Best Treadmills for Serious Runners 2021

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Best Treadmills for Serious Runners 2021

We know you all love running! No, we aren’t just fooling around; we know you all are serious runners. We are here to help you with the same. We are here to help you achieve your dream, and together we can achieve your workout goals. We just want to help you choose your perfect treadmill!

So, let’s cut the chase and begin!

Our Best Choice – The Winner Treadmill

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Electric or magnetic – Which is Best for Runners?

While looking for treadmills, they come in a variety of ranges. Mainly, they are electric and magnetic.

An electric treadmill is usually more costly than a magnetic one. But, on the cost of expense it also offers better use at comfort. They come with a motor machine.

Moreover, electric treadmills make it easy for you to track all your individual workouts with the help of built-in computers.

On the contrary, with a magnetic treadmill we need to spend less. It comes with the practicality as well as the functionality of the device.

Factors Important to Consider before you select Treadmills for Serious Runners

While you are in the course of maintaining  a usual exercise regime for yourself the main hindrance in your way is the weather. Waking up in the morning to going out to run can make you lazy at any stage. If you don’t want a cold day to wash out all your plans,  you have to get to a gym or else just go outdoors to the park, rain.

With a treadmill at home, we can overwhelm all that comes in your usual exercise method. Earlier, you capitalize on a treadmill; there are some vital aspects you have to keep in mind. The following are some of the specifications that we would recommend you to keep in mind for  the gear before you confirm a treadmill for yourself. These features can safeguard a whole workout experience as well as outstanding results for everybody.

1. Powerful motors: The people who require the maximum powerful treadmills to get the most acceptable results out of their workout sessions, are definitely the runners.

It is supposed that a treadmill with a 3.0 Hp (or else higher) nonstop duty motor is the greatest for runners. Once they have touched a precise capacity, this can give them space to improvise all.

Meanwhile, a motor is the most important part of an electric treadmill. They can impact on your fitness goals significantly. Therefore, it is essential to have a look into the power before you buy a treadmill.

2. Advanced deck cushioning: If you don’t want your limb joints and spinal cords to be stressed up after a workout, treadmill cushioning is completely required. They dissipate the shock. This means that the stress which is produced in each and every step of running on a treadmill, is reduced by its own.

Although we don’t wear ourselves out even throughout a hectic regime. Various brands provide many different kinds of cushioning as well as what all the model technology is entirely expensive and therefore it is not available in a normal treadmill.

There is the changeable cushioning. This changeable cushioning can allow the runner a larger room for exercise as he or any one else can literally run without shock effects anywhere on the belt. The versatile cushioning does not cover the whole surface area, but it allows us to alter the layers so that the most significant parts are less affected while in a session.

3. High top speeds: We know what is important for serious runners. The chase to the high speeds becomes essential after a time. As they improvise their fitness goals over time, the machine must be capable of delivering advanced levels of challenge with their growth. This is only possible in machines that are having a maximum speed of twelve mph or else more. 

These treadmill machines are constructed to be a great contender to the runner’s pace as well. High speed workouts help in building up stamina. The best machines are having up to eighteen mph top speed.

4. Good warranty: The quality of a product is determined by a great warranty. Many brands are supporting their quality claims. They do this by offering a warranty not less than five years on the separate parts of the product as well as extra years of labor warranty to their users.

By law, the brand is bound to replace the entire machine for any malfunctioning due to manufacturing defects.

It ensures a tough as well as the long-lasting machine in your possession.

In addition, you don’t have to worry about extra charges. Labour warranty also covers the maintenance work which has to be done with the warranty period.

5. High-quality tread belts: The entire weight of the runner is borne with the Tread belt. Thus, the quality of a tread belt is what matters the most. A person runs on the machine, and there is definite pressure on the belt, proportional to the runner’s weight. The belt quality should be higher as such that no matter what the pressure is exerted on it. Tread belts should always support the runner in his exercise.

The best of treadmill belts are usually thicker than normal. The reason behind this is, so the pressure gets equally distributed across its surface. Then it gets easier as well as smoother for the runner to carry out his exercises over it. It ensures that the runner experiences a minor amount of stress as balanced to those treadmills with low-grade belts.

6. Deck and the deck size: If you are taller than the average person, we know what bothers you the most. It is the deck size.The normal size of the deck is required for a runner is twenty inches by sixty inches.

But when a person is taller than the regular six-foot, he or she will have to require more legroom and clearance space everywhere around the equipment. So, the deck size must be larger in this type of case. The bigger the deck size, the more is also the safety that can be provided.

7. Belt: The one major thing you should always take care when you are investing in a treadmill for a long period is that the maintenance should be low. If you have to spend normal amounts in the maintenance of the equipment. it destroys the entire meaning of buying a treadmill. Belts are the main parts that require the most of this maintenance, after motors. 

