Assault Fitness Treadmills Review
Assault Fitness Treadmills Review

Assault Fitness Treadmills Review

Assault Fitness is a more exclusive branch of the Life Core Fitness, a brand which is internationally renowned for producing health equipment of high and innovative quality. Assault fitness was formed as a result of the efforts to bring into the market such as fitness equipment that fulfills the needs and requirements of the highly dedicated class of fitness trainers. Each of its products is thus designed from scratch to support high-intensity workouts with programs to the purpose.

Why Assault Stands Out Among the Rest?

In the International markets of fitness, there is no other brand that is exclusively dedicated for high-intensity workout equipment like Assault Fitness. Its products undergo the microscopic quality check in every stage of manufacturing to ensure only the best quality. The designs are created in the house of Assault, where professional fitness trainers of the brand work on them day after day. The designs are altered by them to best suit the comfort of users and to give the maximum output out of any workout done on this treadmill.

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Assault Fitness AirRunner
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Assault Fitness AirRunner

Assault AirRunner is a premium quality manual running machine which sets no limits on your power. With no set speed limit, you can work it to your own levels and challenge yourself to reach new goals with every successive workout. It burns calories like anything and never limits your capacity to push for more. The Assault treadmill steel frames and handrails, and a beautiful black body, it has a design that captures your eyes in the first look. The console is powered by batteries and displays time, calories, speed, and distance and pace etc. Its 33” wide pad provides you with the maximum possible space to spread out.


1. Lightweight
2. Portable with wheels
3. Compact in size
4. Fits any type of workout space
5. No maximum speed limits
6. Easily adapts to your energy levels
7. Leave no carbon footprint
8. Runs completely on manual power
9. Equipped for maximum output
10. Steel frames and handrails
11. Hardware that resists corrosion
12. Focuses on superior HIIT programs
13. Console to know your time, speed, calories etc.
14. Easy delivery
15. Can be quickly assembled

Pros & Cons of the Assault


1.High-intensity workouts
2. Easy and quick to burn calories
3. Light-weight equipment
4. Equipment can be self-assembled by user
5. Efficient and friendly customer care services
6. Attractive prices


1.Shipping provided by a single company
2. Shipping charges incurred outside the US

Final Verdict

Assault AirRunner innovates on the concept of manual running machines and takes it a notch higher, in terms of efficiency and output. With no barriers set on you, it gives you the complete freedom to explore your limits and push the boundaries farther and farther. Suited for the most dedicated of trainers, it can also adapt to the needs of beginners with equal alacrity. The attractive price of the model, which suits even the most economic of people, makes it a popular choice for many.

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