Best Treadmills For Runners 2021

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Best Treadmills For Runners 2021

If you are a runner and need to improve your running streaks, then you came to the right place. Runners usually have a tight schedule and daily life can always obstruct their training. But missing a workout can also affect you negatively. Since being on the schedule is important you need fitness equipment that can help you work out in the comfort of your home. The treadmills that keep your body fit can also be your perfect work out companion. There are specifically designed treadmills for serious runners that can endure the physical pressure exerted on them.

Treadmill training is as beneficial as running exercises so keep some things in mind while choosing a treadmill. The treadmills must have powerful motors to endure the stress exerted on them while running. A wider and longer deck is important for giving enough room for running comfortably. Since running is a strenuous task proper cushioning must be provided to reduce the impact on knees and joints.

Runners will love the treadmills we selected as these are best treadmills for runners in 2018 with the desired specifications. So The nordictrack commercial 1750 treadmill the one that suits you well.

Our Best Choice – The Winner Treadmill

Treadmills For Runners Awards

Overall this Machine Makes a mark with one and all.

Best Treadmill for Running under $500

The best treadmill on a budget should have a motor of at least 2 HP and running area of at least 16” by 50”. The running speed should be at least 10 mph coupled with a manual incline. The machine should not be very heavy with an easy folding mechanism. It should offer at least 10 to 12 built-in programs.  For viewing the tracking data, a minimum of 3 to 5 inches console should be just enough. The machine should cover all the essential features in a budget to get the customer’s vote.

This treadmill is ideal for those who are looking for exercise equipment on a budget. The treadmill has received the highest rating of all the treadmills mentioned in this list.

The weight of the treadmill is 108 pounds and can be folded at the deck. The treadmill has all the essential features with the 2.25 HP motor that functions quietly. It has XTRASoft Cushioned Deck and running area of 16”x50”  for a smooth running experience.

The machine is equipped with 12 built-in programs, a manual program and 3 incline options that can be set manually.

The tracking data is displayed at 5 inches wide LCD that includes speed, incline, time, distance,and calories burnt. The pulse rate can also be kept in check with the sensors on the handlebars.

The maximum speed you can hit is 10 mph with user-friendly buttons that allow easy access.

This budget-friendly machine offers all the necessary features to give you that complete running experience.

What types of best treadmills for runners are there?

First and foremost information about the treadmill that you should have is there there are two types of treadmills

  • Manual treadmill
  • Motorized  treadmill

Manual Treadmill

The manual treadmill does not have any motor. It runs with the momentum set by the user as soon as they start walking. The manual treadmill works as soon as you start walking, and as you speed up it gets faster and you have to low down your pace to stop it.

The best part about the manual treadmill is that it can be used without electricity. They are cheaper than their motorized counterparts. You must keep in mind before investing in a manual treadmill is that it needs a lot of maintenance and care. When you are working out on a manual treadmill, you cannot switch your speed in an instance or can change the angle of inclination.

The manual treadmill is recommended for those who want to use a treadmill for casual walking or recreational running.

Motorized treadmill

The motorized treadmill has an electric motor. The capacity of the motor varies from one treadmill to another. Most of you who have been to the gym must be familiar with the motorized treadmills. The motorized treadmill has inbuilt programs and an automated system to change the incline and speed.

The motorised treadmills cater to a wide variety of customers like beginners, athletes, elderly, heavy weight people, casual walkers, and just about anybody. The motorized treadmills even have variety in terms of low consumption of electricity or economical treadmills, space saver treadmills, lightweight treadmills, Under-desk treadmills and many more.

Difference Between Commercial and Home Treadmill

There are very many models available in the market. Some of the treadmills are strictly for commercial use and others for home use; however, some can be used for both purposes.

It is very much required that you educate yourself before you invest in any kind of exercise equipment. Buying the best one is not always the right fit but the one that fits your requirements.

Home treadmills

Treadmills for home use are of two types—one that can be folded and another that cannot be folded.  If space is a concern for you, then the foldable model can be a very good option, but if you want the treadmill to be at a fixed place and doesn’t require to move it, then the non-foldable model would be an excellent choice.

Both the foldable and non-foldable kinds have a variety of features and cater to your varied technological requirements.

The modern-day treadmills have the ability to interact with fitness apps to render that engaging exercise experience you always wanted.

