Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Review

Horizon Fitness brand provides an upgraded version of previous treadmills through its Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill model. This folding treadmill has been quite useful for an intense workout. It has also been amazingly reviewed from various equipment review organizations.

It is a whole outlook for those people who wish to purchase a solidly built treadmill in a reasonable range among other treadmills. The next surprising thing about this treadmill is that unless you don’t lift it to fold up, you won’t guess that it is a standard folding treadmill.

Given below is the detailed Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Review to clear your doubts. The weight recommendable for this treadmill is 275 lbs and may not suit someone who wants to train themselves for marathons. Its incline ranges from 0.5 to 15%. You can thus choose whichever suits your workout type the best.

It is meant explicitly for joggers, walkers and runners alike. The reason behind this is that it has a thinner deck at ¾”. Besides this, it has 40 inbuilt programs. You can also go on and purchase a passport player, for which you have to pay separately.

But this fantastic feature allows you to connect to the virtual world and take your workout experience to another level. This Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill is the one that is quite durable as well. It is built with 3.25 HP motor.It also comes with grand warranty schemes. This treadmill is quite stable as well. This is one of the best treadmills under $3000.

Best Suited For Whom?

This treadmill is best for walkers, joggers and runners alike. It can undoubtfully be suitable for intense training as well. But this does not quite much suits runners who wish to train themselves for marathons. The reason behind this is that the treadmill has a smaller deck and may not suit specific runners.

But besides this, it satisfies all kind of workouts. It helps you reach your fitness goals real quick; thus right now in whichever position you are, once you start your workout, you will get into shape real soon. This is one of its best features.

Horizon fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


It may seem non-folding treadmill at first glance, but actually, it is a folding treadmill. Thus that makes its assembly a little easy. Though it weighs more and therefore needs to be carried by at least two people. But when once assembled then it can be shifted quickly. It can even be opened for a workout and then folded back to save space.

The foldable feature is the best one for this ranged treadmill, and this makes it the treadmill best suited for the commercial purpose. You can place it in any corner of your house according to your suitability and space availability.

Design And Build Quality

It is the one built with an extensive track and is considered to be the best treadmill for homes. It has live virtual videos. Thus it helps you escape from the real room and get an adventurous workout session in the virtual world. Its 62″ long workout along with cushioning gives you an overall good experience.

It comes with several onboard programs as well and wireless heart tracking. It is a very well built with its high-quality motor which is massive as well and comes with 3.25 HP. It has a large display as well which adds to its better designing. This display can even connect to your android or ios, via bluetooth.

Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Features

1. Motor: This treadmill features a high-quality engine. This even weighs more than ordinary runner home treadmills. It comes with 3.25 continuous horsepower motor. Accordingly, power up to 3 horses is quite enough for almost everyone.

2. Incline: It has power incline ranging from 0.5 percent to 15 percent. This can be adjusted with the help of buttons or is self-adjustable during different kind of workout programs. It is quite fun to operate during virtual videos, as it changes with different landscapes.

3. Inbuilt programs: This series comes with a bunch of preset programs that help you stay focused. These programs are 40 in number including custom options as well. With the help of a virtual setting, you can keep adjusting the nature settings like landscapes, national parks or world-class cities, whichever you prefer the most.

4. Warranty: This also facilitates an excellent warranty package. It provides a lifetime warranty for motor and frame, five years for parts and two years for labour.

5. Foldable: This treadmill provides folding feature as well. Thus this feature saves your floor space to a large extent and can be easily placed at home. When folded it measures 47″ in length and 39″ in width.

6. Large display: It has an 8.5″ large screen, which facilitates easy reading. This can also be connected to your android or ios device with bluetooth. The data displayed on it shows your progress as well as time, distance, speed, incline, calories burnt and heart rate as well.

7. Wireless monitors: This Horizon Fitness Treadmill Elite T9-02 has a wireless heart rate monitor that helps you keep a track on your heart rate during the workout. Along with this it also comes with contact sensors.

8. ViaFit Connect: The next very fantastic feature about this treadmill is the ViaFit connect. This facilitates automatic transfer of information statistics such as calories lost, distance covered and heart rate. This feature gives a clear picture of your progress.

It creates a log of your exercise on a regular basis. You can review the data on your mobile phone. This is a free fitness tracking app for Horizon brands.

9. Safety key: It also has a magnetic core that is in place to facilitate the treadmill to move. It is quite safer as it keeps you protected during exercise. It also prevents any accident that can occur if a child starts a treadmill. This eliminates the risk because it only begins with the key.

10. Large roller: A treadmill belt is generally supported with large metal bars known as rollers. Thus more significant the roller, the longer strap may work before maintenance.

This treadmill has got large rollers with 2.4″ diameter. This is quite better in comparison to lower priced treadmills.

11. Cushioning: To minimise the stress and strain on the treadmill during running, the treadmill features variable response cushioning. This system facilitates distinct stiffness levels in front, middle and the back of the workout deck. This provides you with better support.

Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Workout Programs

Inbuilt workout programs: This treadmill comes with a wide range of preset programs. It has got 40 workout programs along with custom programs as well. These keep you motivated because they are performed while enjoying beautiful views displayed on display through the virtual world.

Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: This treadmill comes with a great warranty which goes on like; lifetime for frame and motor, one year for labour and five years for parts.

Customer support: It provides excellent customer support, and you can avail that online through several customer care contacts available; contact no. – 855-396-2927, email- info@johnsonfit.com.

Return policy: The product can be returned within 30 days of purchase. To avail refund, items must be returned in new and working condition.

Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill Pros and Cons


  • Amazing warranty.
  • Large display with virtual world.
  • Compact and foldable.
  • Safety key available making it apt for home use.
  • Equipped with free fitness tracking app that is an excellent feature in Horizon brands.


  • Thinner deck.
  • Not suitable for all runners.
  • The cost to avail virtual active workouts.
  • Customer support wait time.


In all Horizon Fitness Elite T9-02 Treadmill is an excellent buy of 2020 if you are looking for the best treadmill for your home for several kinds of workouts at this price. Its amazing features make it a worthy purchase. It also comes with an excellent warranty for home use.

Though virtual videos feature makes it a little expensive than its original price. This raises the competition for this treadmill as several another treadmill fall in its price range. But this is an excellent treadmill for commercial purpose, and its several features may outdo better in performance as compared to other treadmills and competitors.

In short, it has got the best powerful motor, aluminium side rails and full bluetooth connectivity to connect to your smartphone. So if all these features attract you, you should not think twice and go for buying it.