Endurance Walking/Rehab Treadmill Review

Endurance Walking/Rehab Treadmill Review

Treadmills are beautiful machines which replicate the motion of walking, climbing, running, and jogging. They help you maintain a healthy weight and remain fit. Endurance treadmills are a brand by Body Solid, which is a highly reputed company that manufactures terrific health equipment.

For the past 35 years, they are offering best of the best products to their users.This Treadmill is a leader in fitness manufacturing domain and is a storehouse of smith machines, power racks, home gyms, weight benches, etc.Let’s read more and find out why.

The Endurance Walking/Rehad treadmill is a machine which can suit a user of any age. It is a high-quality unit with great features. It takes into consideration the comfort and safety of its users and offers them a perfect and hassle-free workout. This treadmill rating is getting good from the users as well.Read Endurance Review here and know more about this machine.

Best Suited for Whom?

As the name suggests, Endurance Walking/Rehab Treadmill is perfect for people who are seniors, are in rehab care, retirement homes, physiotherapists, etc. It is a good rehab treadmill for physical therapy.

Its Orthopaedic belt ensures that your knees and joints will remain intact and won’t have to bear any pressure. This machine is built in such a way to aid such people in remaining fit and healthy. It is one of the best treadmills under $1000 and suits everyone’s pocket.

Endurance Walking/Rehab Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of the Endurance Treadmill is straightforward as it comes with a fully-described manual. Read the instructions carefully while assembling and do as directed. You will surely not go wrong anywhere and will be able to gather the whole unit in no time. You must take the help of one more person to ease out the entire process.

Design and Build Quality

The design and build quality of this treadmill are fantastic. The frame is very sturdy and stable. It is so powerful and can take the body weight up to 310 lbs. It measures 77” x 29.5” x 53.5” and is bulky. Since it is non-foldable, it can sometimes be an issue to store it.

The designing is excellent especially the extended handrails which give extra stability to the machine as well as to the user. Its ramp is wide enough to avoid any tripping, even if the user is running at high speed. The console is to the point and doesn’t beat around the bush.

Endurance Walking/Rehab Treadmill Features

1. Motor: The motor of the Endurance T50 Walking/Rehab treadmill is potent and durable. It is a high torque motor of 1.5HP which gives a dominant performance and effective workouts to the user. It is capable of moving the speed from 0.1mph to 5mph with 0.1mph increments. This feature makes it easier for any user to set a particular speed accurately.

2. Touchscreen Control Panel: The display of this treadmill has 3 Jumbo 1 ¾ big blue LEDs which show the Time, Distance, Speed, Calories, and Heart Rate. It is a simple console which does not confuse the user with over information. The buttons like Start, Stop, Speed, etc. are oversized for easy viewing. Overall, its control panel is simple as well as functional.

3. Tread Belt: The tread belt of this machine is orthopaedic and is unique as it reduces the undue pressure on knees and joints. It measures 17.75”(W) x 51”(L) and has a full rear entry for easy access. The size is good enough for easy easily walking or running without tripping on it.

4. Heart Rate Monitoring: The heart rate monitor of this device is placed ergonomically. The contact grips contain pulse sensors which measure the heart rate and display on the console.

Endurance Walking/Rehab Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: 5 years on parts, two years on Electronics, one year on Labour.

Parts and Service: 5 years warranty on Parts.

Customer Support: You can contact the customer support from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 5 pm CST. You can call

Them at their toll: free number – 800-556-3113 or fax your concern at 708-427-3598.

Return Policy: In case you wish to return the product, then contact the company office at 1-800-5563113 and get Return Authorization Number. You can then replace the product along with the authorisation number and sales receipt. The shipping charges while a return is at your expense.

Endurance Walking/Rehab Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • Unique treadmill for seniors, walkers, rehab facilities, physiotherapists, retirement homes, or slow users who want an easy, yet good workout.
  • Wide ramp belt for easy walk/run, without tripping.
  • Orthopaedic belt reduces the undue pressure on knees and joints.
  • 0.5mph increments to increase the speed lets you choose the precise speed for your workout.
  • The powerful 1.5HP high torque motor is useful in giving high performance.
  • Thick handrails extend to the full length of the treadmill and give extra support to the machine as well as the user.
  • The display monitor is easy to use and shows only the necessary information about the workout.


  • The machine is bulky and not foldable. Hence, it is a task sometimes to store it in a room.
  • The absence of built-in workout programs reduces the variety of options for the user.


The Endurance Walking/Rehab Treadmill is a rehab treadmill which will suit any user and is also very reasonable in price. Its impressive features like an excess ramp, high torque motor, slow start speed, sturdy and extended handrails, oversized display screen, and magnetic safety lanyard, make it quite a preferred choice for the users.

This machine does exactly what you expect it to do. You are inevitably going to notice a change in your body and overall health after using this wonder machine due to its powerful workouts. This treadmill is one of the best rehab treadmills under $1000.