Commercial treadmills

Commercial treadmills are non-foldable and heavy.  If you wish to install a commercial-grade treadmill then you have to have the required space for it. These treadmills can deliver hours of workout day after day. The commercial treadmills have motors of higher capability and the components with the greater shelf life, which makes it more durable.

Usually, you will find such machines in Gyms, fitness centres, spa and health centres. They have a lot of variety to offer in terms of inbuilt programs, internet compatibility, app interaction, MP3 compatibility and Bluetooth access.

Choosing the Best Treadmill for Running

1. The need for Speed: The main difference between a treadmill for serious runners and normal walkers is their requirement of speed. Running long distance in short time periods require a treadmill with faster running speeds. Generally, treadmills have a maximum speed of up to 12 mph and it is more than enough for walkers.

But treadmills with a top speed of 15 mph are preferred for runners because not only do they provide speed, the durability of such machines are also higher as compared to the other treadmills. Nowadays you can even get the best treadmill for runners on a budget with maximum speeds.

2. Dimensions should take into account: Different manufacturers offer different sizes of treadmills.  The difference is not huge, but a few inches here and there can make all the difference. The minimum recommended size is 120x40cm if you are tall than the recommended size is  145x55cm. On an average, the size of 135×45 cm should cater to most users.

One of the biggest concerns while investing in a treadmill for runners is of space and its storage. So, one has to be prepared in advance about what is the kind of treadmill you are going to invest as per the availability of space. The foldable treadmills mostly have wheels for easy manoeuvrability and a safety lock for security.

3. A Commercial Motor: A powerful motor ensures the endurance of the treadmill and it can affect the effectiveness of your treadmill training. The power of the motors is measured in terms of horsepower (HP) or continuous horsepower (CHP). Treadmills are now available with 1.5 CHP and 5.0 CHP motors.

How much powerful motor you need depends on your weight and the type of exercises you plan to do. For a person weighing more than 200 pounds, 3.0 CHP motor is advisable.

They must also be able to handle high speeds and operate for longer periods without overheating. Best treadmills for running in 2017 in the market often do have cooling systems and are silent during the workout.

4. Plush Cushioning: The biggest advantage of choosing a treadmill over running outside is the reduction of risk in injuring yourself. Not only does it keep you safe from vehicles but also keep your joints healthy by reducing the impact on knees while running.

Roads and different terrain do not have the shock absorption capacity provided by the treadmills and pose some risk damaging your joints. A treadmill can reduce the impact on joints by up to 30%.

Many modern treadmills have the capacity to adjust the cushioning offered for people who need a much natural experience. Most of the treadmills have differential support whenever and wherever needed.

5. A Low-Maintenance Belt: Preferring a treadmill with the right belt is an important factor as the runners are in direct contact with the belt. So it has to be of the apt size and good quality. The thickness of the belt increases the durability of the belt and is comparatively silent.

A higher quality belt will last you long. Higher the price, higher is the quality of the belts. Cheaper treadmills require lubrication that has to be done manually while the expensive treadmills come pre-lubricated and the silicone infused belts do not need any lubrication.

You can expect a belt to take 15,000 miles to 1, 50,000 miles before requiring any maintenance depending on the cost of the treadmill.

6. Max user weight: It is important to understand that every machine has a weight-bearing capacity attached to it. It also depends upon the kind of motor capacity it has. Still, care should be taken before investing in a treadmill to understand what is the maximum user weight capacity of the machine to get the most out of your investment.

7. Power Incline: Want to make your treadmill training more intense? Then power incline is the best feature in a treadmill that will help you achieve it. An incline will increase the effort required for you to do the same kind of workout resulting in the faster burning of calories effecting in the proper shaping of your body muscles.

Incline helps in mimicking outdoor routes and will give you the similar feel of having an uphill training. The incline varies from 2% to 20% with the lowest giving a resistance equal to that of the wind and the highest to that of mountain climbing. 

8. Monitoring the Ticker: Treadmills are the best fitness equipment for cardio training. So proper cardio monitoring is always a feature to look for in a treadmill. Generally, treadmills come with monitoring sensors attached to the handlebars but they are not very efficient when you are running at a speed of more than 4 mph.

