Bodycraft Treadmills Review

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Bodycraft Treadmills Review

Bodycraft is a leading gym equipment firm in the fitness industry today. Bodycraft was introduced in the industry in 1994. It is headquartered in Central Ohio. It has designed a vast array of machines till today like treadmills, elliptical, rowing machines, training cycles, functional trainers and other gym accessories as well. Each Bodycraft machine is designed to satisfy the standards of safety, variety, design, affordability, durability, quality and most importantly wellness. Let us have a detailed look at various Bodycraft treadmills.

Why Bodycraft Stands Out Among the Rest

Bodycraft treadmills are exclusively designed to provide you with the commercial grade workout experience both at home as well as a gym. It is worth owning any of the Bodycraft treadmill models as it offers an irresistible set of features. The high-level functionality and innovative technology that it incorporates in its machines are one of its renowned features. If you are looking for a high-quality treadmill, with advanced construction and a big brand name, to gain a healthy and active lifestyle, then Bodycraft is a perfect choice for you!

Bodycraft Treadmill Series

Bodycraft treadmills are designed with an aim to make workout sessions productive, smoother and cheaper than ever before. Bodycraft has introduced a series of both folding as well as non-folding treadmills for both residential and commercial purposes. Having a Bodycraft treadmill at your home use or workplace is a sure way to improve your lifestyle, fitness and willpower despite your busy work schedule.

Each Bodycraft treadmill produced by the brand has high horsepower, outstanding console, and excellent workout programs to provide the users with optimum and efficient results.

Bodycraft Result Treadmills

Bodycraft T1000 Treadmill, Bodycraft T800 treadmill, Bodycraft T400 Treadmill, and Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill are popular choices of treadmill among the customers.

Bodycraft T400 treadmill

Bodycraft T400 treadmill is the most budget-friendly model form Bodycraft. T400 is the cheapest model in this series and is a perfect blend of technology, quality, affordability, space economy, and ultra-modern features. It is a hit choice among beginners and passive runners.

  • It has 3.0 horsepower motor that works quietly and smoothly
  • With a maximum speed of up to 11 mph, it provides long and continuous running.
  • It has health metrics display that keeps a record of time, pulse, incline, speed, distance, calories burnt.
  • It has an excellent incline range of up to 15% to add more intensity to your workout sessions.
  • It offers ten inbuilt workout programs to help you achieve your fitness goals
  • It has an excellent track length ideal for comfortable running.
  • Two users profile storage for reference.
  • It also has a compatible heart rate monitoring system.
  • Other appealing features include USB compatibility, inbuilt audio jacks, and cooling fans to keep your workout sessions much delightful and more relaxed.
  • The product comes with a lifetime frame, seven years motor and two years labour warranty.

Bodycraft T800 Treadmill

Bodycraft T800 is one of the most powerful, finely built model equipped with incredible features and amenities form Bodycraft. It is designed to impress with its design, technology, and workout programs. It is indeed a popular choice among 2021 best treadmills.

  • It has a robust interactive display and keeps a check on various performance statistics such as speed, calorie burn, pulse rate, incline etc.
  • It comes with a 4.0 Horsepower continuous heavy-duty motor for an excellent performance.
  • It has quick incline controls with a range of 0 to 15% targeted for greater muscle toning.
  • The tread belt measuring 20” x 61” is quite spacious just like any other standard model from Bodycraft treadmills.
  • It is a non-folding treadmill with a total weight of only 280 lbs.
  • Running track is strong enough to support the maximum speed of 12 mph and a maximum weight of around 450 pounds.
  • It has ten built-in programs to add variety and interest in a daily workout routine.
  • It comes with USB compatibility, built-in speakers, audio jacks, on-off cushioning and heart rate monitoring through telemetry.
  • The product has excellent warranties covering frame, parts and labour services.

Bodycraft T1000 Treadmill

T1OOO is by far the best model from Bodycraft and is a cut above the other of its kind from the series. Infused with high-end technological innovations by the manufacturers, it acts as a flagship for all different Bodycraft models.

  • This model comes with an ultra-powerful 5.0 horsepower AC motor.
  • It has an excellent incline range and a maximum speed of 13 mph.
  • The console is pretty much decent with many pre-set programs and 9” blue backlit computer display.
  • Audio accessories include audio jacks, built-in dual speakers and iOS/Android compatibility to make your sessions more entertaining and joyful.
  • It has broad running platform measuring 22” x 62”, unlike Bodycraft spacewalker.
  • Other unusual features include compact size, sophisticated cushioning, heart rate monitoring and tv mount quality etc.
  • The warranties cover exceptionally well on frame, parts and labour as well.

Bodycraft spacewalker Treadmill

Bodycraft spacewalker treadmill is one of the brand’s most sophisticated innovations. It is an ultra-affordable piece of equipment from Bodycraft without compromising on the quality and features. It has a space saver design and can easily be folded to save more floor space.

  • Unlike T1000 or T800 Bodycraft treadmills, it has a less robust 1.0 horsepower motor with a maximum speed of up to 4 mph only.
  • It is light in weight and compact in size, hence very portable.
  • The console provides a bright red display along with careful monitoring of speed, time, distance and calorie burn.
  • It has four layered antistatic tread belt with shock absorption elastomer design.
  • It is a foldable type machine, convenient for home purposes.
  • Heart rate monitoring and ideal warranties covering frame as well as labour are add-on features at such a price range.

Pros and Cons of Bodycraft Treadmills


  • Each product from Bodycraft comes with significantly extended period warranties covering the frame, machine parts and labour as well.
  • Being compact treadmills, they always occupy a little space.
  • All the essential aspects of an efficient workout are under user control – incline, speed, heart rate, calorie burn etc.


  • They may be quite expensive, as some models worth $2000+.
  • Since all the products are not assembled right out of the box like Bodycraft T400 treadmills, so assembling may be a headache.
  • Maintenance of such computerised and electrical treadmills is always a difficult task.

Final Verdict

Bodycraft is one the most trusted brand among folks serving over millions of customers. The company has been growing significantly since 1994 regarding quality, performance and customer satisfaction. It is posing a considerable challenge to reputed treadmill brands of 2021.

So, if you are looking for a versatile treadmill, resonating well with your fitness goals and regimes, Bodycraft treadmills won’t disappoint you in any department.

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