Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill Review

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Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill Review

The Club Series Treadmill is the most efficient model, with significant technological innovations and excellent features which ensures a gym like experience at your homes. Life Fitness treadmills are intended for home use and are packed with performance-oriented features and backed up of superior quality components used in the equipment.

The treadmill has the powerful motor capacity of 4.0 Horsepower AC Commercial Grade motor system which is by far the best compared to other competitors in the fitness market and also has Commercial Grade controller, which helps in controlling the workouts automatically.

It is loaded with super variations in pre-set workouts there 16 pre-programmed workouts, 7 My Workouts personalized programs, and 6 custom workouts which have extremely challenging intense workouts, with the option of tracking workout progress in real time, and also comes an exclusive for the Club Series Treadmill is Heart Sync workouts programs.

which as a pre-set programs designed on your Heart Rate type for safe and effective workout session. This unique features give an extra edge than its competitors, read the Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill reviews of 2021 to know more.

And the essential feature of this treadmill is their comfortable workout session with their patented Flex Deck cushioning system that gives you great comfort and relaxes running, jogging or walking experience.

This system reduces 30% stress on joints and risks of injury. The flex is of such a high-grade quality that it will give the same experience of the first time use, even in the tenth year.

Best Suited for Whom?

It is useful for all fitness enthusiast of across all ages, from professionals marathon runners to beginners who are just taking baby steps towards fitness. Those looking for the gym like workout experience at home, this treadmill will suit them the best. As this model is known as the best treadmills.

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Assembling is not hassled with this model unlike some of the Life Fitness treadmills manual with easy to read instructions with its help you can set-up the treadmill rightly. You can also contact their friendly customer care for technical assistance if facing assembling issues.

Design and Build Quality

The Club series treadmill is the very well-designed model which gives fitness club like workout experience within the comforts of your home, comes with a lot of exclusive features, an innovative technological system with the excellent support of high power motor system of 4.0 horsepower AC Commercial Grade motor and controller.

It has a stable and robust body structure which can sustain even the more top speed and incline profile the treadmill will not shake helping you to effectively and continuously.

This treadmill model provides user capacity up to 400lbs. The best part of the treadmill is their super high-quality Flex Deck cushioning system for stressing less workout experience.

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill Features


The treadmill has an excellent power of 4.0 horsepower AC-Commercial Grade Motor and Motor Controller of the same. With such powerful motor support, the treadmill will give you superior performance and as it does not shake or wobble even during high intensity encouraging you to achieve great results.

This motor is also backed up a Lifetime warranty which proves the Life Fitness confidence on their high-quality machinery.

Touch screen and Control Panel

This Club Series treadmill comes with the Deluxe LED Console with Back Lit touch sensory buttons. Workout profile display of 7 x 15 segments, workout feedback display of 16 characters message center and Red LED Display type.

It provides a user-friendly and easy to navigate console for a faster movement. You can also read the following in the display Speed, Time, Heart Rate, Incline, Distance, Target Heart Rate, Time in Heart Rate Zone, Calories, Calories Per hour and Pace.

Incline and Decline

The treadmill has an inclined profile of 0-15% with 0.2 increments during Heart sync workouts. The profile variations are good enough to make your workout challenging and give you the best and effective results to achieve your fitness goals.


Music is the soul for life, listening to a good piece calms you down and creates positive energy around you. During any work, if there is music on it brings out the best in you, and during workouts, music plays even more important role.

As it boosts your energy and does not let you get bored quickly, keeps you motivated also encouraging to do more. The Club series treadmill comes with iPod Compatible you can have your favorite on the list which brings out the best for you during the sessions.

Tread Belt

Club series treadmill has excellent more full and longer spacious running tread belt of 60 x 20 multiply, pre-lubricated, providing you smoother walking or jogging movement. The belt does not give you any jerking moves.

On/Off Cushioning

The treadmill has a high-quality Flex Deck cushioning system with Lifespring shock absorbers for most comfortable workout performance, reduces risk of injury and 30 % stress on joints compared to a non-cushioning system or poor quality cushion.

Flex and spring are beneficial for extended running usage to give the same effect every time, and even after many years, the effect remains intact.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The treadmill provides Contact Grips and Polar wireless chest strap for accurate heart rate monitoring. Life fitness treadmill unique technology or feature is added in club series model where you are allowed.

To have interactive tracking of heart rate and the option to heart rate controlled workouts with the HeartSync function, here it adjusts the resistance based on the heart rate feedback automatically using the Lifepulse digital heart rate sensors on the arms.

The advanced technology of Lifepulse digital heart rate monitoring system, this technology filters noise which might disturb the accurate reading of heart rate. With this, you can have a safe and effective workout.

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-in Apps: LF Club Series Treadmill has a good variety of pre-set programs which are very challenging you get to choose like Manual, Hill, Random, Time Based Goal, Distance Goal, Calories Goal, Time in Zone Goal, and Speed Interval Training.

The treadmill has a unique feature called HeartSync were you can get workout options depending upon your heart rate for a safer workout in this you have options like Fat Burn, Heart Rate Hill, Cardio, Heart Rate Interval, and Extreme Heart Rate.

With the Quickstart feature, you can also customize your workout with preferred incline and speed it will automatically remember the exercise will give you the same style whenever you step up on it, this way you can say seven different customized workouts for each day for effective results and non-boring exercise routines.

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill Warranty

All the Life Fitness Treadmill have an excellent warranty period and by far the best in the industry

  • Frame and Deck: Lifetime
  • Motor: Life Time
  • Parts: Ten Years
  • Service: One Year

Customer Service – You can contact customer support in case of any issue or concern via – and phone – 001-855-396-2524. You can also view videos and see the FAQs on their website

  • Return Policy
  • Refund: Within 30 days to be returned from the purchase
  • Refund and Return: Not applicable after the time limit
  • Return Shipping cost: To be bared by the customer
  • Original Shipping cost: Non-Refundable
  • Important Note: Kindly return the product in good condition without any damage caused.

Life Fitness Club Series Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • Quality Driven and Performance Oriented
  • Energy Saver
  • High standard cushioning
  • Spacious Accessory Tray
  • Strong Body and Motor Built
  • Challenging Workouts Options


  • No in-built Audio
  • No Quick Controls
  • No Cooling fans


Life Fitness Club Series has high-tech treadmill features like that of health club models, it gives you all the features, which one looks for in the most excellent club treadmills. It has backed by innovative features, unique quality components, and superior performance standards.

It has one in all packaged treadmill for best fitness solutions. And all of this can be used in the comforts of your homes; this model is often the best home use treadmill with the gym like experience.

The provides powerful motor and controller support of commercial grade, deck 5/8 Isocyanides commercial grade, Ergo Bar Handle Bars commercial side handrails, rollers of 3.5-inch precision crowned, a best quality cushioning system with sound shock absorbers.

Pre-lubricated tread belt for extraordinarily comfortable and smoother running or walking or jogging sessions and 16 pre-programmed workouts, 7 My Workouts personalized programs, and 6 custom workouts of Quick Start feature and Option for Heart Sync for an effective and safer exercise session.

Its complete treadmill which you will not think twice before buying and making your expensive investment that is the confidence this model gives us. Go ahead a buy this Club Series Treadmill and get a healthier and fit body.