When choosing a treadmill, always prefer the ones with wireless chest pulse receivers that can be attached to your chest as these provide accurate measurements. This will help you monitor your cardiovascular performance much efficiently.

9. Budget: There are many treadmills available on the market with a plethora of features but finding the one that fits in your budget is a tedious task. But with some care, you can get the best commercial treadmill for your need.

Normal ranges which we consider to have enough features and quality are:

  1. Under $1,500
  2. Under $2,000
  3. Under $2,500

10. Belt Surface Area: The surface area of the track belt is relative to the type of workout you are planning to do on the treadmill and also your height. The longer the stride you make the longer the belt has to be.

Unlike walkers and light joggers, the treadmills for runners have to be long and must have enough width so as to give space for the runners to workout comfortably. Treadmill track length usually varies from 55″ to 63″. Track length above 60″ is preferable for runners. And the width can range from 20″ to 22″.


Treadmills manufactured by top companies have a longer period of warranty and this is an indication of the quality and durability of their product. Frames are sturdy and quite durable so the companies offer a lifetime warranty for them.

Even the treadmill motors are provided with a lifetime warranty but there are manufacturers that give a limited warranty for a cheap treadmill. Parts come under warranty for a period of 1 year to 5 years depending on the reputation of the companies.

Based on the treadmill reviews as per the consumer reports it can take almost one year for the treadmills to show their manufacturing defects so beware of companies that offer warranties for only a year. 

Workout Programs

 A treadmill is one of the most simple fitness equipment that anyone can use to keep his/her body fit. But sometimes beginners do find it difficult to manage their treadmills well and utilize all its features.

So for making the treadmill user-friendly and for ensuring effective workouts, companies install treadmills with workout programs having different workout routines that will help the beginners in working out.

They can automatically adjust the inclination and speed of the training routines depending on the intensity of the workout mode that you have chosen.

Display Options

While deciding upon the treadmill, always make sure that you can easily get accustomed to the control panel otherwise it will be difficult for you to get the most out of your treadmill.

Apart from the controllers for setting loaded workout routines, there are many other controllers on the treadmill display which can be used for monitoring your health statistics and customizing the workout.

Generally, there are controllers for changing the time, speed, distance, etc. These can also monitor your health and display statistics like heart rate, calories burnt and Metabolic Equivalents. These will help you make a planned workout session.


The stability of the treadmill is important otherwise, it will wobble or shake during exercise. Our well-researched reviews will be of assistance while choosing a durable machine for your home.

Some people choose to buy a commercial-grade treadmill for its stability and durability.


It is of immense importance to view the exercise data during the exercise to understand our progress and functioning of the treadmill.  The screen should display the following during the exercise

  •  Speed
  •  incline level
  •  time elapsed
  •  distance covered
  •  calories burnt

Easy to use

The buttons and switches on the console should be user friendly and easily operable while running. It won’t take much time to get used to the controls; however easier they are better it is. All the functions have to be at your fingertips to manage your exercise in a better way.  Besides, the basic functions should be within reach and easy to manage.

Custom Programs

Most of the treadmills today have customised programs option wherein the customers can create there own program. During the customisation, you are in control of all the parameters like speed, incline and the duration. Once you have set it up, you can access it at the click of a button.

 Users Profiles

Users profile is useful when a treadmill is to be shared among members of the family. A user’s profile stores a person’s complete data like age, weight with their name and the most preferred exercise.

When a particular user with his data already on the treadmill uses the treadmill, he just has to click on his profile, and his preferred exercises and his data will appear automatically on the console.  This way, the user will be able to keep a track on his workout data and view his progress periodically.

 Heart Rate Monitor

The basic idea of a cardio workout is to get the heart rate pumping; however, with the heart rate monitor, it is good to keep the heart health in check. You can always consult your doctor to understand how high your heart rate can go. There are different kinds of heart rate monitors available with the treadmills.

Some of the treadmills have built-in heart rate monitors in the handrails in the form of sensors and, others offer an exclusive wireless chest strap to be worn during exercise for heart rate monitoring.

Some of the treadmills also offer programs like heart rate control program wherein you choose a level of heart rate to stay within, and the treadmill will adjust the speed and incline accordingly.


1. Interactive: Most of the treadmills are so technologically advanced that they have interactive training systems. These training systems help the customer connect with professional trainers online and follow their advice. It is like exercising with a personalised trainer virtually. These treadmills also allow the customers to access training videos on the internet and fitness app compatibility to make sure that you have everything you need.

