Best Cross-Training Treadmills 2021

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Best Cross-Training Treadmills 2021

The cross-training treadmills are the kind that provides a hardcore workout to various muscle groups in your body. This is unlike the normal treadmills that give an overall exercise to the lower limbs and thus maintain a good cardiovascular fitness.

The cross-trainer or treadmills, best for fat loss, combine the effects of a stair-climbing exercise, training on an elliptical machine and a normal treadmill in itself. Thus at the price of one, you get three valuable exercise techniques in the cross-treadmill. Also, compared to the usual exercise machines, cross-treadmill workouts produce lesser amounts of stress on joints. 

In the most basic sense, the cross-trainers bring together the best of aerobic workouts and strength-training so that the overall regime is most beneficial to the usual runner or walker. The variety of incline options available in the cross-treadmill is the feature that makes it stand out among the myriad of treadmill types in the market.

The cross trainer can produce a very positive effect ever on your spinal cord and the lumbar region through the mixed workouts, which isn’t possible in the normal treadmill.  These are the best treadmills which will bring for you the entertainment and results better than any other equipment.

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How Treadmills Are Used For Cross-Training?

Cross training is usually used by athletes to improve their overall performance. For example, the cricketers are usually encouraged to play football and badminton in addition to their own game even if they do the dual running, squats, and push-ups.  This variety offers them a better form to play their own game. This technique is what the cross-trainers bring home for you.

It is a proven fact that any single exercise, over a long period, can injure your health. Cross-training uses multiple workouts so that each cancels the side effects of the other. It also brings you out of a regime you might be stuck with. It is never good for your body to do the one single exercise for your entire lifetime. Runners develop weakness in joints over time and this is applicable to all types of exercises. 

The solution is to mix different kinds of exercises in such a way that no single one of these has the upper hand on your body. While each helps you build up strength, none injures you permanently. Growth is the main objective while we exercise. But here cross-training focuses on the growth of a person in terms of his or her fitness while ensuring no long-lasting effects.

It gets you out of long workout habits in which you might have been stuck for long. There are various benefits of cross-trainers but the following three benefits are a major influence when you buy a cross-trainer or treadmill.

  • Conditioning: The combination of exercises you perform on a cross trainer compels your body to work more muscles clusters and different parts of the body. As a result, you get more out of a 30-minute workout which earlier used to be of a single kind of exercise. This will help set better fitness goals as your stamina and fitness will certainly improve faster with cross-training.  Cross-trainers can be used for weight loss purposes and to tone your body and muscles. But these cross-trainers or treadmills are best for losing the belly too.
  • Injury Prevention: Keeping up a single exercise routine for long periods can even cause permanent damages to your body. In runners, it leads to weakening of knee joints, a condition which later will require you to replace your knee caps etc. Using a cross-trainer or treadmill every day for 30 minutes, you can bring together various forms of workouts. Condition these so that each one reduces the impact of the other on your body. You will no longer have to worry about these long-term side effects.
  • Active Recovery: Active recovery is a term that you already know if you are a hardcore fitness fan. It refers to the method of using a combination of exercises to get out of an exercise regime that you have fallen into. With its variety of programs and types of workouts, cross-trainer treadmills can help you bring a new routine into your life better than any other fitness equipment.

How to Choose a Cross Trainer

If you just want to know which are the best elliptical trainers on the market, keep scrolling to the next section. But here’s some information about how to choose the right model.

  • Stride Length. The longer the stride, the more intensely you can workout on a cross trainer. The cheapest models often have a very short stride, which is fine for a walking-style exercise but not for intense exercise. Shorter strides can also feel awkward. If you need a more difficult workout, look for a stride length between 16″-21″. Some of the best cross trainers also have a variable stride length, which increases the length while minimising the size of the machine.
  • Stepping Smoothness. A comfortable elliptical trainer needs to have a smooth stride. If the motion is jerky or unstable, the machine can be unpleasant to use. Smoothness is affected by the drive train and weight of the flywheel.
  • Resistance. Most high-quality cross trainers use magnetic resistance, but they don’t all adjust resistance in the same way. Cheaper models use a simple mechanical knob. Others have a motor system that allows you to adjust the difficulty via the on-board computer. A motor resistance system is required for pre-set workout programmes. There are also belt resistance cross trainers, although this system is typically only used on the cheapest machines.
  • Front or Rear Driven. The location of the flywheel determines whether a cross trainer is front or rear driven. Rear drive cross trainers usually have a more elliptical feel to their motion than front drive models. The location of the flywheel only has a minor effect on the quality of your workout though, so it’s not one of the most important factors.
  • Incline. Some trainers provide an incline feature. This allows you to increase the intensity of your workout while specifically targeting muscles in the thigh and stomach. Incline can either be set via the on-board console or manually depending on the type of machine.
  • On-board Console. Nearly all cross trainers come with some sort of on-board console, but the features vary greatly. The most basic just show statistics such as distance, time, calories burned and speed. More advanced consoles can track your progress over time or sync with external applications. The best home cross trainers also have the ability to read heart rate via a heart rate belt (although you’ll need to buy the belt separately).
  • Maximum User Weight and Stability. Make sure you choose an elliptical trainer with a maximum user weight that’s suitable for all members of your household. In general, the higher the build quality the heavier the maximum weight. It should also have effective stabilisers so there’s no chance of it toppling over during an intense workout.
  • Convenience Features. There are a number of non-essential features that can make a cross trainer more enjoyable to use. Tablet holders are great if you want to watch YouTube or Netflix while working out. Even a simple drinks holder can be useful to keep topped up on fluids.

