Best Treadmills for Serious Runners
Best Treadmills for Serious Runners

Best Treadmills for Serious Runners 2019

Once you make up your mind to exercise every day, you need the motivation to follow up your decision. Going out every day in all kinds of weather can be difficult. Winters and rainy seasons can be quite demotivating. A treadmill at home can help you to establish a regular exercise regime through which you can get in shape and keep your heart healthy.

The advanced features and sophisticated design of treadmills will help you to get better at workouts over time. This is possible because of the well-thought-out programs that are set up in treadmills. The best of these treadmills come with technological innovations and conveniences which will make workout sessions fruitful as well as enjoyable for you. This is the type of equipment you need if you are a serious and dedicated runner.

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Factors Important to Consider before you select Treadmills for Serious Runners

The biggest hindrance in your way to building up a regular exercise regime for yourself is the weather. From waking up in the morning to going out to run, it can make you lazy in any step. Whether you have to get to a gym or just go outside to the park, a rain or a cold day can wash out all your plans.

But, with a treadmill at home, you can overcome all that comes in your way of regular exercise. Before you invest in a treadmill, there are some essential factors you have to keep in mind. These are the features that you ought to look for in the equipment before you finalize a treadmill for yourself. These features can ensure a complete workout experience and excellent results for everyone.

1. Powerful motors

Runners are the people who require the most powerful treadmills to get best results out of their workout sessions. It is said that a treadmill with a 3.0 Hp (or higher) continuous duty motor is the best for runners. This gives them space to improve themselves once they have reached a specific capacity. Since a motor is the major part of an electric treadmill, they can affect your fitness goals considerably. Thus it is necessary to look into the power before you buy a treadmill.

2. Advanced deck cushioning

Treadmill cushioning is absolutely necessary while working out since it helps ease up stress from your limb joints and spinal cords. They dissipate the shock produced in every step of running on a treadmill.

Thus you don’t wear yourself out even during a hectic regime. Different brands provide different kinds of cushioning and whatever the model the technology is purely expensive and hence not available in ordinary treadmills. There is the variable cushioning which allows the runner greater room for exercise as he or she can actually run without shock effects anywhere on the belt. The adjustable cushioning doesn’t cover the entire surface area but allows you to adjust the layers so the most important parts are affected less while a session.

3. High top speeds

For serious runners, high speeds become necessary after a while. As they improve their fitness goals over time, the machine should be able to provide higher levels of challenge with their progress. This is possible in machines that have a maximum speed of 12 mph or more. These treadmill machines are built to be a great contender to the runner’s pace and thus help build stamina. The best of machines have up to 18 mph top speed.

4. Good warranty

A great warranty is always the maker of a quality product. Most brands support their quality claims with a warranty no less than five years on the individual parts of the product and additional years of labor warranty. There is also warranty ensured periods for the product as a whole during which the brand is bound by law to replace the whole equipment for any malfunctioning due to manufacturing defects. This ensures a durable and long lasting machine in your possession. Labor warranty covers the maintenance works that have to be done within the warranty period so you don’t have to worry about additional charges on that score.

5. High-quality tread belts

Tread belt quality is of importance as it bears the whole weight of the runner. As a person runs on the machine, there is a certain pressure on the belt, proportional to the weight of the runner. The belt quality should be as such that no matter how much pressure is exerted on it, it should support the runner in his exercise. The best of treadmill belts are thicker than usual so the pressure gets evenly distributed across its surface. It then gets easier and smoother for the runner to carry out his exercises over it. This also ensures that the runner experiences a lesser amount of stress as compared to those treadmills with low-grade belts.

6. Deck and deck size

Deck size matters the most for people who are taller than usual. The usual size of deck required for a runner is 20” * 60”. But when a person is taller than the average six foot, he or she will require more legroom and clearance space around the equipment. Thus the deck size should be larger in such cases. The larger the deck size, the more is also the safety it can provide.

7. Belt

One thing you should ensure when you are investing in a treadmill for a long period is that it should be low maintenance. It ruins the whole point of buying a treadmill if you have to spend regular amounts in the maintenance of the equipment. Belts are the parts which require most of this maintenance, after motors. Ensure that the machine you buy has a pre-lubricated belt so you wouldn’t have to keep lubricating it month and month.

8. Safety

The clearance space required for a machine depends on the size of the machine. The larger the treadmill, the more legroom you need and thus more will be the space you will need to avoid injury in case of slip-ups or errors.