For example, iFit is the most popular and highly accessed fitness app for achieving fitness goals and not let the routine get monotonous.

The fitness apps also have the option to use google maps for a virtual run anywhere in the world. That really can be a fun feature to access.

2. Audio: Most of the treadmills come with inbuilt speakers for you to access your favourite music by BlueTooth compatibility or through the internet. Most of the treadmills are IOS and Android compatible. They also provide a USB port for charging and a shelf for holding your tablet or any other device.

3. Air Conditioner: The air conditioning system in the treadmills is called Auto Breeze and is located at the console. It can be turned on and off at will by the user.

4. TV: Some high and treadmills offer built-in television with large screens and access to all preset channels. You can even access a radio through this port.

Is it better to choose a treadmill for running which has preset or built-in programs and/or compatibility with fitness apps?

Treadmills are famous for being known as the best workout companions but even the best fitness equipment will not prove worthwhile if you cannot use it well. Many buyers of treadmills buy it on a sudden urge seeing it as a shortcut to complete fitness but basic knowledge is needed even for working out on a treadmill.

Because of ignorance among their users, companies are now pre-installing programs that will help the users in carrying out their workouts. Even best commercial treadmills now offer preset workouts like ProForm 505 CST Treadmill which has 18 programs. Expensive variants like Horizon Fitness Elite T9 Treadmill offer 44 programs with many other additional features. Some other models like 3G Cardio 80i Fold Flat Treadmill and the Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill has 10 or fewer programs to choose from. But they have customizable programs, a good feature that is absent in the cheaper models. So if you select the best treadmill for runners on a budget then you will get all these features without much sacrifice.

Running On a Treadmill versus Running Outside

There is always a debate going on in the fitness world where the treadmill is pitted against the conventional jogging and running on the normal ground. So it is always good to know about the advantages of the best treadmill brands before buying it.
1. Treadmills are safe and convenient: Working out in nature is extremely dependant on the climatic conditions. If the climate stays unfavorable then you will miss your workout while if you use a treadmill you can workout at any time at the convenience of your home.

Running on a treadmill causes less impact on the joints because of their cushions and flat surface while running outside can result in injuries. Moreover, a treadmill makes the monitoring of your health easier than ever.

2. You can simulate your race better: Races are always conducted on well laid out tracks and the fastest person to cover the distance becomes the winner. So for a runner what he needs is a planned running session on a well laid out track with a mechanism to note down his time. A treadmill has this facility making it a good option for a runner.

3. It may help your form: Running helps in improving the metabolism of the body and exercises most of the body muscles. This helps in toning the muscles giving a good shape to the body. With treadmills, you can have a properly planned workout session every single day keeping your body fit.  

Tips for using the treadmill

We suggest that you proceed gradually with your exercise, especially if you are a beginner. There is a chance of injuries or muscles soreness if you do too much of running or brisk walking before your body get used to it.

You might also be familiar with the treadmills at the gym but we still suggest that you read the instruction manual carefully  before starting workout.  Read on to understand  what more you need to know before you embark on the fitness journey

1. Walk before you run: Warm-up before the exercise is very important. Do take 5 to10 minutes on the treadmill to warm up.  Take a walk at a low speed to warm up your lower body and lightly swing your arms during the warm-up for the upper body. This will reduce the risk of injury.

2. Try interval training: To build your routine and endurance, interval training is a very good idea. Interval training refers to alternate between slow and fast sessions. It could be running or walking or a mix of both. Interval training has proven to given results faster and build endurance.

3. Adjust the incline: If you need to increase the intensity of your workout, you can work up the incline that will give a workout to different muscle groups and also strengthen your calves and legs. It also simulates an uphill motion. 

4. Use running headphones: The running headphones are a great accessory as they are sweatproof and are designed to stay in place during the run.  It is a great way to keep yourself motivated during the workout.


So read the article well and pay extra care while choosing a treadmill. Know why you are buying the treadmill and equate it against your budget. Do not buy the most expensive one expecting the best quality.

You can always find a good treadmill for serious runners at an affordable price without sacrificing much of the features. But make sure the specific features which are mentioned in the article as a necessity for runners are available in your treadmill.

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