Another important consideration is how much you want to spend. That’s why we’ve separated the list below into budget, mid-range and premium categories to help you find the best home cross trainer whatever your budget. We’ve also included short elliptical cross trainer reviews to help you make the right choice.

Here’s How Cross Trainers Can Help

Everyday runners already know how the exercise works your body. After a while, you hit a certain level from where growth can be difficult if you continue the same regime. This where cross trading can help! It doesn’t concentrate on a single exercise or toning a single part of your body. Rather it combines the various workouts to give an overall fitness while maintaining your heart and lungs healthy.

The trouble with running, even if it is done on a treadmill, is that it puts a strain on your calf muscles and back foot. Long-term effects may even be seen in the knees and joints. But if you combine running with other exercises that can counter the effects of running, it will be doubly beneficial for you.

Normally, runners try to add an elliptical training or swimming to their everyday regime to do this but know that these additional techniques never actually help to improve your running technique. What you need are such regimes which will have reduced effects; more fitness benefits and improve your running. This is where cross-training treadmills actually come in.

With its multiple incline options and capability to give a whole package, the cross-trainers or treadmills are best for weight loss and toning. Using the uphill incline of the cross-trainer to walk instead of running, you can recreate a running effect on your body. The steepness will get your brain to work the same motor nerves as used while running but you won’t suffer from the injurious effects of actual running. 

Performing this on a cross-trainer or treadmill can produce great weight loss results in lesser time. Performing these types of exercises on the cross-trainer is more easily done than said. All you have to do is add an incline of sufficient degree on the machine. Now jump on and start working for your regular time scale or a minimum of 30 minutes.

You are bound to notice changes in yourself within a few weeks. Experts suggest a 10% or more incline for walking to get the best results. The walking exercise lets you set up a regular routine. Normally, if you run, it happens that you take a break once a week so you can give some rest to your body. Basically, running necessitates this rest because of the effect it has on lower limbs.

With uphill walking, even if you maintain a brisk pace, you won’t get hurt in any way. The body works just as much as in running but without the injuries that follow runners. Still, it is never good to switch into uphill walking all in a day. You age to build up the habit slowly and steadily, giving your body time to adjust to the changes.

It should be so since the walking although otherwise stress-free, doesn’t give pressure to your calves and Achilles’ tendons. Maintaining your posture can reduce this stress too. Remember to keep your head straight and steady always and hold your abs tight while the workout. In any exercise, you should never go on when you feel your body can’t take it. Consult a physician to determine the best routine for you and follow that to stay fit.  

What is better? Cross-Trainer Treadmill or Elliptical Trainers

Let us now compare the effects of the treadmills and Elliptical to see which is best suited for everyday exercises. While the two are widely held to give a cardiovascular fitness to the user, there are side effects to both. We should look into both the pros and cons of each of these before determining which the better of the two is.

Treadmills are easy-to-use in-home machines which can be very convenient to runners or walkers. They provide great cardiovascular fitness and let you work on your running technique.

Advantages of using A Treadmill over an Elliptical Cross Trainer

1. Offer high and low impact training: Since these are aimed at a particular level of fitness, they can be used for both high and low impact workouts. It entirely depends on the fitness goals you set and the kind of work you choose to do on a treadmill.

2. Help to burn-up more calories: While Elliptical are good, it must be agreed that treadmills can burn more calories since they can offer very high-intensity workouts. The maximum speeds and the power of the treadmills are thus higher in comparison.

