Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Review

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Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Review

The Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill is precisely termed as the top-selling treadmill for home use as it comes packed with all the essential features of the high-end fitness equipment but at reasonable pricing. It is certainly one of the finest Bowflex Result Series Treadmills that provide durability, advanced programming, and unmatched performance.

This treadmill impresses with its functionality that encompasses a full-colored workout screen, 3.75 CHP motor, 2.75” rollers, and a running belt comprising of triple layers. Along with this, the Bluetooth connectivity, Burn Rate Console, wireless heart rate monitoring with a folding frame makes it stand out among its competitors.

Even though it is not flashy equipment, but still it makes a strong contender in the top-selling equipment of the market at affordable pricing. Read more about  Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Review 2021.

To derive a holistic view of the working efficiency of this fitness equipment. Get to know about what makes it the preferred choice of active runners and fitness enthusiasts.

Best Suited to Whom?

The Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill is ranked among the best folding treadmills as it resolves space constraints with folding provisions. This equipment proves ideal for those users who need reliable, consistent, and durable equipment that helps in losing weight and improving flexibility.

This treadmill is ideal for people who prefer to have the equipment for the whole family as it supports four user profiles. The simplicity of the working of the console makes it appealing equipment for people who have a preference for ease of usage over the complex mechanism of contemporary equipment.

This treadmill offers different incline levels that enable the users to work harder to attain the perfectly toned body. It helps to focus on the workout of quadriceps, calves and butt muscles along with enhancing the flexibility of legs.

Those people who lookout for an effective workout to keep their heart healthy must use this treadmill as it provides a result-oriented workout. The users not only strengthen their heart but also track their performance for continuing their workout to achieve desired results.

Thus, the usability of this machine with impressive features make it one of the top-selling treadmills of the brand that is meant for having practical results.

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The assembly of the Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill is quick and straightforward as the deck of the treadmill, its motor, rollers, belt, cushioning system arrive in the assembled form. The users can assemble the machine quickly by resorting to all the guidelines of the user manual.

As, there is a need to attach the two console mats, console, and handlebars. All the assembly equipment is packed with this machine and it is ready to use in ninety minutes. But, if assembling appears overwhelming to the user, then hiring the professional services of Bowflex would help to resolve the issue.

But, the user needs to incur extra cost for it, the users are required to maintain the machine by lubricating the deck after 25 hours of regular usage.

The vacuum cleaning of the belt and the surface below the deck helps in preventing the clogging of air vents and the cloth fibers being dragged in the machine. The periodical inspection of damaged parts helps in enhancing the shelf-life of the machine.

Design and Build Quality

The Bowflex Treadmill BXT116 is revered among the most preferred treadmills for runners as its premium heavy-duty build quality makes it perform exceptionally well. There is the extensive use of ABS parts and plastic parts in the designing of the frame that serves only the protective role and doesn’t influence the overall strength of the frame.

The use of rubberized adjustable stabilizers on the front side of the metallic base frame adds to the sturdiness of the whole structure. The steel parts of the frame come with a scratch and corrosion-resistant paint enhances the durability of the equipment. The use of black color with the Bowflex logo painted in red and white makes this equipment far more appealing.

The treadmill arrives in the dimensions measuring 84.6″ L x 36.3″ W x 55.2″ H, with the ability to support four user profiles. The machine weighs 280Ibs and can support the maximum user weight of 375 Ibs, thus becoming ideal for users with different weight propositions.

This treadmill comes packed with 3.75 CHP motor along with a maximum incline rate of 15%. The optimal speed limit of this machine is 12 mph that allows users to perform better with nine inbuilt workout programs.

The backlit LCD screen of this machine is user-friendly which is accessorized with a burnout console providing the details of the workout. The provision of a heart rate monitor, Bluetooth connectivity, a USB port, and a dedicated place for keeping mobile and a charger makes the design of this machine highly motivating.

The Bowflex treadmill arrives with a folding frame that makes it ideal for areas where space is a significant concern. The provision of Soft drop technology works in a simple way as with the press of a button, the entire treadmill folds up quickly. Then the user can place it anywhere with the help of transport wheels.

The provision of a three-ply treadbelt with enhanced thickness adds to the durability of this treadmill. It has a wide workout area measuring 20” x 60” makes it reliable for running enthusiasts.

With the use of a stowable soft drop design, this treadmill folds perfectly well, saves the storage space, and proves to be the best buy treadmill available under $1500.

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Features


The Bowflex treadmill is designed with a 3.75 CHP motor that empowers the users to optimize their workout sessions with dedication. This machine operates at a maximum speed of 12 mph, and the intensity levels can be adjusted as per the demands of the workout.

