Horizon Fitness T 101 Treadmill Review

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Horizon Fitness T 101 Treadmill Review

The Horizon fitness T101 Treadmills is considered as to be ever popular budget treadmill price range. It helps in distributing the low-cost treadmills and other fitness equipment for home. It is one of the best-selling products in the whole industry with such a price. The entry-level horizon T101 treadmill now cost $599. It offers a warranty which makes the product to be a great entry- level treadmill.

 It is relatively small and easy foldable which helps in increasing storage capacity. Incline, a Bluetooth speaker, and nine built-in programs have been included in the top features of the treadmill. The T101 treadmill is easy to assemble and has straightforward interface. The high-quality motor helps in keeping the feet feel light. It helps in keeping the workout much more interesting with the Bluetooth connectivity and series of workout programs.

 The horizon fitness T101 treadmill helps in creating pace with the customers. It offers both audio input jack and Bluetooth audio at a budget price. It has a 2.5 CHP motor which has a lifetime warranty. It is featured with a proper cushioning system. It also helps in utilizing the built-in pulse grips in the case of a fast heart rate. It also offers easy readout on the LED display.

Best Suited for Whom?

The T101 treadmill is basically for joggers or the occasional joggers. The motor is designed to be a small and such type of deck helps in catering for the kind of exercises. It is more specified in weight loss or weight management. The incline features help in walkers to burn the calories.

Horizon Fitness T 101 Treadmill Assembly, Design and Build Quality


It has boosted 15-minute assembly. It has been a paradise for the ones who have already set up treadmills in an earlier stage. It has been a primary machine that is needed for walking and jogging.

Design and Build Quality

It is one of the best  folding Treadmills to adjust the premium space in the house or the work area. It is much shorter than the other treadmills. It is well under $1000 and hence proves to be the budget treadmill. It is reviewed at 70″ in length when unfolded and others to be 80″ length. The running surface includes 20″ x 55″.

The maximum weight which a treadmill would handle is 165 LBS. The dimensions of the treadmill are 70″ L x 34″ W x 55″ H. It is the budget machine which includes 90 days of labour in the same price. The maximum speed of treadmill is ten mph. The incline ranges from 0 to 10%.

Horizon Fitness T 101 Treadmill Features

High-quality motor

The 2.5 CHP motor works in a smooth way without creating much noise. The parts are designed in such a way to lower the maintenance cost of the treadmill. The treadmill works on lower RPM to work quietly.

Straightforward design

It has also helped in the smooth operation of the devices. It also helps in advertising 15-minute assembly. Within the selection of quick keys, one has contributed in adjusting incline, speed and usage of a treadmill.

Up to 10% incline

The usage with the power incline helps in targeting different muscles and also helps in increasing the power of workout.

LED display

This helps the person to determine his progress on the LED display window.

30 workout programs

It helps in keeping people more focused and motivated. The main aim of such programs is on focussing on the different goals such as calorie burn, distance training and interval training.

Speed capacity to ten mph

It helps the person to increase his speed according to his requirement with ease of selecting and adjusting typical arrow keys or quick select keys.

Contact heart rate monitor

It allows the person to monitor his heart rate and improving his speed.

Folds for secure storage

It is a great feature when the treadmill is not in use. It helps in making it lower or upper. It also slows down to prevent accidental injury.

2.25 HP continuous-duty motor

Horizon bring its components through which engine can run efficiently at a lower RPM.

Music connection

It helps in entertaining the people to via treadmill speakers when some gadget is connected.

Cooling fan

in the console: It provides relief while working in the treadmill.

Horizon Fitness T 101 Treadmill Workout Programs

The Horizon fitness T101 Treadmill provides 30 workout programmes to keep the person motivated and focussed upon his desires like losing weight, increasing muscle tone, building the healthy heart and many others.

It also delivers nine other programming options with the targets like time, distance and calories and the workouts such as manual, workouts and weight loss.

It also offers in utilising the pulse grips for reading the heart rate and getting a quick readout on the LED display.

Horizon Fitness T 101 Treadmill Warranty

With the features of having a standard warranty package the treadmill also offers extended 1-year or 2-year in-home options. The standard warranty and guarantee include:

Motor- Lifetime

Frame- Lifetime

Parts and labour- 1 year

Horizon Fitness T 101 Treadmill Pros and Cons


  • Music benevolent (input jack, USB charging port, speakers, Bluetooth).
  • Feather-light makes folding facile.
  • Great for storage (light and compact trainer)
  • Cooling fan for extra commiseration.
  • The Patent deck is cushioning to put less stress on joints.
  • Pulse grips for reading fast heart rate.
  • Easy folding.


  • No warranty coverage on deck.
  • No compatible.
  • A few complaints of broken parts shipped.


The Horizon Fitness Treadmill delivers audio through input jack and Bluetooth to the speakers at just a nominal price. The treadmill is priced under $1000 having a built in speakers which makes the workout more entertaining or interesting for the person who loves music.

Having a low RPM motor which works in a quiet and smooth manner. The motor is also covered under lifetime warranty form the Brand. The trainer also feels free to the unique feature of the folding system for the extra space when the treadmill is not in use. The incline range from 0 to 10% and speed to 10 mph has added to the unique features of the treadmill.