Livestrong Fitness Treadmills Review

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Livestrong Fitness Treadmills Review

In the fitness industry, Livestrong Fitness is a well-known and trusted brand. It is a part of the popular Johnson Health Tech that has been a leader for about 30 years. Johnson Health Tech has various brands such as AFG, Merit Fitness, Horizon, and 3G cardio.

Livestrong is a leader in manufacturing some of the best treadmills in the fitness industry and is quite popular for style, quality, and elegance. The designs are contemporary and the treadmills deliver the best in terms of performance.

The features offered by these treadmills are quite advanced and the treadmill can give the users a great challenging workout. Some of the other machines manufactured by LiveStrong are exercise bikes, elliptical trainers, and the like.

The brand is well known for its contributions to various social causes such as supporting cancer patients, survivors of Hurricane Katrina, etc.

Why Livestrong Stands Out Among the Rest

Livestrong Fitness treadmill structure is reliable and robust the models have solid steel welded frames that can sustain super high-intensity training. The motor has a brilliant performance that comes from 2.5CHP – 3.0 CHP which runs longer and smoothly without producing any heat, most of their models reduces the energy by power draw system which helps in saving your electricity bills.

The treadmill models also have three zoned max cushioning systems which is among the best cushion system for treadmills, and LIVESTRONG models have a tread belt running measuring from 20 to 55-60inches with silicon lubed, which makes the running or walking experience comfortable does not strain your foot muscles.

Livestrong models most of them have the speed up to 12kmph and 15% degree of incline with numerous pre-set programs and some models even provide in-built workout video programs designed by renowned fitness coaches.

Most of the treadmill has the feature of tracking the workout progress with LIVETRACK INTERACTIVE TECHNOLOGY. All of these innovative facilities makes the workout very challenging and result oriented.

The highlight of this brand is that it takes customer feedback very seriously and try to give the best models and also keep improvising on with every new model they launch. The treadmills are suited for all kinds of budgets starting from $700 – $2000

They have all kinds of treadmills from Compact ones to High-End Models, treadmills are known for their best folding frames and comfortable home use

 Livestrong Treadmill Series

 Livestrong Fitness have various models each one with excellent quality and pioneering features suiting the necessities of the fitness enthusiast allowing them to have effective and result oriented experience with the different models of treadmills.

The treadmills are built for performance and yet priced competitively, has a balanced approach of value and elegance. The main line up of treadmills are LS.10.0T, LS 13.0T-2, LS.13.0T and LS.15.0T, all of these treadmills, are considered for effective and high-intensity workouts which gives the user required fitness results.

The treadmills can be used by everybody across all ages and more upper body weights as the user capacity is higher. From Pro Runners to Beginners, fitness enthusiast to baby steppers towards fitness models are very, and the user will quickly get comfortable and acquainted to use the treadmills.

Livestrong Fitness 10.0T Treadmill

Livestrong10.0T Treadmill is an improved version of their well-received previous model. It has even more innovative features and powerful engine. Stability of LS.10.0T is the key to this model. It is equipped with all the advanced features of Interactive technology for making it more convenient for users to attain good results. They give you the best fitness solutions to help you enhance your fitness level with a wide range of pre-set programs.

Livestrong Fitness 13.0T-2 Treadmill

Livestrong Fitness 13.0T-2 model is a user-friendly, diligently designed treadmill. Made with excellent quality materials, it comes with the solid welded steel frame and robust motor of 2.75 CHP. Enhanced with new age features to give avid users effective solutions to all their fitness needs. The best part is it has a foldable frame which makes the storage easy and takes less space, which makes it suitable for home use.

Livestrong Fitness 13.0T Treadmill

Livestrong Fitness 13.0T model appears to give its users a balanced of power, sturdy structure, and stylish design. It has a unique feature for the fitness enthusiast can download a free program designed by a renowned fitness coach Mr.Peter Park of Lance Armstrong fame. 

These programs help you to get the right knowledge about various workouts and allows you to reach the desired fitness goal, it’s like having a personal coach by your side. This model has a stylish look but yet does not compromise on its quality, its sturdy body, big powerhouse 3.0 HP motor, and high-class advance features aiming to give an excellent and useful result to the users.

