Best Treadmills Desk 2021

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Best Treadmills Desk 2021

In the world of 9 to 5 jobs, you will be spending most of your time sitting on a chair and that is totally unhealthy for your body. It can easily lead to obesity and other health-related diseases. Treadmill desks are invented for this kind of working generation to ensure that they stay fit and productive the entire day without disrupting their work schedule.

Treadmill desks for work are not meant for jogging or running. It is specifically designed for walking at lower speeds while working. Apart from getting a light health exercise, it also helps you relax and boost your mood in a work area where you are forced to stay static at a place. The speed averages around 2mph which won’t even make you sweat but it can play a significant role in decreasing the risks of diseases like cancer, heart disease, and type 2 diabetes. Moreover, it can burn more calories than when you sit idle or standing. In simple words, we could say that it prolongs your life.

Desk treadmills are much simpler than other kinds of treadmills. But their features are people specific. What might suit you may not suit others. So choose the right one depending on your specific needs. As a helping hand, we have brought together a list of top 5 desk treadmills which you can choose from.[table id=4 /]

Top 5 Treadmill Desks

Factors: What to Consider When Choosing a Treadmill Desk

People find treadmill desks to be just an add-on to an existing treadmill but it is not. A treadmill desk is particularly designed to make sure that its users can comfortably continue doing their work while walking at slow speeds. Common treadmills which focus on speed and efficiency will not be suitable for this purpose. There are certain factors that you need to consider before choosing a treadmill desk for your work. They are listed below.

1. Adjustable Height

Flexibility is the most important factor to consider when you decide to buy a desk treadmill. It must have work surfaces with adjustable height so that an employee can work in the position and height he is interested and comfortable in. There are desk treadmills with fixed height but the best treadmills for work usually come with a height adjustment control within a range for people with a height of 4’10” to 6’8″.

The height of the desk treadmills can either be controlled manually or using electronic systems. Some of the best desk treadmills for work in 2021 have memory settings that will remember your desired height.

2. Motor Power

Desk treadmills are not meant for heavy workouts and because of this they only require less powerful motors than traditional treadmills. They are designed to work for longer periods with minimum horsepower. Best office desk treadmills usually have 2.0 CHP or 2.5 CHP and that is enough for light walking but for jogging and running you might need a treadmill with higher CHP. Desk treadmills can work continuously for 6 to 10 hours without overheating. Always keep in mind that desk treadmills can only be utilized for walking and you cannot use it as multipurpose fitness equipment.

3. Top Speed

Office workers usually prefer a special desk treadmill for work so speed might not be a big concern for them but still, top speed of 4 mph is useful if you intend to use it for power walking. Normal treadmills have a top speed of around 12 mph which is for runners. There are desk treadmills with higher speeds available in the market that are exclusively designed for the people who wish to work out later after their normal working time. For others, the desk treadmills at lower top speed are enough.

4. Ergonomic Desktop

Good productivity in work can only be ensured by relaxing your body and mind. And while using the best treadmill desk you need to be in a good posture otherwise you will feel uncomfortable and the whole purpose of using the treadmill while working will be lost. Desktop ergonomics is a key factor in choosing a desk treadmill and it helps in maintaining a healthy posture. If you are buying the under desk treadmill, it will have foam-injected wrist rests and other features to comfort you. A good posture during work will prevent carpal tunnel symptoms too.

5. Deck Cushioning

The major benefit of using a treadmill over countryside walking is its ability to reduce the impact caused on the joints while jogging. Generally, the best desk treadmills for work come installed with proper deck cushioning. These deck cushions absorb the impact of walking and prevent any joint damages or soreness.

6. Data Ports

Desk treadmills are your fitness companions at the office so it must have all the facilities that can help you continue your work while walking on them. All the lifespan treadmill desks have power outlets attached to them. They do come with additional features like USB ports, Ethernet ports to connect your laptop and other electronic equipment to keep you working.

7. Workout Programming

Generally, the users of desk treadmills only require a constant speed configuration that will keep them relaxed during the work. But there are under desk treadmills that have many workout programs installed in them. Preloaded workout programs are quite useful for people who are just beginning to work out. Variety in programs depends upon the price point you choose to buy the desk treadmills for.

8. Floor Space

Unlike normal fitness equipment, a desk treadmill is particularly designed to work in an office. So the biggest concern regarding it is the space. You cannot reserve a space for the treadmill so it has to fit into your workspace where you can comfortably work.

