Assault Fitness AirRunner Treadmill Review

Assault Fitness AirRunner Treadmill Review

Treadmills have long been the primary choice for fitness enthusiasts when they think of setting up a home gym. Years passed and not many changes came to the treadmill or the people’s choice until an innovation in treadmills got introduced by Assault Fitness recently.

Assault Fitness AirRunner came to the market with such an attraction and is taking over the fitness market as a treadmill replacement. Like the treadmills, AirRunners are easy to work out but are very economical too.

These can run on your own energy thus making it a zero power consuming device and a friendly machine to people of all age groups. Various kinds of exercises like jogging, walking, running and other cardio workouts can be done easily on Assault AirRunner.

It has a very solid steel construction that makes it extra durable for a very long period. Assault Air Runner is one of the very few machines which have the capability to push the limits of the users. There isn’t a maximum speed for the AirRunner so you can run on your desired speed.

This means that it is a machine that can provide infinite potential in your workouts. The Air Runners are much lighter than the treadmills. With the innovative ergonomic design, these can work efficiently in compact workspace too.

In total, these are an improvised treadmill without any of its flaws.This treadmill is also used in homes for workout.

Best Suited for Whom?

Assault treadmill is an exciting machine for those who are new to working out because many might have heard of treadmills but seeing an Air Runner that looks the same but performs very differently will be a treat. Moreover, it is budget equipment and not a machine reserved only for the rich class of people.

With its special ability to adapt to the user’s equipment, it can be a good fitness partner for people of all age groups. Assault Fitness AirRunner is a compact machine that can be placed anywhere and can be used on almost all the time. It doesn’t have any complexities as other machines.

Just get on it and start walking or running at your desired speed. It also has the special ability to let you do cardio workouts with an extra space provided with it.

Assault Fitness AirRunner Assembly, Design & Build Quality


Assembly is not really a concern when it comes to a product made by Assault Fitness. They have included a very easy to understand user guide for the Assault Fitness AirRunner with the packaging. You can use it and assemble the whole device in no time at your home.

But if you are that one person who is not fond of guides then the complete assembly can be done at its official stores for $99. Merit fitness customer care is really helpful in this matter.

Design and Build Quality

Assault Air Runner cross-fit trainer is very stable in its construction. With compact frames made of solid steel and the ergonomic design, it is built to survive almost all kinds of usage. It is very much lighter at 280 pounds compared to the heavier treadmills.

The standard one comes with the dimension 29 inches by 61 inches thereby making it a small machine that can easily be kept in your small apartment. With less complex parts it will survive longer than a treadmill.

Assault Fitness AirRunner Features

The ease of usage and simplicity of design catches the glimpse of a fitness enthusiast while the compactness makes it suitable for every type of users. It has a lot of advantages. We will mention some of them so that you will know why we praise it.

1. Motor: Assault Fitness AirRunner doesn’t have a powerful motor which is a disadvantage when compared to other machines in this category. It only has 1.5 horsepower which may look inadequate to many customers as it can only offer lower drive speed in comparison with the other models at the same price range.

But it stays as a very cheap option so many people will find the lower horsepower as a justification over its price. And it is well enough for most of the users who are not planning for intensive workout sessions.

2. Touch Screen Control Panel: An efficient display can help you in using the air runner efficiently. Assault Fitness AirRunner has a LED-infused display that helps you in a variety of ways from selecting different workout routines to monitoring your workout statistics.

In addition to this, there is a thumb pulse monitor that monitors all the movements you make on your AirRunner.

3. Incline & Decline: An incline is a very useful feature that can help you in increasing the intensity of your workout. Assault Fitness AirRunner also performs quite well by giving an inclination level of up to 5% which is higher than many other models in the same price category.

However, there are customers who complained that AirRunner wobbles at low inclination levels during heavy workout sessions.

4. Tread Belt: Assault Fitness AirRunner has good quality tread belts. However, they tend to make some noise during intensive workouts.

