Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill Review

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Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill Review

Bodycraft Spacewalker treadmill review explains it as an all-new ultra-compact and entirely revolutionized treadmill in the fitness industry. It is a high-end quality treadmill with lightweight club steel design and has a commercial guarantee as well.

The treadmill features an easy to read bright LCD keeping a complete track of your speed, distance, calories, heart rate and time. Isn’t that amazing! The fact that Spacewalker treadmill is such a space saver is a bonus.

It has an easy fold and lock buttons which converts it into a contemporary piece of furniture, resonating well with your home decor. It is lightweight, portable and is fully assembled right out of the box.

It is functional, easy to use and provides you with an ideal and efficient way to burn calories, manage weight and keep your body amazingly toned when you are running out of the time or cannot get outside to a gym.

If you want to get in shape on your own, in your space you are absolutely going to love this new revolutionary treadmill from the Bodycraft treadmill. It’s entirely a wise investment in you and your Family’s health.

Best Suited to Whom?

It is the best folding treadmill under $900+ and an ideal treadmill for both the beginners and advanced trainees both at homes and light commercial fitness centers. It supports a maximum user weight of up to 300 lbs only.

Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill Assembly, Design and Build Quality


It is available in a variety of modern color options like red, white and black. Customers can avoid the inconvenience of assembling their treadmill as it is completely assembled right out of the box.

Design and build quality

Spacewalker treadmill is such a space-saving treadmill as it is completely foldable. It measures 15” W x 35” L. The four-layer anti-static belt is designed to support up to 300lbs.

It has a durable and rigid steel frame with a total weight of just 82 pounds. Built on 1.0 horsepower motor, it is one the most advanced models by Bodycraft. So it is a Customer’s top Choice Treadmill.

Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill Features


A motor does the most work on a treadmill. Poor quality motors tend to degrade the efficiency of the treadmill, so a good quality motor is always a safer investment. Spacewalker motor works on 1.0 horsepower.

Though not so powerful but it’s an excellent choice for the light walkers and beginners with a running speed of 0.5-4 mph.

Touch Screen Control Panel

The LCD screen of the spacewalker treadmill provides a bright red display that is quite easy to read. It provides you with complete monitoring of training speed, time, distance traveled and calories burnt. It has built-in pulse sensors providing you with immediate feedback on your heart rate.

The control buttons are user-friendly with Quick Access Start/Pause, Mode and Speed options.

Incline And Decline

It doesn’t incline or decline. As compared to other Bodycraft models like   Bodycraft T1000 or T800 Treadmills it is a disadvantage.

Tablet Holder

The multi-purpose clamp attaches to the handlebar. The adjustable Tablet Holder tilts about 30 degrees and rotates 360 degrees. The holder secures tablets from 8.9 to 18.4 inches.


There are no audio jacks.

Tread Belt

The treadmill has a four-layer anti-static belt that helps you walk smoother and comfortable. The zero maintenance elastomer design is tranquil, quiet, clean and requires no lubrication. The shock absorption Elastomer design ensures that every step you take is low impact, avoiding strain on the ankles and knee joints.


Safe and responsive cushioning for knees, backs, and joints.

Heart Rate Monitoring

The inbuilt pulse sensors on the display panel continually monitor your heart rate during your treadmill workout. This helps the treadmill monitor to make speed adjustments based on users heart rate so that they are always in the optimum fitness target zone.

Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill  Workout Programs

It lacks inbuilt workout options: The Spacewalker Treadmill encourages everyone to incorporate a smooth and comfortable mode of exercise and workout in their everyday routine. This allows you to exercise in any space even while you are working on something very significant or are just chilling with your laptop or television.

You can slow down your speed which allows you to focus on foot placement and overall body awareness. Walking is also functional and daily exercise. It’s more of like the inherent quality; therefore, you don’t have to acquire the skill to access the multifunctional wellness benefits. Thus it offers no excuse workout plan.

Moreover, it provides you with a dual option. You get to work while churning off your calories at the same time by placing your laptop on an easily foldable upright table.

Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill Warranty

Residential warranty: The Bodycraft spacewalker treadmill covers the frame warranty for the lifetime. It provides you with the ideal lifetime warranty as long as you own it. The next important matter concerning a treadmill warranty is motor, parts and electronics warranty, which it covers for nine years.

Still, that is quite a perfect time. Talking about the labor warranty, the manufacturers have limited it to nine months only.

Customer Support: Contact via email For more immediate services you can also call at 800990-5556. You even get access to multiple fitness videos, user manuals and FAQs on the website. The return policy is valid only within 30 days of original purchase.

Bodycraft Spacewalker Treadmill Pros and Cons


  • Smooth and comfortable
  •  Highly foldable into a piece of furniture.
  • Multifunctional workstation capability.
  • Less noisy
  • Resonates well with your home décor
  • High portability
  • Lightweight
  • Requires no lubrication


  • No inclination or declination
  • Small running track
  • Inefficient motor
  • Lacks workout programs


The Spacewalker treadmill is definitely the 2020 best buy treadmills in all aspects. You can move your treadmill to any room of your house due to its compact size, lightweight, and transportation wheels. It’s a quality treadmill provided by the most trusted and reputed brand- Bodycraft! And is worth your investment.