electronics and parts as well as on labor, however, the frame and motor do not offer a lifetime warranty.

Warranty: On Frame and Motor– 15-Year Warranty, on Parts and Electronics – 5-year warranty, on Labor – 2-year warranty.

Nautilus T618 Treadmill Pros and Cons


  • Solid and Spacious Deck as has a Folding Design
  • Maximum User Weight up to 350lbs
  • 26 Standard programs inclusive of 4 User Profiles
  • Powerful 3.5 CHP Motor
  • Adjustable Incline
  • Exclusive Rebound™ Cushioning System
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
  • Media Shelf for holding phone/tablet
  • 3-speed Cooling Fans
  • Quick Controls
  • Bluetooth Technology
  • Built-in Speakers


  • No Lifetime Warranty on frame and motor
  • No high-resolution display


Nautilus T618 treadmill with its light commercial built and spacious running path is good for the experienced runners or multi-user home gyms. It is definitely the top-performing treadmill offered by the brand Nautilus in its home treadmill segment.

Sold at an economical price, it competes with other advanced models available in the market and emerges as one of the Best Treadmills under $1500.  With a top-notch folding technology and well-equipped features and training programs.

Nautilus T618 is a more advanced model than T616 Treadmill and offers complete value for money. The brand’s huge database of satisfied customer proves that users could use this treadmill for several years without much hassle.