Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill Review

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Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill Review

Life Fitness aims to bring the best in quality products in each of their models, and it is backed by significant technological usage and elegant design, the Club Series Plus Treadmill proves it. It is a high-end treadmill, giving you a gym like an experience in your homes, is often regarded as the best home use treadmill.

The Club Series Plus is a sleek designed model with support of a powerful motor of 4.0 horsepower with Magna Drive system and a robust body built with solid steel welded frame and excellent user weight capacity up to 400lbs.

Provides the most comfortable, stress less, and injury free workout experience with extremely supreme quality Flex-Deck cushioning technology and LifeSpring shock absorption system. You can also connect Bluetooth for numerous music/song options to use while working out which will keep you motivated and full of energy.

Read best treadmill reviews of 2021 to know more. The Treadmill also provides a lot of commercial grade safety controllers like CE, CEN, CSA, TUV and is UI Certified.

The best part of this model it can remember ten of your previous workouts and gives you the option to repeat the sessions, improvise and challenge your targets done previously. The treadmill has Heart Sync controlled workouts for an effective and safe exercise experience.

The treadmill has many variations in their inbuilt programs or pre-set profile to make it challenging enough to achieve your fitness goals. It has options of Seven Classic Workout, Heart Sync Workout and Advanced Workouts and long with custom workouts and cool down mode.

Best Suited for Whom?

The treadmill is a universal model and is a very user-friendly treadmill, even for beginners, or first-time users can step on it quickly and use it like a pro. The running is the deck is also very comfortable even the senior users or people with joint issues can also use it has it will not hurt their joints in compare to the treadmills.

Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The treadmill assembling can be done with the assistance from Life Fitness technicians and also you can go through their instructions manual for an easy assembling which comes with the treadmill packaging.

Design and Build Quality

The LF Club Series Plus Treadmill is a well-designed model offering you elegant look like that of the fancy gym and amazing features alike commercial grade treadmill, in-home use treadmill. Once you start using the treadmill, it makes you forget that you’re at home, because it gives almost the same experience of gym workout.

The treadmill provides a lot of space not just on the running belt but also near the console for free movement of arms. Like most of Life Fitness treadmill models this too as robust body structure with reliable support of 4.0 horsepower motor/engine.

Also, it has Life Pulse digital heart rate monitoring which filters outside noise and gives a precise and accurate heart rate. Additionally, it comes with a large Accessory tray to fit in cup or bottle for proper hydration and to hold other e-gadgets.

Like iPad, Mobile phone, etc. and accessories like earphones. The treadmill comes with commercial grade safety controllers like CE, CEN, CSA, TUV, UI Certified.

Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill Features


The motor is of 4.0 Horse Power, does not get overheated even with continuous use. It comes with excellent engine system of Magna Drive Technology.

Which does not create any noise while running or working and also which all not shake even with higher speed up to 12kmph, high incline power from 0-15% and with user capacity up to 400 lbs?

Touch Screen and Control Panel

LF Club Series Plus has a bright and full 7 inch LCD, which makes the viewing more delightful without putting any strain on the eyes and also has reasonable big fonts for easy readability. Control Panel is very user-friendly, and on Ergobar you can quickly control the speed and incline changes.

Incline and Decline

 Inclination ranges from 0-15 degrees, which challenges your cardio workout. Helps you to concentrate to work on particulars like stamina building, toning muscles, weight loss and many more


 This Club Series Plus Treadmill does not have in-built audio speakers, but still, you can keep your self motivated and work with full energy, as the treadmill has an option to connect to Bluetooth with this you can have access to an unlimited music playlist.

Tread Belt

It comes with super wider and broader belt measuring 22x60inches. Which gives extra-space for running with great comfort and its smooth multiply pre-lubricated belt will not provide any jerks with allowing you to run or walk continuously without disturbance.

On/Off Cushioning

Life Fitness Patented Technology called Flex-Deck Cushioning with LifeSpring shock absorbers is being used in the Club Series Plus Treadmill. It is the most high-quality system and provides you the most comfortable workout experience.

Also, it is very safe does not put pressure on joints, and with this kind comfort you can run or walk or jog continuously and achieve excellent results

Heart Rate Monitoring

Heart rate monitor is mainly to see how it changes during exercise and in usual rest. Heart rate is high during your workouts and lowers while you rest.

The lower heart rate during rest is the healthiest heart. So, it is essential to monitor your Heart Rate. LF Club Series Plus treadmill uses Contact Grips and Polar wireless chest strap for accurate heart rate monitoring.

Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-in Apps: The Life Fitness brand Club Series Plus Treadmill has numerous variations and challenging pre-set workouts, classics like Hill, Random,5k,10k, Speed, Interval Training, Fat Burn and Cardio, Heart Sync workouts like Heart Rate Hill.

Heart Rate Interval and Extreme Heart Rate, Advanced workouts like Distance Goal, Calories Goal, Time in Zone Goal and Custom workouts. Plus, its an option of recalling previous Ten Workouts helping you to repeat your best exercise, encourages you to improves and challenge your last targets.

Additionally comes with Bluetooth Connectivity for unlimited entertainment. These great variety of workouts are good enough to achieve your desired fitness goals.

Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill Warranty

The manufacturers are providing subsequent warranties against faults and artistry.

Parts(electrical and mechanical):10 years

Service:1 year

Customer Service: You can contact customer support in case of any issue or concern via – phone – 001-855-396-2524. You can also view videos and see the FAQs on their website

Return Policy

Refund and Return: Within 30 days of original Delivery

No Refund or Return: after the above time limit is over

Return Shipping cost: To be bared by the customer,

Initial Shipping cost: Non-Refundable

Important Note: Kindly return the product in good condition without any damage caused.

Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • Magna Drive Technology- Creates no noise even on higher speed
  • Excellent Features equally to Commerical Grade treadmill
  • Energy Saver-Automatically switches off even not in use
  • Performance Oriented- good motor capacity and good variations in workouts
  • High-Quality Components-Steel welded the frame
  • New Innovated Technology- Life Pulse, Safety controllers


  • No built-in speakers
  • The motor has the same power of 4.0 HP even on peak performance


LF Club Series Plus treadmill is a high-end treadmill which gives a gym like a workout experience in your homes and consists of features like a commercial grade treadmill.

The model has Life Fitness best technology like the Magna Drive for Motor, Flex-Deck Cushioning, and Lifespring shock absorbers, safety controllers CE, CEN, CSA, TUV, UI Certified, and Life Pulse digital heart rate monitoring such advanced features makes the treadmill stand apart from its competitors.

Additionally, the Club Series Plus Treadmill is very user-friendly and most easy navigation on more full and bright screens which makes it convenient to get access to all the controls, which will help you to concentrate on your running or walking better than paying attention to unnecessary details.

The above advantages of owning the Club Series Plus Treadmill makes it the best choice to buy one, and we recommend this model as it hardly has any disadvantages, the positives are so many of the model that it overshadows the minimal negatives.

Go ahead! And make the healthier and fitter choice with Life Fitness Club Series Plus Treadmill and enjoy the gym like experience in your homes, making it the best home use treadmill.