Horizon Fitness Treadmills Review

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Horizon Fitness Treadmills Review

Horizon Fitness is one of the most famous fitness equipment manufacturers who specialise in equipment for home-gym. Horizon Fitness brand is owned by Johnson Health Tech and its world headquarter in Taiwan.

The main appeal of the Horizon Fitness brand is the virtual reality workout where you can enjoy your workout at beautiful scenic locales with fantastic sound quality. The Horizon Fitness equipment also adjusts its incline as per your virtual reality theme. Along with this, Horizon Fitness offers a large variety of workout programs which are suitable for all the fitness levels. Horizon Fitness is confident about their fitness equipment which you can see by the excellent warranty provided by them.

Horizon Fitness focuses on ergonomic and comfortable workout and keeps in mind the angles and accurate positioning of the parts in every equipment. In all, Horizon Fitness designs equipment to fit your life. One plus point of the Horizon Fitness brand is that the products of this brand are easy to assemble and not complicated at all. They are easy to use and have all the necessary features. Horizon Fitness also supports a feather-light folding feature which helps to save space in your room.

Why Horizon Fitness Stands Out Among The Rest?

Horizon Fitness is one of the leading brands as it provides quality products to their customers along with fantastic service. Horizon Fitness believes in comfort and a good posture while exercising; therefore it gives more importance to the angles and positioning of individual parts. The products of Horizon Fitness are suitable for all fitness levels and can be used by people of any size or shape. The equipment are designed in such a way that it reduces complication and increases efficiency. All the products of Horizon Fitness feature the virtual reality workout. Though it costs additional, the experience it offers is something to look out for. All the equipment of Horizon Fitness are ViaFit app compatible which tracks and records your workout data. You can connect the app to your phone and also share your workout data online on social networking platforms or merely save it privately.

Horizon Fitness also provides a lifetime warranty for its frame and a warranty of 5 years for its parts which is an excellent feature. Most of the fitness equipment brands do not offer such features, but the Horizon Fitness brand has all the elements at an affordable price. All the equipment of Horizon Fitness are low to an average rate which is also the best quality of the brand. Horizon Fitness equipment are better than many of the brands in the market concerning the price, features, technology, quality, warranty and service.

Horizon Fitness Treadmill Series

Horizon Fitness treadmills are one of the best treadmills you can find in the market. They give fierce competition to some top brands when it comes to quality and features. Horizon Fitness has five treadmills in total. Details of all the treadmills are provided below.

Horizon Fitness T101 Treadmill

The T101 treadmill by Horizon Fitness is the best treadmill under $1000. It is a well-built treadmill with an exceptional warranty. It is compact and foldable. So you can fold and store it when not in use. Some of the fantastic features of the T101 treadmill are its inclination and a Bluetooth speaker system. It also has nine inbuilt workout programs. The T101 treadmill is the best selling treadmill of 2021 given its price.

  • T101 treadmill is the best buy if you are looking for a cheaper treadmill with adequate features. It is an ideal and the best selling treadmill for people with a low budget.
  • Despite being a cheaper treadmill, it has still got a two-year warranty for its parts which is quite commendable. The best part is that at such a low price, it has reached a lifetime warranty for its frame and motor.
  • The T101 treadmill also consists of a speaker which can be connected by Bluetooth. It has a decent sound quality which makes your workout more fun and more accessible. It also has a headphone jack if you want to listen to your music privately.
  • The T101 treadmill includes nine inbuilt workout programs which are more than enough if you are a beginner. You can choose plans from calorie, distance and time and workouts from weight loss, interval and manual.
  • The inclination of the T101 treadmill is up to 10% which makes your workout more efficient.
  • The Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill features easy monitoring of your pulse with dual grip monitor system.
  • The console of the Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill is decent and user-friendly. It is a grey coloured console which consists of three data windows, and a red LED lighting including a cooling fan and enables you to track calories, distance and time.
  • The T101 treadmill is compact and foldable which makes it easy to store and move around.
  • The maximum user weight of the T101 treadmill by Horizon Fitness is 300 pounds which is quite good at such a low price.
  • The Horizon Fitness T101 treadmill also features a perfect flex deck cushioning system which reduces stress on your ankles and knees.
  • It consists of a 2.25 CHP motor which can control the speed from 0.5 to 10 mph.
  • It has all the basic accessory features like a water bottle holder, reading rack, speakers and a cooling fan.

Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 Treadmill

The Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 treadmill is one of the best treadmills under $1500. The Adventure 3 treadmill was released in 2014. It is an ideal treadmill for walkers and is a folding treadmill. This treadmill includes passport video workouts which can be connected to your tv. The Adventure 3 treadmill also features the ViaFit application which can be linked to your phone to store all your workout information.