5. Heart Rate Monitoring: Tracking your health is a significant feature of any fitness equipment. It can help you understand the improvement that you make on your health each and every day. Moreover, knowing the progress that you make can always motivate you to work hard.

Assault Fitness AirRunner has very efficient pulse monitors on the display which shows you hear rate changes very effectively.

6. Lightweight: Compactness is a quality that everyone looks for in fitness equipment because the lighter the build the easier it is to carry it around. Assault Fitness AirRunner is made with a very lightweight frame with a really compact size.

It measures about 29 inches by 61 inches so it requires very less space. And its ability to be folded keeps it as a machine that keeps your home spacious even when it keeps you healthy.

7. Non-Motorised and Easy to Move: Runners run on zero electricity on this treadmill and are powered only by your running energy giving them a lower carbon footprint. You will be surprised to know that your energy can really help you in working out.

They are lighter than the heavy traditional treadmills making them easier to move around. Moreover, they have transport wheels installed making them easier to move around. These weigh around 280lb/ 127 kg.

8. Keeps Interval Training Fresh: Assault AirRunners are focussed on high-intensity workouts. With a machine designed for HIIT, the AirRunner from assault Fitness that you buy has infinite workout potential. These machines have no maximum speed and these can be pushed to any limit you possibly can.

They are compact so unlike big treadmills, they can easily fit inside your small apartment space or in mini-gyms. AirRunners also have the facility of integrating with Queenax.

9. Sturdy and Durable: With a durable built, they are built to last. They have steel frames and handrails equipped with corrosion resistant hardware. They also have a slatted running area. All these lead to their extreme durability. These are simple machines without complicated hardware or heavy-duty motors making their maintenance cost nearly zero.

Assault Fitness AirRunner Workout Programs

Assault Fitness AirRunner has three different controllers that help you change the type of routine you are working on based on your requirements. The controls are:

1. Rolling Hills

2. Weight Loss

3. Interval

The AirRunner has the flexibility of working in two different modes depending on the discretion of the users – manual mode and automatic mode. The manual mode available in the AirRunner will let you reach a maximum speed of 10 miles per hour while the automatic mode has the capability of reaching speeds much higher than the 10miles per hour offered by the manual mode.

It depends on the user but if you prefer maximum top speed then you must choose the automatic mode. There is also a very efficient display that gives the users information about distance, speed and the time taken for their entire workout.

This is quite useful for progressing through your workout routine. It even has the ability to show the number of calories you burned during the workout and also your current heart rate. The sensors will monitor your health continuously while you workout.

Assault Fitness AirRunner Warranty

The reputation of a company and the quality of the product can easily be identified by the duration of the warranty offered by the manufacturer. It also ensures that you can be worry-free about the cost of maintaining the device during the entire warranty period.

Assault Fitness AirRunner has a warranty period for over 90 days. Some of the parts have a warranty as long as a year. Assault Fitness is the company that manufactures the AirRunner and they have a very good and responsive customer service hotline.

Assault Fitness AirRunner Pros and Cons


  • Easy to Use
  • Lightweight
  • Great customer service
  • Foldable or compact thus best for home use


  • Average motor specifications
  • Average build quality
  • Warranty issue
  • Available for $4,999 which makes it quite expensive


After going through our review, you must have identified why we called Assault Fitness AirRunner as a great treadmill without its flaws. Their affordable price easily attracts the people who want to set their home gym at a minimum cost. Their highly compact foldable nature can help you save a lot of your home space too.

The incline capacity makes sure that high-intensity workout is a real game on an AirRunner. It may not be suitable for everyone like people with higher weights but it can surely be convenient fitness equipment to start with for the majority of users.

With really efficient customer service you can stay tension free even after purchasing the product. So we can conclude if you are tight on budget but require compact and efficient fitness equipment then you can easily choose Assault Air Runner treadmill as your fitness companion. Stay fit and healthy with the new AirRunner with you.