Best Manual Treadmills 2021

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Best Manual Treadmills 2021

Bored of the regular gym training? Or can’t catch up with the speed of the treadmill automatic. The issue is not so problematic, Because a manual treadmill is the alternative. We have often heard from our grandparents how they used to walk for miles and miles whether it be for work, schooling or farming.

 They did not spare some special time for their workout or gym sessions despite the fact that their food intake consisted of full fat milk, oily food, fries, etc. but still managed to have a disease free life.

Ever wondered why?

The reason is the manual walking of miles for hours made their metabolism way too high that made them able to digest every type of food and lead a happy lifestyle. But in today’s chaotic aura every second of life counts. People are ready to expend their earnings in purchasing medicines but not in improving their lifestyle.

It’s not possible to walk miles along with loads of files for hours! Hence, technology came up with the solution of Manual treadmill. 

What is a manual treadmill

It’s said that rougher the path sweeter the fruit and manual treadmill proves to be the same. Manual treadmill makes the every step count as the burn and feel in the lower limb makes the result more evident compared to automatic treadmill.  Automatic treadmills are more genuine for the users having a toned body and need to keep it consistent throughout.

Many a times various body types are equivalently not comfortable with the automatic treadmill due to its motor speed and inclinations. Hence, manual treadmill is a better choice but the factors to be kept in mind while purchasing are followed below.

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For whom are Manual Treadmills Suited to?

The manual treadmills suit you best if you can’t economically afford to spend thousands of dollars on a treadmill. These are way too cheaper compared to the electric treadmills but give the same kind of output as the latter.  Manual treadmills tend to save space compared to electric treadmills.

Since they do not have motor or even additional parts, they are smaller in built and design. It saves you from having to own a separate room for treadmills. Finally, they do not have the deficiencies of foldable treadmills, like lesser stability or shakiness. These manual treadmills, without a motor, are just the same as the automatic treadmills in every face, except that it makes your workout better.

Different types of manual treadmills

Traditional Manual Treadmills

A traditional manual treadmill is the one that does not have any electricity and motor requirements. The speed of the user defines the speed of the track belt of these treadmills, as these machines do not have any pace of their own. These self-powered treadmills are simpler and do not have many consoles as there is no change in speed that can be done in them electronically.

Some of the treadmills are also foldable and thus ensures better movements and placing. Such treadmills are the best ones for the household and personal uses with no complex requirements. These treadmills are lightly weighted too that ensures their easy movement and handling. A traditional manual treadmill that is lightly weighted is best for:

  • Users who want it for walking.
  • The users who want it to be kept anywhere and do not want any plug requirements and electric motors.
  • Those who want simpler mechanics and do not want extra technical consoles.
  • People who want it for walking without any need for switching on and off.

 Slat Belt manual treadmill

Several manual treadmills are there that are high-end and have technical consoles. These Slat Belt manual treadmills are costlier than the traditional ones and mostly use slat belt designs. These designs have horizontal slats of rubber that rotate around the track.

These treadmills have higher uses and are mostly used in professional requirements or by gyms or the athletes for training. A high-end slat belt treadmill is the perfect choice for:

  • Athletes or professionals who want it for training purposes.
  • People who want to burn extra calories and do hardcore running.
  • People who want to focus on running and do not require many technical things.
  • Owners of the gyms or for any other training requirements.

Slat Belt Curved Treadmills

The slat belt design Treadmill is common for the treadmills with curved tracks. The Woodway treadmill is the first one in this category, designed in Germany in 1974. These treadmills are specially designed to ensure more pressure and force on the body and thus help with higher exertion and calorie burning.

To propel the belt forward, biomechanics is used in the treadmill. These treadmills are a bit difficult for usage because of their complex structure, and thus require safety while using. Still, these treadmills have wider usage and higher user-base. Curved slat treadmills are the best choice for:

  • Experienced runners who can handle the design structure.
  • Runners who have a good balance and have higher strengths in muscles.
  • People who know the benefits of the curved tracks.
  • Trainers and gym owners who provide training and coaching to athletes.
  • People who want to do advanced training.

 Hybrid Treadmills

These treadmills use electric-motors for workouts, but also have a facility to work as the manual ones. To use the manual feature, the belt is dismantled from the motor. These treadmills come in a variety of options, from walking to running, different treadmills support different functions.