Livestrong Fitness 15.0T Treadmill

The LIVESTRONG Fitness LS15.0T Treadmill helps the fitness enthusiast a stimulating cardio workout at their spacious and comfortable place like home. It is one of the best-selling folding treadmills which has excellent features that provides minimalistic wear and tear on your body but yet effective way to keep them fit.

The LS 15.0T Treadmill is being designed for athletic excellence with a well-fitted steel frame for sturdy performance. LS15.0T‘s performance attributes the best standards of the various fitness brands. Its design is of a high-tech treadmill it has added all the valuable features which cater to the needs of runners be it beginners or professionals.

Features of Livestrong Fitness Series

LS.10.0T: The treadmill is a well-designed model accommodating all the features suiting the requirement of the new generation and retaining the standard quality. The Strong Body and powerful motor make it a performance-driven model.


  • Live track Interactive Technology
  • Space Saver-Foldable Treadmill
  • User-Friendly Console
  • Broader and Long Tread Belt and Max Comfort Cushioning for smooth running
  • Effective 14 Pre-Set Programs are helping you to achieve good results.

LS 13.0T-2: This treadmill comes with innovative facilities, elegant design, and a sturdy structure.2.75 powerhouse motor and new-age features make it a good fitness investment. Be it high-intensity training or just a simple jogging session gives the best results. It is all in one combo model.


  • Saves Energy by reducing the power draw
  • A super Large 8.5 inch Screen for easing viewing
  • Bonus incline and speed toggles
  • A Supersonic Sound Speakers
  • Easy Assemble
  • Advanced Features for tracking the workout Progress

LS 13.0T: The specialty of this model allows accessing the video workouts for free download by renowned fitness coach Peter Park of Lance Armstrong. Provides an exclusive 2GB USB for a lot of fitness activities like tracking your workout progress, comparisons of best workouts and Diet and Calorie intake track which helps you to get better fitness result. This model is all in one for the best fitness solutions.


  • Foldable Frame
  • 2GB USB
  • Silicone Lubed Tread Belt
  • Excellent body and Powerful Motor 3.0 CHP
  • Three – Zoned Max Cushioning best in the industry
  • Massive 20×60 inches tread belt

LS 15.0T: The treadmill model provides a classy welded body frame with an extra powerful motor of 3.0CHP suiting the most intense workout such that it does not wobble or shake during the training even with higher speed up to 12kmph. Also, it comes with easy to store dimensions for folding frame making it comfortable for home use.


  • 15 pre-set programs, fitness test which is used on par with US Army, Navy, Air force, Marine and GERKIN
  • Incline up to 15% degree
  • ERGOFIT for heart rate grips
  • 10-inch LCD monitor
  • Cool Fit Fans
  • Fitness Journal for Recap of workouts

Livestrong Fitness Pros and Cons


  • Advanced Features-Live track Interactive Technology
  • Quality Body Structure
  • Best Folding Treadmills
  • User-Friendly Consoles and Keys
  • Partnering with Lance Armstrong
  • Daily Plate feature-helping to give better fitness solutions
  • Workout Tracking Systems
  • Challenging Pre-Set workout programs
  • Higher User Capacity up to 350lbs
  • Good Quality Cushioning System like Three-Zoned Max Cushioning


  • Instead of USB if it could have a direct internet connection that would match the requirement of the present generation because USB transfer is time-consuming
  • Better Assistance for usage of Daily Plate and Live track


The treadmills model have challenging pre-set programs, advanced features and facilities making it a competitive brand in the industry and stand ahead from its competitors.

Livestrong Fitness is among the highly competent brand in the fitness market, and investments on their brand treadmill will be value for money, along with useful fitness results in a healthier way

Livestrong always swears by solid and sturdy structures for its treadmills for more extended usage with standard quality material used in their equipment is by far the best in the fitness industry. They never believed in compromising their quality in any of the products they manufacture and it also offers competitive warranties on each of their products.

We strongly recommend you Livestrong Fitness, to know more you can read in depth review of each model.

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