  • This treadmill has a 55 inch long and 20-inch full track which is excellent for walkers. It also has a 2.5 CHP motor.
  • The Adventure 3 treadmill also features the variable response cushioning which has three firmness zones. This enables the users to have a soft landing and a fast takeoff.
  • The Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 treadmill includes 30 inbuilt workouts. Some of the programs are the manual mode, interval training, calorie burn programs, distance programs and step programs.
  • It also has all the necessary features which make your workout more fun. The built-in speakers have excellent sound quality, and you can listen to music while working out.
  • The Adventure 3 treadmill also includes two cup holders and a reading rack.
  • The ViaFit Connect app helps to track and store your workout data which can be used for future reference as well. This adds to the features of the Adventure 3 treadmill.
  • The Passport feature in the Adventure 3 treadmill enables you to enjoy an HD workout on your television. It takes you to different places or themes, and you can adjust the sound accordingly. This makes your workout more efficient.
  • The display of the Adventure 3 treadmill is clear and easy to read. The data shown on display includes speed, incline, distance, time, laps, heart rate and calories. It also consists of a racetrack graphic which helps to track your progress. The display is 5.75 inches wide.
  • The Adventure 3 treadmill has a maximum incline of 12% which increase the level and efficiency of your workout.
  • The Adventure 3 treadmill includes a 2.5 CHP Johnson drive system. It is quite powerful and can carry smooth walks for a long time. Also, the motor makes no noise which is the best part of this treadmill.
  • The Adventure 3 treadmill is a folding treadmill which helps to conserve space at your home. The dimensions of the Adventure 3 treadmill after folding are 45″ x 34″.
  • The best feature of the Horizon Fitness Adventure 3 treadmill is its warranty. It has a lifetime warranty on motor and frame, three-year warranty on parts and a one year warranty on service.

Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill

The Horizon Fitness Elite T5 treadmill is the best treadmill for home use. It is also one of the most fantastic treadmills under $2000. It has an affordable price and amazing features like three zone cushioning, wireless heart rate monitoring and wireless data sharing. It also features the passport player where you can enjoy beautiful destinations while working out. It is a foldable treadmill but still has a sturdy built. It can carry users up to 350 pounds.

  • The Passport player in the Elite T5 treadmill enables you to enjoy scenic destinations while working out. They make your workouts more entertaining and efficient. You can connect your Passport player to your tv and enjoy your workout with fantastic sound quality and high definition visuals.
  • The Elite T5 treadmill has a maximum incline of 15%. This incline helps to build lean muscles and burn more calories.
  • The Horizon Fitness Elite T5 treadmill has a powerful but quiet motor of 2.75 CHP for training up to 12 mph. This enables a smooth workout for users.
  • The variable response cushioning feature provides firmness at the back, middle and front of the track.
  • The Elite T5 treadmill has 38 inbuilt programs. All these workouts have different speed and inclines. You can also design and save your programs.
  • The ViaFit Connect app can be installed on your mobile phones, and you can track and store your workout data and use it for future reference as well.
  • The display screen of the Elite T5 treadmill is 8.5 inches wide. It shows distance, time, calories burned, speed, incline, laps and heart rate zone. It also shows a racetrack graphic which visualises your progress.
  • The Elite T5 treadmill includes accessory features like book rack or mobile rack, speakers and fan. All these essential and necessary features increase the efficiency of your workout.
  • It also features a safety key to protect your kids and pets from any injuries.
  • It is a folding treadmill which takes 44″ x 35″ of space.
  • The warranty of the Elite T5 treadmill is decent as well. It provides a three-year warranty for parts.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill

The Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 treadmill is the perfect treadmill with incredible features and a sturdy built. It is an ideal combination of durability and simplicity. ViaFit connectivity helps you to track your daily calorie intake. The T7-02 treadmill has a cushioned belt which is low maintenance as well. It gives you a comfortable run without any problem. Its extended surface and 3.0 CHP digital Johnson Drive motor give you an unforgettable workout experience. It is the best treadmill under $2500. Provided below are the detailed features of the Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 treadmill.