Ensure that the machine you buy has a pre-lubricated belt, so you don’t have to keep lubricating it daily because machines need as much lubrication as our joints do.

8. Safety: The clearance space needs for a machine that depends on the size of the machine. The bigger the treadmill, the more and more legroom you need. This is the reason why you will need more space to keep away from injury just in case of slip-ups or else errors.

Inside the most high-quality treadmills, there is always a safety key, as well as an emergency off button. These are the settings built-in inside the equipment to make certain that not a single one gets fatally injured during workouts. This can also help in keeping children safe even if they accidentally fall off a running treadmill.

9. Additional features exclusive for treadmills

  • Heart rate control: The runner’s heart rate is the program that dominates inside the sophisticated treadmills. This also ensures that even the heart patients can work out on treadmills without easy fatigue. This also doubles the benefits of a treadmill exercise.
  • Power inclines: If you want your workout to feel real, inclination is the key. The uphill and downhill inclines are the same as that we get on the outside on roads that provide a greater challenge to the fit runner. Modifying the incline of the equipment grows the trouble level of the exercise.
  • Decline: The number of high-end treadmills declines to two to three percent. Consider this option to vary your workout and occupy the muscles used to decelerate to avoid injury.
  • High-Intensity Training: If you’re training at a high level – and looking for a powerhouse that will keep you striving for more – the X11i Incline Treadmill can grip it.
  • Wireless pulse monitoring: Wireless pulse monitoring mainly works on the principle of infrared sensors. They are usually attached to the handles of the treadmill and give you a real-time heart rate. It helps you to monitor your heart rate and pulse closely. In the front of the user, there is a display screen, which shows them their pulse rate. This helps you to easily determine at which intensity you are working out.

Treadmill VS Running Outside

We all love the smell of the grass and the soil after a soft rain shower. What’s better than running with nature? We all have definitely thought of it this way. But, we all know how difficult it is to maintain a lifestyle and take out time from it while visiting a park for a good run. It is always easier for us to work out on a treadmill at our home, in our comfort zone, and we won’t deny that fact.

Yes, definitely, working out on a treadmill at your home is much more comforting.

But, every coin has two sides. We don’t want to blindside you with all the boons a treadmill holds. So, let us discuss the pros and cons of a treadmill.

Serious Runner Treadmills Pros and Cons


  • The top characteristic of a commercial treadmill is the suitability that provides. We actually don’t have to dress up or else even step out to exercise on a treadmill. Your routine does not break one and the other by rain or else the sun.
  • There are fewer chances of worry of strain on legs because the treadmills have futuristic cushioning technology that lessens the joints effect. The normal trouble of weakened joints over a long time doesn’t impact treadmill users.
  • This is also cost-effective as equated to joining a gym that will cost them a lot and lots in terms of membership fees.
  • There is a variety in a wide range of existing programs that are present in a treadmill, be it for running or else walking. We can select from these as per your health as well as fitness goals.


  • The first thing is that it makes workout trouble-free and a little too comfy for the runners. We get habituated to its ease as well as smoothness that we will afterward realize that running outdoors is a more tiring exercise.
  • It does not provide us with the live fresh air or the natural environment that a green park or else a ground has. It is also part of the morning exercise for lots of runners.
  • There is an absence of the decline option in many treadmill brands, so the challenge provided by these is low when balanced to the outdoor environment where inclines are natural and abundant for a runner.
  • Running outdoors in a park or else on an open ground is an entirely different experience level. We get to breathe in the fresh air, the smell of green grass as well as listen to the music of the birds in the morning.
  • There are also technical things, such as inclines and declines on roads that make running a more challenging nature. The same specifications cannot ever be re-formed in a treadmill while trying to get as close to it as possible.

Running Outside Pros and Cons


  • Running outdoors is a campaign that requests for much more stamina as well as strength. So, the period, we are bound to getter in less time as well as their muscles take shape too easily. This happens because of the pressure that we have to work out on the ground in every step we take.
  • The live environment is all the time plus running outdoors in the open air. There is sunlight, fresh air as well as greenery all around to inspire us day by day.
  • Running outdoors keeps us in control of our own regime while on a machine, we work according to the present programs on the treadmill.


  • While making a good run outdoors, it may often result in weak joints and muscle cramps.
  • It is extremely difficult to manage and ensure good runs on a daily schedule. Weather often becomes difficult on the road. This often causes mental stress.
  • When it comes to safety measures, running outdoors might not be the safest option for many of us.

While purchasing a treadmill, make sure that it is in proper condition. It should always be stable while running, jogging, or walking. Slips and slides should always be checked upon.

We would advise you to personally take a run on a treadmill before finalizing its purchase.

Make sure that you understand all the controls of the machine before purchasing it. We don’t want you to end up with a treadmill with too many complicated controls for you to handle.

In the end, we would like to say ‘Keep running’!

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