Thus, it is up to the convenience of the user to modify the speed and intensity levels of this machine to match up with their goals. Also, the provision of continuous duty motor is robust enough to withstand a load of intense workout sessions without affecting the performance or being overheated.

The small flywheel aids in minimizing the vibration, that makes running quite smooth. The motor of the treadmill operates noiseless but when running at the higher speed, there is a slight noise. But, considering the provision of the smooth flywheel with a powerful motor, this equipment is highly relevant for home use.

Touchscreen Control Panel

This Bowflex treadmill is equipped with 7.5 inches backlit LCD screen that is facilitated with a burn out the console. This console displays information about calories per minute, distance, heart rate, incline, time, speed, total calories burned, and a lot more. The prominent feature of this console is that it comes equipped with a dedicated bracket beneath the main console.

This bracket offers ample space to keep phones, tablets, books, television remote and provides considerable sturdiness to the whole structure of the console to avoid wobbling of the equipment.

The console offers the quick start and stops button along with quick incline and speed control settings that are adequately placed beside the heart rate hand sensors. Thus, the user can opt for the prompt results by using these smartly placed settings on the handgrips.

The console provides heart rate monitoring along with quick syncing with the free Bowflex Result Series app and RunSocial App. The users can easily log their workout details into these apps with Bowflex Treadmill BXT Bluetooth and stay motivated to achieve more.

There are also nine inbuilt workout programs that make the workout more engaging and result-oriented. Also, the size of the console of this unit is of decent size, but if you prefer to have the larger size of the console with additional features like higher motor capacity, then you can opt for the upper model Bowflex BXT216 Treadmill.

Incline & Decline

This Bowflex equipment is powered by the incline range of 0 to 15% that prepares users to workout at different intensity levels. Thus, beginners can initiate their workout at the lowest levels of incline and increase the pace with time to workout at the highest level of incline.

The automatic incline of the equipment makes it easy to use a treadmill. It consists of a small lift that is powered by the incline motor that is placed at the front side of the deck. The users can control the deck incline from the unit’s console and the whole machine needs to be supported to a power circuit for functioning.

At 0% incline level the running surface of the deck reaches 12 inches while the 15% incline makes this equipment reach up to 16 inches above the floor level. Thus, it is recommended to use the unit in the room that has a ceiling 16 inches higher than the user’s height to optimize the use of the machine.

They can decline the intensity levels as per their comfort and convenience for achieving preferred results. For fat loss, interval training is the best which can be achieved through incline and decline feature.

Also, the treadmill features the keys that are placed alongside the heart rate hand grips that help to change the speed and incline levels. Thus, the users can modify the speed levels while using the heart rate sensors to have precise heart rate monitoring.

Tablet Holder

This Bowflex treadmill is accessorized with a well-designed media shelf that offers comfortable space for a water bottle. The provision of a USB port allows users to remain engaged in their workout by sharing workout data across different free apps.

As the media shelf is large enough to hold tablets or phones, the USB port acts as a charging point for the device and the battery never runs out that provides unlimited entertainment to the users.

Also, the tablet holder is placed between the speakers that have an anti-slip feature that makes the smartphone easily placed above the console display to watch the preferred videos that don’t obstruct the view of the console and workout statistics while working out.


There are two speakers located on the topmost of the console. The speakers are compatible with an inbuilt MP3 player, smartphones, and tablets that empowers users to enjoy their preferred music without any constraints. The sound of the speakers is considered the finest quality for optimal results.

Tread Belt

The Treadmill is designed with a durable 3-ply 2.5mm belt that is thick enough to support the rugged usage as it doesn’t rip off and can withstand years of intense training sessions.

The treadbelt of the unit is 20 inches wide and 60 inches long and is three-time thicker than the standard equipment that qualifies it for the best quality treadmill for home use.

The tread belt of the treadmill provides comfortable protection to the ankles and the belt is designed to withstand rigorous workout sessions as it is less likely to suffer stretching. The extra thickness of the belt makes it operate smoothly as it is also accessorized with a set of belt rollers.

The 2.75 inches size of the belt roller makes it highly durable and the machine is likely to bear less stress making it more result-oriented.

On/Off Cushioning

The availability of on/off cushioning makes this equipment safe for users. As the unit is accessorized with the Comfort Tech cushioning system that comprises trapezoidal deck cushions that are three in number on each side.

The four cushioners are positioned on the front side that aids in absorbing the shock that arises from the strike of both feet. The other two cushioners are positioned at the rear that aids in making the equipment bear the loading to make its performance better.