  • The Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 treadmill is equipped with a 3.0 CHP Johnson Drive motor which makes sure that the treadmill runs smoothly. The engine also has a lifetime warranty. Despite being a high power motor, the treadmill makes no sound and runs quietly.
  • Walking or running on a slope works better for you in comparison to exercising on a flat track. The T7-02 comes with a maximum gradient of 15%. This facilitates quicker calories burning and better muscle toning.
  • Like all of the treadmills of 2021, this treadmill also features 8.5″ large display. This isn’t a touchscreen one though, but it’s large enough to present clear information about time, distance, speed, incline etc. You can also share the data with your mobile device after connecting both.
  • Horizon treadmills come with a ViaFit which shares all the exercise statistics to this app. This keeps you updated and is quite convenient as well.
  • This treadmill is also equipped with a media rack so that you can quickly place your mobile or magazine in it during a workout.
  • This treadmill also comes with a safety key. Thus, your treadmill can’t start without the safety key. This prevents several accidents that may occur and is also safer in case kids or pets mess up.
  • This treadmill comes with a folding frame which is quite beneficial for saving storage space. This gives you more freed space post workout. After wrapping this treadmill acquires 44″ × 35″ of floor space and is 69″.
  • These Horizon Fitness treadmills are quite good at providing inbuilt workout programs. Similarly, this treadmill comes with 42 preset workout programs inclusive of custom options.
  • Not only this it provides a fantastic passport animated feature to facilitate virtual reality workout experience. This takes you all new worlds during a workout with amazing sceneries, landscapes and world-class cities, whatever you like to choose. All you are supposed to do is connect a passport player to your home entertainment system.
  • The next best thing about this treadmill is further impact reduction. It allows you to use your energy efficiently by deflating risk of injury and stress on the treadmill. It has got three firmness zones. You can thus push off from the track with firmness and land with better cushioning and stability.
  • Heart rate monitoring is quite simple in this treadmill, i.e. with the assistance of Bluetooth wireless chest strap. This is the most accurate method to measure your heart rate during the workout.
  • The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on parts, lifetime for motor and frame as well as one year for labour.

Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill

Horizon Fitness brand provides an upgraded version of previous treadmills through its T9-02 model. This folding treadmill has been quite useful for an intense workout. It has also been amazingly reviewed from various equipment review organisations. It is a whole outlook for those people who wish to purchase a solidly built treadmill in a reasonable range among other treadmills. The next surprising thing about this treadmill is that unless you don’t lift it to fold up, you won’t guess that it is a standard folding treadmill. Given below are the detailed Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 treadmill features to clear your doubts.

  • This treadmill features a high-quality engine. This even weighs more than ordinary runner home treadmills. It comes with 3.25 continuous horsepower motor. Accordingly, power up to 3 horses is quite enough for almost everyone.
  • It has power incline ranging from 0.5 per cent to 15 per cent. This can be adjusted with the help of buttons or is self-adjustable during different kind of workout programs. It is quite fun to operate during virtual videos, as it changes with different landscapes.
  • This series comes with a bunch of preset programs that help you stay focused. These programs are 40 in number including custom options as well. With the help of a virtual setting, you can keep adjusting the nature settings like landscapes, national parks or world-class cities, whichever you prefer the most.
  • This also facilitates an excellent warranty package. It provides a lifetime warranty for motor and frame, five years for parts and two years for labour.
  • This treadmill provides folding feature as well. Thus this feature saves your floor space to a large extent and can be easily placed at home. When folded it measures 47″ in length and 39″ in width.
  • It has an 8.5″ large screen, which facilitates easy reading. This can also be connected to your android or ios device with Bluetooth. The data displayed on it shows your progress as well as time, distance, speed, incline, calories burnt and heart rate as well.
  • This T9-02 model has a wireless heart rate monitor that helps you keep a track on your heart rate during the workout. Along with this it also comes with contact sensors.
  • The next very fantastic feature about this treadmill is the ViaFit connect. This is a free fitness tracking app for Horizon brands. This facilitates automatic transfer of information statistics such as calories lost, distance covered and heart rate.
  • It also has a magnetic core that is in place to facilitate the treadmill to move. It is quite safer as it keeps you protected during exercise. It also prevents any accident that can occur if a child starts a treadmill. This eliminates the risk because it only begins with the key.
  • A treadmill belt is generally supported with large metal bars known as rollers. Thus more significant the roller, the longer strap may work before maintenance. This treadmill has got large rollers with 2.4″ diameter. This is quite better in comparison to lower priced treadmills.
  • To minimise the stress and strain on the treadmill during running, the treadmill features Variable Response Cushioning. This system facilitates distinct stiffness levels in front, middle and the back of the workout deck. This provides you with better support.

Pros And Cons


  • Specialised equipment for a home gym.
  • Virtual reality workout in every treadmill.
  • ViaFit connectivity is available.
  • Fantastic warranty for frame and motor.
  • Focuses on the ergonomic workout.
  • Affordable price.


  • Low warranty for parts and service.
  • Extra cost for Passport player.

Final Verdict

The Horizon Fitness treadmills are must buy if you want a treadmill with amazing features, especially for a home gym. These treadmills are the perfect combination of amazing features, decent price, excellent warranty and sturdy built. The Horizon Fitness treadmills are highly recommended as the ViaFit app connectivity and Passport player also help you to achieve your goals faster.

In short, the Horizon Fitness treadmills are a dream come true for beginners as well as fitness enthusiasts.

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