3. Increased bone density: Using treadmill everyday found to improve your bone density. While there are side effects over a long period, this short-term benefit is actually very positive, especially for the people who have low bone density.

4. Improve cardiovascular endurance: Everyone knows that treadmills are the best exercise machines to build up a cardiovascular fitness.

5. Reduce joint-impact or injury: The advanced cushioning on the modern treadmills ensures that even the long terms impacts are reduced. The cushioning absorbs the pressure in the belt as result of your steps and thus the pressure that is sent back to your limbs is very low.

6. An adjustable incline: Adjustable inclines are the one feature that the Ellipticals lack. This single difference puts a soused mile of difference between the two machines as you can see.

Disadvantages of using a Cross Trainer Treadmill

1. Indoor use only: Although this is applicable to Elliptical too, It is a fact that you can take a treadmill to anywhere you would like and then workout. 

2. Not very safe to use by beginners: You are prone to accidents if you have just started using a treadmill since it takes time for you to match your pace to that of the belt.  Slip up and accidents can be a regular thing until you get used to the kind of pace and workout that a treadmill offers.

3. High-end treadmills are expensive: With advanced technology comes a heavy price tag. The sophisticated and most effective treadmills will cost you a lot since they have additional entertainment options and even some convenient addition such as a mobile pocket.

An elliptical cross-trainer is a machine that can work your different body muscles while giving you an all-round cardio fitness.

Advantages of using an Elliptical Cross Trainer over a Treadmill

1. Low impact training: An Elliptical can’t provide you the choice between high and low impact workouts. These are built to give your body a plain and simple cardiovascular exercise which keeps your heart healthy and leaves your joints unaffected. 

2. It works out your legs and arms: The Elliptical can work your upper and lower limbs. The whole process can take longer with zero heavy exercise performed on the machine.

3. It helps to burn-up more calories: With the movable handle, the Elliptical ensures that both pairs of limbs work and thus it burns more fats, unlike the treadmills where only your lower limbs are worked.

4. Strengthen different muscle-groups: The pedaling option on some Elliptical helps you to strengthen more than just the calf and thin muscle groups.

5. Help in strength building: Increasing the workout intensity by slight degrees on an elliptical can produce a considerable difference. It will certainly help you build up your strength.

 Disadvantages of using an Elliptical Cross Trainer

1. It does not improve on bone-density: While Elliptical is mostly suggested for people above the age of 30, if you have a low bone density, these machines will not actually help you in getting over the condition.

2. Poor weight-loss results: Without many high-intensity workouts that can produce a high impact on body fat, weight loss can take a long time if you’re entirely dependent on an elliptical to lose extra fat. 

Key Features of Cross-Trainer Treadmills

1. The cross-trainer treadmills are mostly set apart from the normal treadmills by its incline feature. While you do get certain incline options on the latter, it is never enough of you are looking for high intensity but low impact workouts. These machines definitely stand out even when you do a study of the cross-trainer vs. treadmills vs. bikes.

2. You can use the cross trainer or treadmills for toning besides every kind of fitness you will need in life. They are good to lose weight and get in shape. But it also gives cardio fitness with lessened side effects over time. 

3. Their level of inclinations and higher top speeds, which increases in every better model, sets it apart from a normal treadmill. It can provide you with better challenges. Although these are a pricey group of exercise machines, the cross trainers are actually worth the money if you are serious about fitness.

Cross Training Treadmills Pros and Cons


  • Efficiency: These machines incorporate 3 in 1 workout so they tend to be more efficient in the workout and deliver in less time.
  • Low impact: Cross trainer delivers low impact workout without actually running
  • Versatile: Cross trainers are versatile because They allow 3 in 1 action on a single machine.  you can run, walk and use it as a staircase climber.  This surely delivers an all-encompassing workout engaging major muscle groups.


  • Bulky frame:  these machines are heavy and are not ideal for small spaces.
  • Price: On an average, the price of a cross trainer is $2000 which is more than the most expensive treadmill.  The price range is till $10,000.
  • Lack of features:  cross-trainers focus is mainly on function and not on workout programs or entertainment features.
  • Speed:  The speed of most cross trainers is 4.5 miles per hour which works well for an elliptical or a staircase climber setting, but it does not satisfy a Runner as it is too low a speed for him.


The cross trainers are undoubtedly the best of the training equipment available since they have a balanced package to offer. The lessened impact on the body, better top speeds, incline options, and their additional entertainment options make them an attractive combination for anyone dedicated to fitness maintenance. While they come at the top of price lists irrespective of the brand, they are worth the price and gives double benefits.

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