If you want extra space to work around in the office then you must be carefully planned otherwise you will end up reducing your workspace to a bare minimum. Since it is fitness equipment it is not possible for you to spend all your time on the treadmill. You will also need a space to place your chair and table. Remember to keep a note of the amount of space that you need around the treadmill before buying one. At least 6 feet along the length and 3 feet behind the treadmill must be left around the desk treadmill.

The size of your desk can vary depending on your work requirement. A bigger one will give you enough space to pull in a chair. There are desks with widths ranging from 38″ to 72″.

Is it a distraction?

A desk treadmill is expected to increase the productivity of workers. Noise while working can be disturbing for the people around you and also for you. This can also happen if the treadmill desk starts to vibrate your office equipment placed on the desk. If you choose the best desk treadmill for work, there will no more be any distraction. These treadmill desks are designed with a shock-absorbing suspension that can reduce the vibration and the noise while you are walking on it. This will decrease the noise created by the treadmill ensuring you a peaceful working environment.

You can also escape this problem by physically keeping the treadmill desk separated from the treadmill. This will keep the vibrations away. Always choose a high-quality motor like the one found in the best desk treadmills which do not produce noise while working.


Like every fitness equipment desk treadmills too come with their own risk for injuries. You must stay protected in the face of accidents. You may lose your balance and fall while walking. So make sure that the fitness equipment you choose to buy comes installed with safety features listed below

  • Side Rails
  • Maximum Speed
  • Auto Pause
  • Incline
  • Step-up Height

Frequency of Use

Office walking desks are usually used by people who have much freedom in choosing their workspace. You can either place it in your work environment at home or at your business place. The normal usage of desk treadmills ranges from 1 to 3 hours every day and it is enough to keep you healthy and engaged. Always plan the amount of time you are going to spend on the treadmill and make your buying decision based on that.

What Type of Desk Is Best for Your Office Setting?

Selecting the best treadmill desk is very difficult these days with the multitude of options to choose from. If you want to choose the right desk treadmill for your work then you must be well aware of your needs and requirements. Two main kinds of desk treadmills available in the market are integrated treadmill desks and under-desk treadmill.

Their only difference is the arrangement of the desk on them. Integrated desk treadmills are a combination of a treadmill and a desk while under-desk treadmills work as a standalone machine. The main advantage integrated desk treadmills have over the other one is their ability to control heights, size, and color easily. This is only an advantage when you are not specific about your required height. If you want a specific desk then an under-desk treadmill is always a good choice.

Also, make a note about the step-up height of the treadmill as it affects the maximum height to which a desk can be raised. A proper ergonomic height can ensure that you are having a good healthy posture while walking on the treadmill. A good posture reduces the straining on muscles and the impact on joints.

The Problem with do-it-yourself Treadmill Desk

You might feel investing in a desk treadmill is foolish if you have a normal treadmill at your workplace. But the truth is DIY options are limited when it comes to desk treadmills because they are designed in an entirely different manner to produce different results. Their motors can work continuously for long hours without heating up at very low speeds. The DIY setup you make might destroy the motor in the process because they aren’t designed to work in that manner. High torque motors are a must need for desk treadmills for work as the users won’t be exerting any kind of force to move the belt when they run on a treadmill.

Advice for treadmill desk users

1. Walk between 1-2 mph: Speed is not at all a requirement while using a desk treadmill. You are walking because you need to free yourself from sitting idly in a chair and you need to increase your productivity. Walking at a slow pace is good enough to ensure good blood flow through your body and it will keep you healthy.
2. Take breaks: You can’t always walk on the treadmill while you are in work and it is always better to do work that requires concentration while sitting. Put your schedule in such a way that you can do less intensive tasks like making phone calls or browsing the web while walking.
3. Wear the right shoes: Always make sure that you don’t use shoes or high heels that damage the treadmill belt. Wear comfortable footwear so that you can get a comfortable walk. It is always advisable to have separate footwear dedicated to walking on the treadmill.
4. Practice proper ergonomics: Keep your monitor at your eye level and the keyboard at your hip level. If you are forced to change your posture to look at the screen or to type then they are in the wrong position. This continuous change in posture can lead to joint pains and ultimately cause health problems.

You can check out our list of top 5 treadmill desks to get a clearer picture regarding the best models available in the market right now.

Top 5 Treadmill desks: Rundown


If you have gone through our guide then you will know that desk treadmills for work are entirely different from conventional treadmills. They are available in different price ranges but the starting price of desk treadmills is much higher than other variants. Some of the best desk treadmills for work even supports running. Before buying make sure that all the features and the size of the treadmill are suiting your work needs. Check our reviews and find out more about each of these treadmills that are work specific. Treadmills with iFit are also a good option to go for. So get a good treadmill, walk while you work and stay healthy.

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