Bladez Fitness Prisma Supra Folding Treadmill Review

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Bladez Fitness Prisma Supra Folding Treadmill Review

The Bladez Fitness Prisma Supra Folding Treadmill is one of the most popular and performance-oriented treadmills of Bladez brand. This power-packed fitness equipment comes with 2.5 HP drive motor power with the maximum speed of 10 mph. The key selling point of this treadmill beside being a robust performer is its ability to save space as it folds easily, making it one of the best folding treadmills.

Moreover, its feature of safe drop folding technology makes it a highly recommended product for all age groups. It has got the lifetime warranty motor and frame warranty accompanied by one-year labour and parts warranty. Along with this, it has 22” x 57” running belt makes it an excellent option for fitness freaks.

Another thing that makes it saleable is its feature of active flex shock absorption ability that makes it a valid choice for beginners as well as advanced users.

Best Suited for Whom?

This treadmill is ideally suited for every runner ranging from beginner to a pro. Moreover, the advanced technology of this treadmill surely makes it the top selling product of the contemporary fitness equipment market.

One of the best folding treadmill under $2000 surely promises you a lot of features so that you can start your healthy living. Let’s have a look at its features that make it the best fitness equipment of the market.

Bladez Fitness Prisma Supra Folding Treadmill Assembly, Design & Build Quality


In fact, the quick and easy assembling of Bladez fitness treadmill makes it the preferred choice of many users. In fact, you can assemble it yourself at home with precision.

But, if you intend to get a hassle-free assembly of your Bladez fitness treadmill, then you can hire the services of professionals.

Design and Build Quality

The Bladez Prisma Supra is super efficient regarding saving the space at your home. Even though it comes with the running surface measuring 22 inches x 57 inches, it can be easily folded.

Thus, it is highly recommended for people having the space constraint concerns. The treadmill is designed to last longer using the heavy gauge steel material that can easily support up to people weighing 250 pounds.

So, if your weight is a big concern for you and you need to get back to shape using the treadmill, Bladez Prisma Supra must be your preferred choice. Our in detail Bladez Prisma Supra Review helps you to know the features, pros and cons of the machine at a glance.

Bladez Fitness Prisma Supra Folding Treadmill Features


The Bladez Prisma Supra Treadmill is a power-packed machine. As it is priced at treadmill under $2000 range, but it has a motor having the capacity of 2.5 CHP. It is highly recommended for an intense workout at the top speed of 10mph without compromising the performance of the motor.

A 2.5 CHP motor is ideally preferred for a fitness program ranging from a brisk walk to tough training sessions. As it can make the runner go at 10 mph, so the fast running sessions easily become a part of daily fitness regimen for the disciplined users. Moreover, it is indeed hard to buy this equipment at less than $2000 right now.

Also, the motor comes with a lifetime motor and frame warranty from Bladez. It implies that Bladez relies on the durability and performance of their Prisma Supra treadmill’s motor. Moreover, the lifetime warranty on frame and motor makes this equipment the best buy treadmill 2021!

Touchscreen Control Panel

The alphanumeric LED offers the precise information as per your requirements. The information like time, pulse, distance, calories, elevation and speed can be accessed quickly on the LED screen.

There is also the provision of a built-in dual side speaker system having the Mp3 compatible console that keeps you motivated and energized through your workout sessions.

Incline & Decline

This equipment also features a 12 percent power incline that enables the user to avail the benefit of different workout options. These workout sessions range from beginner level to advanced to allow the user to attain fitness goals within the given time frame.


The user can enjoy his workout sessions with an incredible audio system that plays the songs of his choice with clarity. In fact, the user can play his favourite music using the dual speakers that are designed to have high compatibility with MP3.

Tread Belt

The Bladez Prima Supra Treadmill belt comes with the dimensions of 22 by 57 inches that make it ideal for longer stride lengths. There is also the provision of active flex desk that offers the benefit of shock absorption required in the vigorous training sessions.

The built quality of tread belt makes it long lasting and easy to operate.

On/Off Cushioning

The Bladez treadmill offers the active response cushioning that makes it easy to use for serious runners.

Heart Rate Monitoring

There is a provision of built-in contact heart rate sensors in the handrail bar that helps to monitor your heart rate during the workout. It also comes equipped with a built-in polar receiver to keep a complete check on your heart throughout the workout sessions.

This polar receiver provides the user’s pulse rate to the treadmill’s computer that helps to manage speed and incline adjustments based on the user’s heart rate. This data keeps them in the optimum level of target fitness zone.

Bladez Fitness Prisma Supra Folding Treadmill Workout Programs

Built-In Workout Apps: The Bladez Prisma Supra Treadmill is equipped with 18 built-in programs. These in-built programs are designed keeping in view the requirements of the users that make them determine the level of challenges and attain the desired fitness goals.

It comes equipped with pre-set programs that incorporate weight loss, speed intervals, and stamina builder, etc.

Bladez Fitness Prisma Supra Folding Treadmill Warranty

Warranty – It comes with a lifetime warranty on both frame and motor

Parts and Service 1-year warranty on parts and service

Customer Support Contact via email:, Phone: 1-866-325-2339.

View How-To videos and read FAQs on their website.

Return Policy Return your equipment within 30 days of the original purchase to claim your refund. In fact, no returns will be entertained after 30 days.

All the equipment must be returned in working condition to claim a refund. The original shipping fee is non-refundable, and the customer has to bear the cost of all return shipping.

Bladez Fitness Prisma Supra Folding Treadmill Pros & Cons


  • Well built and durable
  •  No noise
  •  No stress on the motor
  •  Quick downloading of treadmills apps and that too for free
  •  Amazing workout performance


  • Chest strap is not included
  • One-year warranty on labour and parts
  • Its size can be a concern for a few people


The Bladez is the most trusted brand of 2021 in all aspects. The treadmill offers the premium quality features, components and performance accompanied by a reasonable pricing structure.

The Bladez brand is offering its world-class equipment in more than 65 countries across the globe with an experience of 100 years in the business. As its european parent company is in the industry for a century, the brand is known to create the best fitness equipment that meets with the international standards.

Thus, if you intend to buy a treadmill that not only performs exceptionally well but also easy on your pocket, then buy the Bladez Fitness Prima Supra Treadmill. So, get ready to be a fitter version of yourself by joining the league of fitness freaks and be regular on your Bladez treadmill sessions.