AFG Treadmills Review

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AFG Treadmills Review

Advanced Fitness Group a.k.a. AFG is a brand by Johnson Health Tech (JHT). Their motto is to rethink fitness and design equipment which suits everyone. AFG brand is ranked 1st in Asia and 3rd in the World as the fastest growing industry for manufacturing fitness equipment. It is providing fitness solutions for the past 30 years and is one of the most reputed brands.

It offers the most sophisticated facilities, and every equipment they make comes from their facility. They manufacture – AFG Treadmills, AFG Ellipticals, and AFG Bikes. Let us look in detail about the types of AFG Treadmills for 2021.

AFG Fitness machines are ranked as most influential in providing in-home as well as commercial service to its clients.

Why AFG Stands Out Among the Rest

The AFG brand’s products look amazing and last longer. They swear by the quality of their machines. They own full control of every product and sell their products in over 60 countries. They build automatic machines which interact effectively with the user and offer a fantastic workout experience.

The brand boasts of its strong commitment to producing superb products and providing unmatched customer support. Their treadmills are easy to use and come with added features with which the user can monitor his progress and stay motivated. Their design is excellent and built it very solidly, which allows the user to have long sessions of working out.

AFG Treadmill Series

AFG brand has divided their treadmills based on folding and non-folding treadmills. So, people who are looking for either of the two models can read the relevant part below.

Non-Folding Treadmills

AFG 7.1AT Treadmill – The non-folding series of AFG treadmills includes only the AFG 7.1AT Treadmill model. Let’s see how it is better and the best option under $1000 price range. It comes with premium features, extraordinary workout components, and world-class quality. This model boasts about the following striking features:

  • It has a non-folding frame which is built with heavy-gauge steel. This gives the utmost firmness to the whole unit.
  • This large unit can take weights up to 375 lbs. So, a heavy person can make his dream come true of losing weight with the help of this robust machine.
  • Professional 3.25 CHP commercial grade motor which is ideal for fitness centres and training clubs. It comes with a lifetime warranty too.
  • It can help you attain a max speed of 12 mph with the help of its powerful motor. There is no fear of heating up of the engine even at this speed.
  • The system is well-furnished with pre-set programs like – Weight Loss, Speed Intervals, Stamina Builder, etc.
  • It is instrumental in measuring the heart rate of the person with its built-in Contact Grip Monitor. It is connected to the handrail bar.
  • The system is intuitive as it adjusts the speed and incline settings of the workout based on the user’s heart rate.
  • It comes with a robust feature – “Passport Media Player”. This innovative element of this machine provides two trails to the user to run on – American Southwest and Northern Italy. It entices you with fantastic video footage and gives you the impression of actually running on those trails.
  • You can play your soundtracks during a workout, using the MP3 player port with speakers, and USB.
  • It is the best AFG treadmill and an incredible treadmill buy for 2021.

Folding Treadmills

The category of Folding Treadmills includes AFG Sport 5.5AT, AFG Sport 5.7AT, and AFG Sport 5.9AT treadmill. These have a higher user weight but occupy less space. Their track is longer and is readily available under the price range of $1000. They are ideal for home use and effective in providing a fruitful workout.

1. AFG Sport 5.5AT Treadmill: AFG Sport 5.5AT model is foldable and comes with the following features:

  • It is a cheap model and comes with intelligent features and durable design.
  • It comes with a 2.5 CHP motor and can handle long workouts without overheating itself.
  • The motor is powerful enough to give a max speed of 10 mph. It also gives you the ease of incrementing it by 0.5 mph. This facility helps in achieving the optimum workout speed.
  • It comes with quick keys to change the workout incline or choose from its nine popular workout programs. Each comes with multiple levels to challenge the user.
  • It comes with EZ fold assist hydraulic lift system to help you fold and unfold the treadmill smoothly.
  • It offers four workout applications – Manual Mode, Weight Loss, Intervals, and Target Profiles.
  • This machine comes with EGK pulse sensors to monitor the heart rate and is attached to the handlebars.
  • The AFG Sport 5.5AT treadmill does not include a USB port.

2. AFG Sport 5.7AT Treadmill: The Sport 5.7AT treadmill model of AFG is foldable and has the following features:

  • It has more weight capacity than other models due to its heavy construction. Hence, it doesn’t wobble during a rigorous workout.
  • To add on to the sturdiness, this model comes with a crossbar that unites the two upright console mast.
  • You can move this heavy unit easily as it comes with transport wheels.
  • The deck is cushioned with many pairs of standard elastomers. They help in absorbing the shock and reducing the workout-related fatigue and pains.
  • The incline runs on a motor and very smoothly changes with the help of quick keys, from high to low. The range is 0 – 12%.
  • 2.75 CHP motor can work for long hours without heating up. It has the capability of running up to 12 mph.
  • This machine comes with 4 pre-set workout applications. Each program has multiple settings and levels, to provide a wide range of workout options to the user.
  • The free AFG Fitness App is the main highlight of this treadmill. It gives you the power to monitor and manage your workout, online and use that data to plan your future sessions.

3. AFG Sport 5.9AT Treadmill: The Sport 5.9AT Treadmill of AFG Brand is another one under the Foldable series and comes with the following features:

  • This treadmill is perfect for serious workout, due to its durable components and sturdy built.
  • It offers wireless heart rate monitoring system and comes with a free chest strap to monitor the heart rate.
  • The 3 CHP motor is mighty and noiseless.
  • The speed can reach up to 12 mph without any effort, to offer you a challenging workout.
  • The incline of this treadmill goes from 0 to 12%, with a single touch on the panel and power-controlled incline. It is so effortless and seems like a cakewalk.
  • The Sport 5.9AT model of AFG supports tablet connectivity, and you can download the free AFG Fitness App. You can easily monitor your fitness progress and track your goals.
  • It offers 43 workout programs and levels to provide you with endless options.
  • The EZ lift assist makes the folding of this machine very easy.
  • It is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible as well, and you can wirelessly control your treadmill.

Pros and Cons of AFG Treadmills


  • The motors of AFG treadmills are very powerful compared to their price. They help in swiftly shifting the speeds.
  • AFG is famous for providing a fantastic variety of programs, both at entry and higher level treadmills. These programs keep the user motivated and let him choose as per his need.
  • AFG provides a good incline in all its treadmills, which ranges from 12 – 15 degrees. This feature helps you work on the different set of muscles.
  • The AFG treadmills are heavyweight, whether they are heavy-weight or light since they are made of high-grade steel. This gives more sturdiness to the machine and it does not wobble on moving.
  • The warranties of AFG are excellent and take the cake. This helps in building trust in the brand.


  • The cushioning of AFG is decent but is not suitable for high-tech users. This is because they workout rigorously and need extra cushioning to avoid their knees, back from straining.
  • The weight sometimes does create an issue with AFG treadmills. Although, this weight avoids the wobbling of the machine while using it, but creates a problem if you are frequently shifting homes.

Final Verdict

From the above discussion, it is evident that AFG Treadmills offer excellent value for your money. They manufacture seeing the needs of everyone. Each one is sure to benefit from some of the other product. The above-discussed treadmills are the best buy treadmills of 2021, regarding features, quality, and components’ durability. It is although not ideal for people with extreme workout regimes and requirements, but to have a good, primary home gym, The AFG treadmills are genuinely worth it.

These treadmills are built to give you a fun and productive exercise session. It keeps you motivated and doesn’t make you feel over-exerted after the workout. The treadmills from AFG are, thus, highly recommended for home use and cater to people ranging from, beginners to advanced trainees.

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