The shock absorption system helps to provide adequate cushioning to the joints and muscles that make the workout more comfortable. Thus, the users have less joint pain and they can enjoy their workout more.

Heart Rate Monitoring

BXT116 is equipped with a wireless heart rate monitor that is supported with a chest strap for accurate results. The users can also benefit from the contact heart rate reader to get better equipped with information related to cardio sessions.


a. Cooling Fan: The cooling fan is located at the bottom side of the treadmill with four settings with low, medium, high, and off mode.

b. Bluetooth Connectivity: The users can sync the smartphone with the Bowflex Trainer fitness app through the Bluetooth device. This tracker helps to keep the journal of the workout and helps the users to achieve their fitness goals.

The users can transfer their workout data to various fitness apps or websites that include, Under Armour, Connected Fitness, and MyFitnessPal. The USB port in the console helps to transfer and save the workout data online and can be used as a recharging port for smartphones or tablets.

c. Accessory Tray: There is a provision of a crossbar that is designed to attach the two console masts and act as a support system for the PVC tray. It provides ample space to store accessories like water bottle, towel, and other small accessories.

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: Nine inbuilt workout programs enhance the usability of this power-packed equipment that is particularly designed for serious runners.

The users can attain amazing results by using the free eight-week DailyBurn video along with access to the real-time workout sessions offered by Zwift. Both  DailyBurn and Zwift’s workout can be effectively customized by the users to adjust to their fitness levels to achieve incredible fitness levels.

The users have free access to the Bowflex Result Series App and RunSocialApp that allows them to run on 19 different locations and can easily work out in 27 real-time routes with friends.

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Warranty

Warranty: The Bowflex brand has got the warranty on the frame for fifteen years, while Drive Motor is also covered for 15 years. The mechanical parts have warranty coverage for five years,  electronics are covered with five years warranty, and there is a  two-year warranty on labor.

Customer Support: Phone – (800) 605-3369 You can check out their website – to view the product videos. For FAQs, you can go to the link below: Return Policy – Bowflex allows the users to return the equipment within six weeks of delivery if they find any defects in workmanship or materials used.

So, the user can get the RMA number from customer support and begin the return process. But, the user can only claim the refund money if the equipment is in the working state and pay for the shipping cost involved in the process.

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • Sturdy build quality
  • Soft drop folding provision for effective usage
  • Provision of contact pulse grips with chest strap
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Provision of color backlit LCD
  • Supports 375Ibs user weight
  • Valid warranty back up
  • Provision of burn meter helps to access workout stats
  • Connectivity with free Bowflex Result Series app and RunSocial App
  • Provision of an MP3 player, inbuilt speakers, and a USB charging port
  • Integrated incline and handrails speed controls
  • Save workouts with the use of “on the fly” and customize as per convenience
  • Cost-effective equipment that falls under the range of less than $1500
  • Provision of free DailyBurn video and Zwift workout sessions


  • Not suitable for all users
  • A relatively heavy treadmill thus requires a minimum of 2 people for assembly and transport.
  • The cooling fan is not that powerful.
  • It is hard to reach the cup holders that are beneath the console to locate the water bottle or any accessory during workout sessions.


The Bowflex Treadmill is one of the good quality treadmills for runners as it promises exceptional durable quality with impressive performance. It is undoubtedly one of the best-selling equipment of Bowflex that is highly cost-effective and offers an amazing line of features except for the few bells and whistles of advanced models.

If you look for a budget-friendly treadmill then buying a Bowflex Treadmill is recommended as it has all the features of contemporary equipment with a price range of less than $1000. Therefore, the Bowflex BX116 Treadmill shows that this equipment must be your top pick for having the sturdily built machine that is designed for long-term usage.

When compared with BXT216, the Bowflex BXT116 is missing only a few whistles and fancies. For instance, BXT216 gives you extra-inbuilt workout programs and a slightly wider running surface. Our researches recommend that BXT116 for normal running and walking while for serious running BXT216 is best suited. 

So, if you prefer to invest in a moderate level of the treadmill with inbuilt features and budget-friendly, then this machine works best for your fitness goals.

Bowflex BXT116 Treadmill FAQ

Can I link BXT116 directly to the RunSocial app via Bluetooth?
Yes, very easily, and quickly you can connect the BXT216 with RunSocial app. RunSocial app is available free of cost on both Apple and Google Playstore. 
What is the Weight Limit for BXT116?
BXT116 supports the weight range of 376 lbs which is one of the highest that any treadmill of this range provides
What's the maximum speed you get from BXT116?
The maximum speed is 12MPH for the BXT116.Thus, BXT116 is most suitable for runners and for people who are trying to lose weight and build stamina.