Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill Review

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Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill Review

The Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill is the perfect treadmill with incredible features and a sturdy built. It is an ideal combination of durability and simplicity. ViaFit connectivity helps you to track your daily calorie intake. The Horizon Fitness EliteT7-02 Treadmill has a cushioned belt which is low maintenance as well.

It gives you a comfortable run without any problem. Its extended surface and 3.0 CHP digital johnson drive motor give you an unforgettable workout experience. It is one of the best treadmills under $2500. Given below is the detailed Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill Review.

It is also the most affordable treadmill of the elite series of the Horizon Fitness. Even this Elite series treadmill features a passport video player which gives you a virtual outdoor tour. It has a maximum incline of 15% and features Bluetooth data sharing as well.

It has 42 pre-set exercise programs which are the most fantastic feature of the Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill. It has a three-zone cushioning as well. It has a variety of features which provide efficiency to the Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill. The T7-02 has a sturdy frame and a maximum user weight limit of 350 lbs.

It also provides you with a chest strap to accurately measure your heart rate. It has long durability which is proved by the warranty provided by the Horizon Fitness Brand.

Best Suited For Whom?

The Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill is one of the best treadmills in the price range of $2000 – $2500. Both walkers and runners can use it. It has an extended surface due to which it can be used by tall runners also. People with a maximum weight of 350 pounds can use it.

Therefore, people with more mass can also use it without any complication.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


It is a folding treadmill and can be assembled anywhere. You can fold it and keep it behind the door as well. Its dimensions after assembling are 77″ × 35″ × 60″. Thus it saves the extra floor space used during the workout which may be reduced once you fold it after finishing the workout.

Design and Build Quality

The Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill has a sturdy frame. It is a solidly built treadmill with a 60″ long exercise track which is suitable for even tall people. It takes 44″ × 35″ of floor space. It is 69″ in height. It has a size that is suitable for almost everyone. It has a maximum weight limit of 350 lbs and a 3.0 CHP motor which is run efficiently.

It also has 42 pre-set workout programs making it suitable for everyone. Its 15% incline helps to tone muscles with more efficiency.  The variable response cushioning helps you from injuries while working out on the Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill.

It has a large display which measures 8.5″. It also has an accessory tray and a safety key which protects your kids or pets. It has a wireless pulse tracking which can track your pulse rate easily.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Features

1. Motor: The Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill is equipped with a 3.0 CHP johnson drive motor which makes sure that the treadmill runs smoothly. The engine also has a lifetime warranty. Despite being a high power motor, the treadmill makes no sound and runs quietly.

2. Incline: Walking or running on a slope works better for you in comparison to exercising on a flat track. The Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill comes with a maximum gradient of 15%. This facilitates quicker calories burning and better muscle toning.

3. Large display: Like all of the treadmills of 2021, this treadmill also features 8.5″ large display. This isn’t a touchscreen one though, but it’s large enough to present clear information about time, distance, speed, incline etc. You can also share the data with your mobile device after connecting both.

4. ViaFit connects: Horizon Fitness treadmills come with a ViaFit which shares all the exercise statistics to this app. This keeps you updated and is quite convenient as well. Thus you can save a regular check on your progress without any complication or following of several steps to get a look at statistics.

5. Facilities: This treadmill is also equipped with a media rack so that you can quickly place your mobile or magazine in it during a workout. Several other amenities include; music speakers with plug-in-port, a cooling fan to soak your sweat and also a holder for placing your water bottle.

6. Safety key: This treadmill also comes with a safety key. Thus, your treadmill can’t start without the safety key. This prevents several accidents that may occur and is also safer in case kids or pets mess up.

7. Folding feature: This treadmill comes with a folding frame which is quite beneficial for saving storage space. This gives you more freed space post workout. After wrapping this treadmill acquires 44″ × 35″ of floor space and is 69″.

8. Preset workout programs: These Horizon Fitness treadmills are quite good at providing inbuilt workout programs. Similarly, this treadmill comes with 42 preset workout programs inclusive of custom options.

9. Passport ready: Not only this it provides a fantastic passport animated feature to facilitate virtual reality workout experience. This takes you all new worlds during a workout with amazing sceneries, landscapes and world-class cities, whatever you like to choose.

All you are supposed to do is connect a passport player to your home entertainment system.

10. Variable cushioning: The next best thing about this treadmill is further impact reduction. It allows you to use your energy efficiently by deflating risk of injury and stress on the treadmill. It has got three firmness zones. You can thus push off from the track with firmness and land with better cushioning and stability.

11. Heart rate monitoring: Heart rate monitoring is quite simple in this treadmill, i.e. with the assistance of Bluetooth wireless chest strap. This is the most accurate method to measure your heart rate during the workout.

12. Warranty: The manufacturer provides a 5-year warranty on parts, lifetime for motor and frame as well as one year for labour.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill Workout Programs

Preset workout programs: It comes with 42 inbuilt workout programs, which also includes custom options like heart rate control workout. It also has got space to save two routines for users design from scratch.

There are several onboard workouts which include manual, calories burning, intense exercise, performance, steps, heart rate and custom programs.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: This treadmill comes with a lifetime warranty for frame and motor, five years for parts and one year for a home in labour.

Customer support: It provides excellent customer support which can be availed online through several customer care contacts available; contact no. – 855-396-2927, email- info@johnsonfit.com.

Return policy: The equipment so ordered can be returned within 30 days of order and not a single day after 30 days. The item should be returned in excellent and actual working condition.

Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • Folding frame facility.
  • 42 inbuilt workout programs.
  • 8.5″ large display.
  • Transported easily with the wheels.
  • Polar wireless receiver.


  • Horizon customer may be less.
  • Responsive and challenging to reach.
  • Passport player may cost you extra.
  • Sound absorption system.


This Horizon Fitness Elite T7-02 Treadmill model is built excellently for this price range. It comes with a fantastic range of features that make it all over amazing. The major highlights are passport animated feature, the 3.0 CHP motor, 3 zones cushioning and power incline.

This treadmill is suitable for almost all kind of workouts, thus suiting people with all fitness levels. This will help you reach your fitness goal real quick. Though the disadvantage may be the extra cost for passport readiness, the quality of this feature, when you get to experience the all-new world during a workout makes it worth paying for it.

This T7-02 series has managed to earn the perfect amount of reviews for its brilliant performance. This is a treadmill with a wide range of features. This makes it an ideal treadmill overall. So you must go for this treadmill keeping in mind its price and all the features that it provides.