These treadmills have both flat as well as curved designs available. Hybrid treadmills are the best choice for:

  • Household uses with different requirements from different members.
  • Those who want both walking and running with electric as well as manual options.
  • People who want tech added with manual treadmills.
  • People who want to do walking at some inclinations.
  • Trainers and gym owners who have a variety of clients and requirements.

How does a manual treadmill work?

The manual treadmills differ primarily over the fact that they do not have a motor. As a result, the belt cannot automatically function. The user will have to run at a suitable pace to move the belt. Even then, the belt retains a smooth motion and flows along at the pace of the runner.

People recommend the manual treadmills more for walking than running. For E.g. ASUNA Hi-Performance Cardio Trainer. The manual treadmills are a lot similar to the electric treadmills in their effects. Though you maintain a natural pace and posture, it helps you even more in keeping your body fit.

More so, because you have to put the extra effort to keep moving step after step, which is not necessary for any electric treadmill. The exercise machine will need to be powered completely by the user and this requires additional working out of your lower limbs.

In a way, the manual treadmills are of more to their purpose than their automatic counterparts. Once you get used to the change, it’s easier to keep on going.

Why choose the Manual over Automatic Treadmills?

1. Cost: The best factor that makes manual treadmills a must buy of 2018 over an electric one is cost. Since a motor is the central part of a treadmill and the manual treadmills lack it, they cost only half as much as the automatic ones.

2. Motor: It makes your body workout more in any given interval of time. With the lack of a motor, it works your lower limbs more than an electric machine and is way cheaper than the automatic cousin. Its maintenance cost is still low and some of the best manual treadmills of 2018 are so built that they would rarely require attention for maintenance.

3. Size: Comparing the size of the manual treadmills with an electric one, you find a considerable difference in size. The more compact design of the manual treadmill saves space and makes it easier to carry it around. It is also a result of the lack of a motor.

4. Design: The manual treadmill curve gives it a unique design and allows you to control the belt speed. Since this control is in your hand, it is a lot safer than the automatic machines. In it, there is zero chance of you falling down or hurting yourself. You will also not suffer from any “friction burn” due to continuous running.

5. Extra Support: All manual treadmills have handles that provide you with extra support during exercising. You will get plenty of extra support from the handles and this comes in handy especially if you have had a recent injury and are only recovering.

6. Maintenance: Lesser is the maintenance of a manual treadmill because it lacks the motor. Chances of wear and tear are far less than in the standard machines and thus you will be able to enjoy the equipment for longer periods of time. 

What you may not like about manual treadmills?

1. Lacks Programs: One of the manual treadmills’ disadvantages is that it lacks the various programs such as the heart rate monitored ones and other preset programs that come with the electric treadmills. You will have to do all the work yourself, which is also good for you from a fitness point of view.

2. Speed: There is a limit to its speed since you have to exert your own body power to run the belt. The maximum pace you can build on top manual treadmills of 2018 will be 3-4 mph while in most electric machines it is 12mph. This takes time to get used to and your limbs may experience strains till you get used to the kind of exercise.

3. Slow Calorie Burn: Since you run only as fast as your strength allows, you will only improve over longer periods of time. The burning of calories will be slower than that in an electric treadmill. So if you want a machine to get in shape in three months, manual machines are not for you.

4. Works on User Strength: Another of the side effects of manual treadmills is the stress it will put on to your limbs. This is a treadmill which works on your strength and it runs as fast as you. Thus when you have only started out working in these, it may be a little painful to you since your limbs might be exerting a lot of energy to keep running.

Factors to consider before buying a manual treadmill

1. Choose your make: There are numerous models from a handful of brands available in the market. It is necessary that you sift through them and pick one that suits you well. Make sure that it is perfect for your build and needs so you could use it for longer periods without more efforts in the maintenance of these.

2. Stay on the budget: Although the prices are far lesser when compared to the electric treadmill, it is advised that your fix a budget for yourself. This will help you to choose different machines easily. For E.g. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407M is available for just $205.

3. Customer service: Ensure that the brand of your treadmills provides good customer services. It is essential in case you need help for assembly of the product and end later maintenance. It can be necessary in case of replacement requirements of parts too.

