Livestrong LS 13.0T Treadmill Review

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Livestrong LS 13.0T Treadmill Review

LIVESTRONG LS 13.0T model give its users the balance of power, strong structure, and stylish design. It has a unique feature for the fitness enthusiast can download a free program designed by a renowned fitness coach Mr.Peter Park of Lance Armstrong fame.

These programs help you to get the right knowledge about various workouts and allows you to reach the desired fitness goal, it’s like having a personal coach by your side. The LS 13.0T has an add on feature of plug-in a 2 GB USB while you workout on the treadmill and after the usage you can take it out and transfer it your system to track your workout progress.

It also gives a comparison of other treadmill users for their progress level, which will, in turn, encourage you to exercise well and effectively. This models structure has been designed with solidly built even during intense or speed running it will not wobble or make sound comes with good motor support and shock absorption.

It has almost all the advanced features to suit the requirements of the fitness maniacs.

Best Suited to Whom?

It is useful for all fitness enthusiast of across all ages, from professionals marathon runners to beginners who are just taking baby steps towards fitness. It can be used easily at homes as it’s a folding treadmill.

Livestrong LS 13.0T Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The brand Livestrong provides assistance to assemble the machine, also the treadmill comes with instruction manual to set up the product along with a video.

Design and Build Quality

LS.13.0T is built for quality and excellent performance; it’s been designed with robust structure in a dimension of 79x36x58 and take the max weight up to 350lbs. It has such a strong powerhouse 3.0 HP motor, that even on high intense running with solid speed with 12mph and inclination reaching to 0-14%.

It will not wobble or shake either makes a squeaking sound or noise, this treadmill helps the runner to have continuation of his or her cardio session without losing focus and intensity and its three zones max cushioning comfort gives support to joggers without straining their muscles.

It’s a high tech treadmill which has all the advanced features like live interactive technology.Has built-in coolfit fan to keep you running long

Livestrong LS 13.0T Treadmill Features


LS.13.0T powerful continuous duty 3.0 HP motor enhances the performance of the treadmill. Supporting the speed of 12mph. The runners can see drastic changes in their cardio session with this powerful engine.

It is giving them an excellent result, as their workout is continuous without any interruption caused from the engine. It runs very smoothly like a feather touch and does not get overheated even on intense training sessions.

Touchscreen and Control Panel

It has an easy viewing monitor on the backlit LCD which can be used to track the workout and also comes with 2 LED display windows to control your incline, speed, time, calories, distance, heart rate, etc.

The navigation on the screen is very, and visibility is apparent and accurate. It’s not straining your eyes.

Incline and Decline

This treadmill has an excellent inclination range from 0-14%, with an increase of 0.5 increment, which makes the workout effective and encourages to reach the desired goal. It also has a built-in program to make it more result-oriented.


It comes with a good sound system with lovely speakers and is compatible for MP3 and iPod, which is good enough for joggers who love to listen to music while working out. Music pumps the fitness maniacs energies and doubles their strengths keeping them motivated. Music is food for life.

Tread Belt

Its running surface is massively measuring at 20 x 60 inches, which gives the runners a whole lot of comfortable running space, without getting crunched to side frames. It creates no noise even while it is on high speed or high incline.

On/off Cushioning

Comfort with the result is the aim of this model design; as it comes with three-zoned Max Cushioning System. This system helps the runner to get proper support to the legs, which will not put any kind of pressure nor hurt the calf muscles nor the feet or knee while running on the treadmill

Heart Rate Monitoring

Monitoring your heart rate is very important during your cardio sessions as it allows you track your up to which level you can increase your speed. LS 13.0T comes with a contact heart rate grip and free chest strap to monitor heart rate.

Livestrong LS 13.0T Treadmill Programs

Built-in Program Apps: LS.13.0T model comes with 12 different stimulating workout programs, including Manual, Speed Intervals, Peak Intervals, Weight Loss, Rolling Hills, Foothills, Mountain Climb, 5k, 10k, Pacer and many more, which makes your workout exciting and challenging helping to reach the desired fitness goals.

This treadmill by livestrong comes with 2 GB USB which you need to plug-in onto the console during your exercise and plug out after you are done, then get connected to the system where you can get access to all your workout progress and history,this is possible with a unique feature called LIVETRACK INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY.

You also get access to exclusively designed for LIVESTRONG FITNESS, videos of various core workouts from a well-known fitness coach, in this you can also add your meal or diet details on a daily basis to track the calories consumed,this unique facility helps you to achieve better results.

Livestrong LS 13.0T Treadmill Warranty

You get lifetime warranty on frame and motor. On parts you get 5 years of warranty and on service 2 years. You can use their toll-free at 1.855.220.7777, visit them online at You can also view videos and see the FAQs on their website.

Return to be made within 30 days of the real-time purchase.No return or refund will be allowed after the time limit is crossed. Return is only accepted if the product has no damage and in working condition — original Shipping charges non-refundable — shipping charges to be paid by customers for return.

Livestrong LS 13.0T Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • Motor is backed by a lifetime warranty
  • There are in built workout programs to aid in your workout sessions
  • Strong and durable body Structure
  • Contains 2 Built-in speakers with audio I/O jack for entertainment
  • Offers Adjustable MaxComfort cushioning system to maximum comfort during workouts
  • To keep you motivated during the workouts, LiveTrack technology is well in place


  • Slightly High on Pocket
  • When assembled, the weight of the machine is 262 lbs which makes its difficult to transport
  • In relation to USB device, instructions are less thus confuses the user


LIVESTRONG LS.130T TREADMILL is the best high-end treadmill, yes its bit expensive but the world-class features and advanced technology used in the LS 13.0T model is worth buying, it does not disappoint you in any kind, difficult to find any faults in the model.

This model has a stylish look but yet does not compromise on its quality, its sturdy body, big powerhouse 3.0 HP motor, and high-class advance features aiming to give an excellent and useful result to the users.

LS 13.0T gives you the best fitness solutions in the comfort of your homes and also comes with a folding frame which saves a lot of space, so this treadmill is best suited for home use.

The Livetrack Interactive technology is the USP of this model; it gives you more than just a pure treadmill experience, helps you track your progress, encourages you to reach fitness targets by following your calories, provides access to favorite and effective workouts for the right body type by well-known fitness coaches.