Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill Review

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Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill Review

This Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill is the latest one for home usage. Also, this one is considered to be one of the most affordable Horizon treadmills of 2021 with a wide range of features that it offers. Its features are quite better than other treadmills in this price range. It also comes with a passport ready feature to let you experience a new world during a workout.

It is one of the best treadmills under $2000. Given below is the detailed Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill review to clear your doubts.It features 55″ extended workout area and a 2.75 CHP motor as well. Not only this it also comes with 38 inbuilt workouts for you and maximum incline up to 15%. Moreover, it is a folding treadmill, thus saves the storage space.

You can opt this treadmill for any workout programs ranging from a real run or even a light jog, whatever bests your fitness level and goal. There are several programs including interval training, distance, hills, time, heart rate and many more. Thus it will always keep you motivated.It is quite solidly built as well and can bear up to 350 pounds user weight.

Best Suited for Whom?

This treadmill is not though meant for intense runners, but besides that, it serves the purpose of everyone. This can be best suited for a real runner as well as a light jog. You can choose your type of workout depending on your mood of fitness goals.

This treadmill will keep you motivated and will help the best to reach your fitness goals. But it is no doubt the best suited for home use.

Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Assembling this treadmill is not a problem at all because it is a folding treadmill. It can be assembled by two people and can later be moved anywhere. Also, it saves the extra floor space after a workout.

Design and Build Quality

Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill is built well considering its price range. It has got a wide range of amazing features. It also performs brilliantly in all its features. It has got a quite sturdy built. It comes with 2.75 CHP motor, maximum incline up to 15% and also 38 inbuilt workout programs. It also features a large 8.5″ display which makes its design even better.

It is thus built well with a strong motor and frame. All its parts are quite durable. But this treadmill requires regular maintenance to keep its quality better for a more extended period. Support is never a problem though because you are already getting so much for this price range.

Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill Features


It has got a quiet and stable motor. It has 2.75 CHP for training at speed up to 12 mph. The engine doesn’t make much noise while running and facilitates a smooth workout. The motor has got a lifetime warranty as well. Its maximum power caters your light workout needs for home use.


This treadmill has got a maximum incline up to 15%. This provides you with 2 big pros that are – quicker calories burning and better muscle toning.

Variable Cushioning

This feature provides different levels of stiffness at the front, middle and the back of the workout area. The back one is considered to be the firmest for landing and the front one as the softest. The variable response cushioning reduces the risk of injuries due to workout.

Folding Feature

This is the best part for a home use treadmill. This treadmill also comes with a foldable frame. Thus you save the extra floor space after a workout. The dimensions of this treadmill after folding are just 44″ × 35″.

Passport Ready

This one is the optional upgrade for Horizon fitness treadmill because you have to pay extra to avail it. This takes you to a virtual world during a workout. You can choose whichever scenic view you wish to have. The pictures and sound sync with your pace. You can select landscapes, big cities or mountains. Examples for this are the scenic views of New Zealand lakeshores, the Canadian Rockies and the California coast.

Heart Rate monitoring

It comes with a proper heart rate monitoring with contact grips, polar wireless receiver and polar wireless chest strap. Thus you can keep track of your heartbeat during different workouts.

Large Data Display

It has an 8.5″ large LCD. The statistics shown on the screen are time, distance, incline, heart rate zone and laps. Each lap is of 400 meters, and the graphics help you know your regular progress.

Console Extras

The extras include various amenities like a mobile or a magazine holder. It also facilitates speakers and jack for an mp3 player also featuring a cooling fan to keep you away from sweat during a workout. It also has a water bottle holder. Thus you can save yourself hydrated during an exercise.

Safety Key

This treadmill doesn’t start without the safety key. Thus the kids and pets can’t mess up with it. This can also save you from several accidents that may occur during a workout.

Via Fit Connect

It also facilitates via fit connect. This app stores you exercise statistics on a regular basis. Thus through this mobile app, you can keep a check at your progress. The data displayed on this app includes; calories burnt, heart rate, running distance etc.

Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill Workout Programs

38 Inbuilt Programs: This treadmill also features 38 onboard programs which include calorie burning programs, interval training, distance, time and many more. Thus it comes with a whopping amount of programs to keep you motivated. Speed and incline manage these programs. You can also design your workout.

Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: This treadmill has got a warranty of lifetime for motor and frame, three years for parts and cushioning and one year for labour.

Customer support: It provides you with excellent customer care support which can be availed through online portals which include; contact no. – 855-396-2927, email- info@johnsonfit.com.

Return policy: Horizon fitness provides a flexible return policy in which the product can be returned within 30 days of purchase. But the product so returned should be in new and working condition.

Horizon Fitness Elite T5 treadmill Pros and Cons


  • 3 zone Variable cushioning for the comfort of users.
  • Safety key for the safety of pets and kids.
  • Feather-light Foldable feature to move your treadmill anywhere.


  • Little maintenance is required.
  • Extra cost for passport exercise feature.


Horizon Fitness features can make it worth buying for this price range. A typical trainee would be quite satisfied with its performance, though it requires a little maintenance, that should not be a problem. Thus for the people for whom small running area and less horsepower are not a problem should go for this model. Moreover, this is the best folding treadmill of 2021.

Thus it can be considered the best one for home use, and it saves the extra storage space after a workout. It can also be easily transported from one place to another. The built-in programs, passport feature and all ability levels receive excellent reviews for this treadmill from the customers.

Though you have to pay extra to avail the passport ready feature, once you avail it you get to experience the workout with all the fantastic scenic views from the entire world. Thus this treadmill may suit your fitness level and would help you reach your fitness goals real soon with all kind of workout programs it offers. So you should go for this Horizon Fitness Elite T5 Treadmill if you are looking for this price range with so many features.