HCI Fitness Treadmills Review
HCI Fitness Treadmills Review

HCI Fitness Treadmills Review

HealthCare International (HCI) started the HCI Fitness brand with an objective of providing commercially available high-quality fitness equipment, which ensures a great workout session for their customers. The company has designed a variety of HCI Fitness machines, which include total body trainers, recumbent cross trainers, treadmills, upper body ergometers, etc. We will now provide a synopsis of the various HCI Fitness machines available in the market.

Why HCI Fitness Treadmill Stands Out Among the Rest

HCI Fitness is renowned for launching innovative products, aimed at helping its customers enjoy an effective workout and maintain their fitness levels. The HCI Fitness PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill is one such innovative product, which is highly rated by its users. The treadmill boasts a powerful DC motor (4 HP), which offers its users a decent speed increment option and has the potential to run successfully at a top speed of about 15 mph. The treadmill can carry a weight of ~500 lbs and has a reversible belt, which allows the treadmill to move in both directions (forwards and backward). Benefitting from its minimal step-up height, users with wide-ranging physical attributes can use the treadmill.

HCI Fitness PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill

Since the weight bearing capacity of Physiomill is quite large and comes with a thick reversible belt, it is an ideal choice for use in clinical settings and rehabilitation centers such as cardiac rehabilitation, neurological centers, etc. We have given a thorough review of HCI Fitness PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill below so that the customer can know about its features in a better way.

  • The treadmill packs a strong, hi-torque DC motor (4 HP), which comfortably accommodates workout sessions at a peak speed of ~15 mph.
  • The large HD LCD display (9”) is easily readable and displays all the relevant information pertaining to the ongoing workout session.
  • You can adjust the treadmill for an incline range between 0-15%.
  • The tread belt provides a decent running surface (22″ W x 63″ L), is quite thick (2.5 cm) and is reversible in nature.
  • A therapist can control the workout session via a handheld remote, which can be used to Start/Stop/Pause a session as desired.
  • The treadmill’s step-up height is relatively low (6.25”).

Pros & Cons of the HCI Fitness Treadmills


  • Provision of emergency stop buttons help avoid accidents on the loss of balance;
  • Powerful motor helps support long and strenuous workouts;
  • Pretty high weight bearing capacity;
  • The considerable warranty period for the frame as well as other parts;
  • LCD displays help track the workout progress.


  • Non-folding in nature; hence challenging to store in periods of no usage.

Final Verdict

HCI Fitness PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill is probably one of the best non-folding treadmills today. These treadmills are of high quality and provide quite a stable base for the workout session. Even though the treadmill is a relatively premium product, its features such as high weight-bearing capacity, low step-up height, strong DC motor, and a good running surface, help in justifying the premium charged. It is primarily an excellent option for usage by rehabilitation centers/clinics, a treadmill can be used by people with wide-ranging physical attributes to suit their workout preferences. To sum up, PhysioMill Rehabilitation Treadmill is one of the best available treadmills for rehabilitation available in the market, and you would make a wise decision by purchasing the same.

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