Within most high-quality treadmills, there is a safety key and an emergency off button. These are settings built-in within the machine to ensure that no one gets fatally injured while workouts. This also helps to keep children safe even they accidentally fall off a running treadmill.

9. Additional features exclusive for treadmills

  • Heart rate control

Within the sophisticated treadmills are available programs that are controlled by the runner’s heart rate. This ensures that even heart patients can work out on treadmills without easy fatigue. It also doubles the benefits of a treadmill exercise.

  • Power inclines

Inclines are set up to give a realistic feel to the workout. The uphill and downhill inclines are similar to that we get outside on roads and provide with an increased challenge to the fit runner. Changing the incline of the machine increases the difficulty level of the exercise.

  • Wireless pulse monitoring

Most of the innovatively designed best treadmills for runners have sensors attached to their handles which give real-time heart rate monitoring. These are then displayed on the console screen in front of the user. You can ease your regime or increase the difficulty level then according to the reading.


There are two options before every runner. Either you can run outside on the roadside or a park or can run on a treadmill. There are perks to both these options as well as difficulties. Let us look closer at these two methods to decide which is better for a dedicated runner on a long-term basis.

A treadmill can be kept at home and in the morning, you can immediately start your workout then and there without any further delay. It is equipped with programs so you can move smoothly through various exercises within the running kind.

Pros & Cons of Treadmill


1. The best feature of a commercial treadmill is the convenience it provides. You don’t have to dress up or even step out to exercise on a treadmill. Your routine doesn’t break either by rain or sun.
2. There is less worry of strain on legs since the treadmills have advanced cushioning technology that lessens the impact on joints. The usual trouble of weakened joints over a long time doesn’t affect the treadmill users.
3. It is also cost effective as compared to joining a gym which will cost you a lot in terms of a membership fee.
4. There is a wide range of preset programs available in a treadmill, be it for running or walking. You can choose from these as per your health and fitness goals.


1. The first thing is that it makes workout easy and a little too comfy for the runners. You get habituated to its ease and smoothness that you will later find that running outside is a much tiring exercise.
2. It also doesn’t provide you with fresh air or the natural environment which a green park or a ground has. It is also part of the morning exercise of lots of runners.
3. There is a lack of the decline option in a lot of treadmill brands so the challenge provided by these is low when compared to the outer environment where inclines are natural and abundant for a runner.
4. Running outside in a park or an open ground is a whole different level of experience. You get to breathe in the fresh air, the smell of green grass and listen to the music of the birds in the morning. There are also technical things such as inclines and declines on roads that make running more challenging naturally. The very same features can never really be recreated in a treadmill although we do try to get as close to it as possible.

Pros & Cons of Running Outside


  • Running outside is an activity which asks for more stamina and strength. Thus overtimes, you are bound to getter in lesser time and your muscles take shape too easily. This is because of the pressure that we have to exercise on the ground in each step we take.
  • The natural environment is always a plus of running outside in open air. There is sunlight, fresh air and greenery around to motivate you day after day.
  • Running outside puts you in control of your own regime while on a machine you work according to the preset programs on the treadmill.


  • There is increased pressure on legs and lower muscles as a result of which you get cramps and weakened joints after a while. All runners experience these issues over time.
  • The routine can be easily disrupted by even the slightest of changes in weather. This can be highly demotivating for many runners.
  • While out in open, with the increased traffic and number of people on roads, you are more prone to get in an accident than on a treadmill at home. This makes treadmills relatively safer compared to outer exercise regimes.

Don’t buy a treadmill if

1. If the belt doesn’t run smoothly, it points some manufacturing defect of the equipment. This means you should always check the noise level of the treadmill equipment before you buy it. Ensure that the machine is noiseless both when you are running on it at its top speed and when you walk on it’s at its slowest pace.
2. Buy the treadmill only if the belt stays in place at all paces of running and walking. It shouldn’t be skipping or sliding away from its position at any point of time during your regimes.
3. Try personally running on the deck before you finalize your treadmill. It should give you enough legroom to run and walk at all paces and is very accommodative of your strides. Otherwise, it is advisable to buy the best home treadmills so as to avoid accidents.
4. Try it at various inclinations and then ensure that the equipment stays stable at all positions and speeds.
5. If the controls of a machine are too complex for you, it is better to choose another with simpler controls. This reduces the risk of accidents due to the inability to manage the treadmill.


Before you buy any treadmill, look through the various options before you. Making a list of all your requirements and comparing machines accordingly will help you narrow down options. Buy a product only when you are completely satisfied with it because these machines are your investment for a long time.

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