Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Review

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Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Review

The Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill is an ergonomically designed fitness equipment that has set high parameters for the fitness industry regarding the simulation of real-time training and workout sessions. Therefore, if you prefer to have an authentic experience of the hill climb, downhill running and other treadmill workouts, then this Bodyguard fitness equipment can throw you many challenges for keeping fit and healthy.

The Bodyguard treadmill comes equipped with a 3.5 HP DC motor that runs at the maximum speed of 12 mph with an exercise area measuring 22” x 60”. The incline rate of this Bodyguard machine ranges from -3-15% along with Turbo-Training feature helps in replicating the real-time workout sessions incorporating the whole body workout regimen.

The provision of Shock Absorption Bodyguard Dissipation System, Short Looped Side Handrails, Electronic Stride Control accompanied by the Silicone keys on the main keypad not only enhances the comfort of the users but make sure that their safety is not compromised at any level.

The ETL, CSA and UL Certifications along with Interference Standard Compliance of FCC+ICES-003 make Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill the most reliable equipment of the market. You can take a close look at Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Review to understand all the key aspects of the working proficiency of this Bodyguard equipment.

Best Suited for Whom?

Best Non- Folding Treadmill the Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill is a powerful machine that is designed to simulate the real-time hardcore training sessions that help in the workout of the entire body.The price range of Bodyguard Treadmill is on the higher end, thus making people a bit apprehensive about its usage.

But, the provision of breakthrough features that enable the users to indulge in intensive training sessions like hill climbs and high acceleration workouts make it stand apart from its contemporaries.Thus, if you are dedicated towards your fitness regimen and need a durable, long lasting machine that offers the real-time workout experiences with all safety standards, then Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill is Best Buy Treadmill 2021!

Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The user can assemble the Bodyguard machine with the help of manual of guidelines, but if you need to hire professional help to avoid all the hassles, then you have to bear the extra expense for it.

Design and Build Quality

The Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill is an aesthetically designed machine with a sturdy steel X frame that is recognized for offering the benefits of durability and high performance. It is a non-folding treadmill that arrives with the dimensions measuring 81″ x 31″ x 51″.

The provision of SafeGrip Handlebars, Adjustable Pivoting Feet and four-way deck that flips and rotates help in enhancing the comfort of the users but at the same time improves the built quality and standard safety parameters of this equipment.This Bodyguard equipment weighs 310 Lbs, and that makes it a compact-sized treadmill that easily fits into space-constraint areas.

It can support maximum weight up to 400 Lbs that implies if you are overweight and apprehensive about the use of a treadmill for weight loss and training, then Bodyguard Treadmill must be top pick.

Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Features


The Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill arrives with the powerful 3.5 HP DC motor that provides continuous performance without getting overheated. It operates at the speed that ranges from 0.5to 12 mph that allows users to adjust the speed as per their requirement.

Furthermore, the provision of Advanced Friction Detection System helps in protecting the motor from overheating by carefully checking the friction level between the deck and the belt. Along with this, the Lifetime warranty on motor briefs about the confidence of Bodyguard brand on all its products that itself speaks about the quality of the motor of this equipment.

Touchscreen Control Panel

The 6.5” Blue, easy-to-read, 16-digit alphanumeric LCD provides relevant feedback on all the exercise data of the users. It displays information about calories, time, distance, elapsed time, elevation change, Incline, heart rate and much more.

The provision of Safety Key, Stats Key, Quick Incline key, Quick Speed Key, Stop Key, Cooldown key helps in making the LCD display quite user-friendly and highly result-oriented.

Incline & Decline

This Bodyguard fitness equipment arrives with the provision of incline rate ranging from -3 to 15%. Therefore, the user can engage in a downhill incline at -3% for attaining the fitness goal.

It enables the users to adjust the incline level as per their specific requirements as they choose different programs like hill climb, downhill running and much more.

Tablet Holder

It arrives with a provision of space rack that holds small books, magazines, tablets and phone of the user.


There is no provision of an audio system in this Bodyguard equipment. But, the availability of a USB port enables the user to connect his Smartphone, tablet or a music system and enjoy his favourite music.

Tread Belt

The Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill comes equipped with a commercial orthopaedic belt that offers smooth and quiet operation.

On/Off Cushioning

This fitness equipment has got the active response™ cushioning that enhances the safety of the users.

Heart Rate Monitoring

There is a provision of the inbuilt contact heart rate monitor that helps in evaluating the heart rate of the user with extreme precision. It enables the users to workout at the right intensity levels by pre-determining the levels of heart rate. It helps to avoid injuries and over exhaustion to the users.

Along with this, the polar wireless heart rate helps in transmitting accurate feedback about the user’s pulse rate to the treadmill’s system. It also helps in making incline and speed adjustments from the user’s heart rate.

Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Workout Programs

1. Built-In Workout Apps: The program menu on the Bodyguard T-75 treadmill is designed with incredible perfection by keeping in view the workout options for the users. There are 15 preset programs, eight custom programs and eight memory programs installed in Bodyguard treadmill.

It comes equipped with pre-set programs such as Manual (Time Goal), Calorie Goal, JustGo, Distance Goal, Interval, Heart Rate Intervals, Fitness Test, Advanced Hills, Random, Walk, Speed Run, Hill Climb, Heart Rate Control, Track, Runner’s Intervals, Turbo Training, Custom, Memory. All these programs are extensively designed to provide the variable workout options to the users.

Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Warranty

Commercial Warranty – Lifetime warranty on the Frame
Parts and Service – 5 years warranty on parts, and 2 years warranty on service

Residential Warranty – lifetime warranty on both motor and frame
Parts and Service – Lifetime warranty on parts, and 2 years warranty on service
Customer Support – Contact via email: customerservice@bodyguard Phone: 1-888-407-3784

View How-To videos and read FAQs on their website.
Return Policy – The company doesn’t have any return policy. Nor does it refund the money to the buyer.

Bodyguard T-75 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • It is a sturdy machine that is designed with steel x frame to provide longevity and durability.
  • It operates without making any noise.
  • The motor is protected from overheating owing to its provision of the Advanced Friction Detection system.
  • The use of Bodyguard Dissipation System provides the premium quality cushioning material in this equipment enhancing the comfort of the users.


  •  It is a Non-Folding machine that may prove a concern for the tiny area.
  • It is the high-end fitness equipment that many people may not prefer to buy.
  • No provision of a cooling fan.
  • No provision of an audio system.


This is the top line product of Bodyguard brand as its premium features, high safety parameters and high-quality built to make it rank among the Best Treadmills for Home Use.

It is one of the Best High-End Treadmills of contemporary fitness market but having considerable insight into its aesthetic built, amazing features, warranty back up and safety provisions justify its pricing.

Therefore, if you are determined to take your fitness levels to the next level by investing in the Bodyguard Treadmill is intelligent choice. So, aim high for your fitness goals and get the best equipment for anaerobic workout sessions with incredible precision.