Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Review

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Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Review

The Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill is the top line product of brand bodyguard that has been manufacturing the fitness equipment for past 45 years. This bodyguard treadmill has been designed with the aim of offering the commercial-grade performance and built to all those people who plan to invest their money in a durable machine.

This bodyguard treadmill comes equipped with 3 HP DC motor with speed ranging from 0.5 to 12 mph. It arrives with the welded steel x-frame that helps in enhancing the comfort and stability by reducing the frame torsion. The incline rate ranges from 0 to 15% accompanied by the exercise area measuring 22″ x 56″ offering enough space for the users to have different workout sessions with precision.

It comes equipped with shock absorption bodyguard dissipation system, adjustable pivoting feet and advanced friction detection system that ensures the safety of the users.Furthermore, the certifications ETL, CSA, UL, and Interference Standards Compliance FCC + ICES-003 make it the recommended product and one of the best high-end treadmills for fitness enthusiasts.

You can take a comprehensive look at the Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Review to understand the dynamics of its operational efficiency.

Best Suited for Whom?

The Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill is ideally meant for those people who intend to buy a well-designed, durable and robust machine that offers the crucial features with all safety standards. It is recommended for all those people who prefer to walk, jog, run and maintain their general well-being but prefer to have all these exercises in the comfort of their home.

Even though this machine price is high, but considering its quality features make it worthy of investment.Along with this, the bodyguard standard features like bodyguard dissipation system BDS that is a unique viscoelastic polymer used as premium cushioning material adds to the qualitative performance of the treadmill. These factors make it the best buy treadmill of the year 2021!

Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


The Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill is a compact sized machine that can be assembled with the help of user manual. But, if the user needs to hire professional help for assembly to avoid all the hassles involved in the assembly of the equipment, then he would pay extra for it.

Design and Build Quality

The Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill is designed with the fully welded steel x-frame that is meant to provide the benefit of enhanced stability and comfort of the users. It arrives in the dimensions measuring 74″L x 30″W x 54″H with an exercise area of 22″ x 56″ that allows convenient space for the users for workout sessions. BDS the most exceptional viscoelastic polymer is used for the cushioning material that further enhances the quality and performance of this treadmill.

The frame can support weight up to 400 Ibs that implies that even a heavy-weight person can easily workout on this machine and achieve his fitness goals quite easily. So, if you are facing the weight concerns and need a treadmill that not only works best for you but also improve your general wellbeing, then T-30 Bodyguard Treadmill should count to be on your top picks!

Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Features


The Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill comes equipped with a power-packed 3 HP DC motor that makes it one of the powerful machines in fitness industry. It is, in fact, one of the best high-end treadmills that is designed for residential and commercial usage with speed ranging from 0.5 to 12 mph.

Moreover, it is backed by the lifetime warranty on the drive motor that acknowledges the fact that bodyguard makes its products with incredible perfection. All these factors make this machine best buy treadmill 2021!

Touchscreen Control Panel

The easy-to-read, 5 red LED windows displays information like speed, heart rate, calories, time, distance and incline rate. The provision of colour coded silicon buttons help the users to have an ease of access to all the information as they can choose from six different programs and press “justGo” and they are ready to engage in their favourite workout sessions.

Incline & Decline

This powerful machine from bodyguard provides the incline rate ranging from 0 to 15% that enables the user to begin from lower level on intensity and increase it as per their requirement.

Tablet Holder

This bodyguard equipment arrives with the provision of a tablet holder that can also hold mobile phones, magazines, small books as well.


There is no audio system in this bodyguard treadmill.

Tread Belt

The T-30 Bodyguard Treadmill comes equipped with a walking belt that is categorized as commercial ortho; thus offering the safety and usability to the users.

On/Off Cushioning

With the provision of the bodyguard dissipation system, this treadmill offers the fantastic cushioning to the users, thus minimizing the chances of facing injuries during rigorous workout sessions.

Heart Rate Monitoring

A built-in heart rate control program is designed to enable the users to workout at their preferred levels of intensity by setting the required heart rate level. It helps to reduce the chances of having severe injuries, excessive burnouts and exhaustion.

This contact wireless heart rate transmitter provides the necessary input to the treadmill’s system to make incline adjustments by the user’s heart rate to achieve the set goal.

Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: The Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill is equipped with seven inbuilt programs. These programs include justGo, hill climb, cardiovascular, manual random, heart rate control. Moreover, the heart rate control programs is further divided into three categories like speed change only, incline change only, and ISP that allows the changes in both heart rate and incline rate.

Each program is designed to encourage the users to opt for the workout sessions like walking, jogging, running, cardio, and much more to promote their general well being and enable them to achieve their specific and pre-determined fitness goals.

Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Warranty

Commercial Warranty – Frame lifetime
Parts and Service – 5 years warranty on parts, and 2 years warranty on service

Residential Warranty – Frame lifetime, motor lifetime
Parts and Service – 10 years on parts, and 2 years on service

Customer Support – Contact via email: , phone: 1-888-407-3784

View how-to videos and read FAQs on their website.

Return Policy – There is no return policy for the T-30 Bodyguard Treadmill as the equipment once sold can’t be returned to the company.

Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • It is a sturdy machine as it comes with fully welded steel X frame that makes it long lasting.
  • The powerful motor of 3 HP DC makes it highly result-oriented with uninterrupted performance.
  • With the maximum capacity of 400Ibs, it can support heavy weight people easily.
  • The bodyguard dissipation system helps in providing perfect cushioning to the users and protect them from injuries.
  • It is a compact sized machine that weighs 272 lbs and can be easily used in the space constrained area as well.


  • There is no return policy for this bodyguard equipment.
  • No provision of the audio system
  • No provision of a cooling fan.
  • The user has to buy a heart rate chest strap separately.
  • It is not budget-friendly equipment as it falls under the category of $4000.


The Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill is an ergonomically designed treadmill that makes it one of the best non folding treadmills. Its top line features accompanied by the built quality, powerful motor and safety parameters make it rank among the 2021 best buy treadmill.

Thus, if you prefer to invest your money in the treadmill that is sturdy and offers the benefit of longevity and precision with all the advanced features, then you must consider Bodyguard T-30 Treadmill.