4. Construction: Quality check of the product is a must before you buy a treadmill. Ensure that the brand itself has a reputation for producing quality products. You can go through our product reviews that bring you the detailed study of the features and construction so that you get the best. For E.g. Stamina InMotion II Manual Treadmill

5. Portability: Mostly these treadmills can be heavy, even though the manual treadmills are considered lighter than the automatic treadmills. It is essential you have some means to move them around other than having to drag them around the place. Some machines have builtin wheels and make them portable. For E.g. Fitness Reality TR300.

6. Foldable: Foldability might not be an available option in all the manual treadmills. Lower prices are what attracts users to manual treadmills and at their prices, the option of folding can’t be incorporated into treadmills without seriously compromising on quality. Thus most of the manual treadmills are non-foldable.

7. Running Surface: Whether you intend to run or walk, the size of the belt of treadmills is really important for you. If you are taller than the average 5’ 5”, you will need the larger legroom in a machine. Ensure that the space available is sufficient before you buy a treadmill.

8. Incline: In a machine, a variable incline is necessary for better challenging exercises. It gives you the feel, as closely as possible liking running on the ground. This feature becomes necessary once you have reached a certain level of fitness and need more challenging regimes to improve the body fitness. For Eg. ProGear 190

9. Programs: There are very few models in which preset programs are available since they lack an electric motor. It runs at the pace you set and derives the power of your limbs to do so. Still, there are magnetic manual treadmills that come with up to preset programs in them.

10. Stat tracking: The display window is something that most manual treadmills lack. Since they do not work on electricity or a battery, most of these treadmills cannot power a digital screen, let alone an HD display screen like available in the automatic treadmills. Yet, there are magnetic manual treadmills that have display functions including speed, distance, calories, odometer and time. For E.g. Exerpeutic 100XL

11. Price: Price is the great feature about the manual treadmills and a factor which attracts users to buy them. They do not have a motor, which is the single most expensive part, and hence costs only half as much as an electric treadmill. For your surprise, some of the models cost even lesser than the foldable treadmill models.

12. Warranty: Most manual treadmills are supported with a 12-month warranty by their respective brands.

Are Manual Treadmills Worth The Investment? 

If you are looking for something that produces results, keeps you healthy like normal treadmills would and yet at the same time stay within your budget, the manual treadmills are for you. Although there may be too many attractive features in the electric treadmills, you cannot deny the fact that the manual treadmills do give them a competition when it comes to performance.

They are sturdy and the must Buy Manual treadmills of 2018 come with several of the features as seen in their electric counterparts. Thus they can be easily said to be worth every penny they cost.

Understanding What Manual Treadmills Are Meant To Deliver

Manual treadmills do not promise a large variety of preset programs or even the latest technology in its design. They might also lack some features such as a backlit display, speakers or Bluetooth connectivity. But they are meant to help your heart stay fit. They also help your limbs to burn fat and thus stay in shape.

Benefits of Getting a Manual Treadmill

1. Price:  Price could perhaps be the best feature of the manual treadmills over the automatic treadmills. Since they cost only half as much as the electric ones, people tend to go for it despite the efforts you need to put in. The price hike of the electric treadmills has also played their part in the growing popularity of the equipment.

2. Easy Storage & Portability: The size of the machine has been considerably reduced when compared to electric treadmills. This is mainly due to the lack of a motor, which requires additional space to be created in any equipment.

3. No Electricity: Apart from being cost-friendly, it saves you a lot of money in terms of electricity charges since these need not be plugged into a power source to run.


Manual treadmills have always represented itself well in the world full of competition against electric treadmills or automatic treadmills. But, manual treadmills have managed to make its own space and name by its affordable and cheap rates besides having all the facilities and advantages that are seen in other electric treadmills.

The non-motorized and non electric treadmill has equivalent weight bearing capacity, inclination , small and compact. The quality and material of the parts of the treadmill makes its lifespan long and durable. The manual treadmills are not lagging in terms of technology as well.

As it has developed screenplays , virtual displays like LED/LCD ,etc. that look after the time, distance covered, calories burnt and always keep the data stored. In terms of safety and security as well manual treadmills have proper railings, belt support and grip so that the user doesn’t slip down. Hence, manual treadmills are the best option if counted on.

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