Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Review

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Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Review

The Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill is the advanced version of Bodyg

bodyguard fitness equipment

uard T – 30 Treadmill as it comes equipped with turbo-training Feature that replicates the high acceleration interval workouts to provide the benefits of anaerobic exercises.This bodyguard treadmill offers high performance and reliability with 3 HP DC motor and speed ranging from 0.5 to 12 mph.

Furthermore, this bodyguard treadmill arrives with the provision of dynamic programming options that can be customized as per the requirement of the users.The exercise area measuring 22”x 56” and the incline rate ranging from 0 to 15% making it rank among the best incline trainers.

The Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill is a compact machine that easily fits into the space constrained areas that make it count as one of the best compact treadmills. Also, the provision of adjustable pivoting feet, bodyguard dissipation system, and electronic stride control add to the safety of the users.

The ETL, CSA, UL certifications with FCC, ICES-003 interference standard compliance make it the recognized equipment from the brand bodyguard. Besides, you can take a look at Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Review to comprehend the usability and functionality of all it’s dynamic features.

Best Suited for Whom?

Best non-folding treadmill under $3500, the Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill is a premium quality fitness equipment that is designed for those people who intend to engage in cardio workout sessions with the focus on high acceleration interval program to attain defined fitness goals.

The pricing of this bodyguard treadmill makes it high-end fitness equipment but considering its top line features; the equipment justifies its cost.

So, if you prefer to run, jog, walk, do the anaerobic exercises with sprint workout, then Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill should be on your checklist. Thus, keeping these factors into consideration, the bodyguard treadmill ranks among the best buy treadmill 2021!

Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Bodyguard T – 45 is a compact sized machine that can be assembled using the guidelines mentioned in the user manual. But, if you think about hiring a professional to assemble the machine, then you would have to pay extra for that and get it assembled appropriately.

Design and Build Quality

The Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill is a well-designed machine with fully welded steel X frame that enhances stability by reducing the frame torsion. It comes equipped with the orthopaedic belt that helps in absorbing the shock and provides the comfortable experience to the users by letting them work out quietly.

Its dimensions are 74″ x 30″ x 54″ and the running area measures 22’ x 56”. It also comes equipped with a bodyguard dissipation system that is a premium quality viscoelastic polymer used as the world-class cushioning materials to provide maximum convenience to the users. Its deck area is 1’/2.5 cms thick and comes equipped with four-way flip and rotate system.

The safe grip handles are also ergonomically designed to make this machine safe for the users as these handles can allow the users to manage themselves proficiently if they feel like slipping on the treadmill.

This bodyguard machine is a well-equipped machine that can support weight up to 400 Ibs. So if you are obese and need to work out to get a slim and toned body, then choosing the Bodyguard Treadmill is the right option for you as its anaerobic workout sessions are designed for hardcore fitness training.

Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Features


The 3 HP DC motor of Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill is designed to provide the uninterrupted performance to the users, especially during the rigorous training sessions.

Moreover, the advanced friction detection system helps in protecting the machine’s motor if it is used continuously for hours and it helps in keeping the motor in good condition.

The maximum speed of the motor 12 mph that assists in having hassle-free performance without getting overheated. The lifetime warranty on the motor itself speaks about the quality of bodyguard fitness equipment and makes it best buy treadmill 2021!

Touchscreen Control Panel

The easy-to-read,6.5” blue LCD comes equipped with a 16-digit alphanumeric menu centre accompanied by silicone keys shows the precise information at-a-glance. It displays information about calories, incline, heart rate, average speed, distance, elapsed time and much.

There is the provision of cooldown key that helps in selecting the favourite program, JustGo key and other keys to provide maximum clarity to the users to be able to use this machine precisely.

Incline & Decline

This ultra-quiet fitness equipment also features a 15% power incline with the provision of incline/decline key on the console to enable the users to set the incline/decline rate as per their convenience. Moreover, the provision of electronic stride control helps in maintaining accurate speed at any incline level, thus avoiding any injury.

Tablet Holder

The Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill comes equipped with ample storage rack for keeping tablets, phones, music players and even magazines and small-sized books in it.


There is no provision of an audio system in this bodyguard fitness equipment. But the availability of USB charger enables the user to connect his smartphone and another compatible electronic device for listening to music.

Tread Belt

The Bodyguard T – 45 comes with the commercial treadmills orthopaedic belt that is designed to ensure the safety and comfort of the users.

On/Off Cushioning

There is an on/off active response cushioning to ensure that the users are safe even at the rigorous levels of training.

Heart Rate Monitoring

An inbuilt heart rate control program helps in achieving the desired goals by presetting the heart rate goals. It helps in avoiding the over exhaustion and burnout that can lead to injury as well. The provision of speed change only, incline change only, both speed and incline change options to enable the users to have control over the heart rate program.

There is a polar wireless heart rate transmitter that helps in providing feedback about the user’s pulse rate to the treadmill’s computer. It helps in making speed and inclines adjustments from the user’s heart rate that enables them to attain set goals.

Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: The program menu on the Bodyguard treadmill is extensive and result-oriented. It comes equipped with pre-set programs including eight custom programs and eight memory programs. These programs include justGo, calorie goal.

Interval walk, heart rate control, fitness test track, turbo training, manual, distance goal, heart rate intervals, advanced hills, runner’s intervals, random speed run.

Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Warranty

Warranty – Lifetime warranty on the frame and motor
Parts and Service – 10 years warranty on parts, and 3 years warranty on service

Customer Support Contact via email: Phone: 1-888-407-3784

View how-to videos and read FAQs on their website.

Return Policy – All the products of bodyguard brand once sold are non-refundable, and there is no return policy.

Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • A sturdy machine built with steel x frame that provides durability and performance.
  • It is designed to avail the benefit of anaerobic exercises with the provision of turbo training program.
  • The advanced friction detection system helps in keeping the users safe by detecting any difference in the level of belt and deck, thus avoiding injuries.
  • Electronic stride control helps in keeping a check on the performance and speed of the treadmill that helps in saving the user from unnecessary injuries.
  • The LCD display system that provides the 15 inbuilt programs designed for maximum variation in the workout sessions.


  • It is a non-folding machine that may be a constraint for a few people.
  • No provision of a cooling fan.
  • The equipment comes without any audio system.
  • It is a costly machine as it falls under the range of less than $3500 that only a restricted group of people would feel comfortable to invest in it.


The Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill is an aesthetically designed leading treadmill that is built for providing varied workout programs. With the provision of turbo training, and all other safety features make it one of the best high-end treadmills.The sturdy steel X frame makes it a durable machine that comes equipped with all the breakthrough features that make it worthy of investment.

Even though its cost may be a concern for many people but considering its top line features and warranty back up, the fitness equipment counts to be the best buy treadmill 2021!. So, if you plan to buy a machine that provides the benefit of longevity with reliable performance, then Bodyguard T – 45 Treadmill must be your top pick.